AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka

AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka

Expo stands for exposition. Actually a large international exposition. And when it is a study abroad expo, its intention is to showcase or exhibit all the top ranked international universities under the same roof. Usually a study abroad expo is a great chance for students to learn about the international universities from the experience directly. To help and illuminate students’ knowledge on overseas universities, AIMS Education, an educational consultancy firm is going to arrange a splendid event named AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka.  So let’s know more about AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023.

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    Purpose of AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka

    It’s a dream of many to take a higher degree abroad. But lack of knowledge, myths like overseas education is too expensive to afford hinders many aspirants to take the move. But as a student consultancy firm, AIMS Education knows well that, taking a degree abroad is easy and simple when you choose a systematic way and not all the universities are expensive to study. When you have qualification and intention, doors of prosperity will automatically open for you.

    The purpose of AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka is to break the myth and make higher study abroad more accessible to the international students. In this expo, there will be many representatives from the UK, Australia, and Canada to represent 100+ universities. Participating at our AIMS Study Abroad Expo will give you a chance to choose your favorite study destination, university and location, and the cost of taking a higher education degree.

    In terms of studying abroad, knowing authentic and up to date information about the application process, university entry requirements, tuition fees, scholarship amount, and visa procedures are very important. All these things you can get free of cost by visiting our AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka.

    What’s more? Environment is such a thing that can make or break your dream. In our expo, we always find a huge gathering of abroad education aspirants every year. We see the desperation, the unbreakable will in them to make their dream come true. When you participate in our expo, it will give you courage and motivate you to take steps towards your dream.

    Our purpose is to help you with all the possible things by us. We believe when you know the things transparently from the university representative, taking a decision of higher education will be easier for you. 

    When will AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka take place?

    Want to know when we are going to arrange our AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka? So this magnificent event will take place on 14th January, 2023 at Hotel Sarina. The time will be from 11 am to 5 pm. You can visit our expo at any time within this time frame. We will suggest that you visit our expo with all your academic documents so that you can access them on the spot from the prestigious representatives.

    There are not many formalities to attend our expo. All you need to do is fill a registration form where you have to put all the necessary information regarding you including your email and contact number. Our counselors and staff will help you to reach the right representatives who can help you with your inquisition.

    Which countries are participating in AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka?

    Okay, we sense you are looking for an answer about the countries we are focusing on at our expo. Well, as we know the emerging interest of students regarding UK, Canada, and Australian Education, we have decided to display these countries’ universities in the expo. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students choose these countries as their favorite study destination. And why not? From academic to a quality life, everything a student will get by studying one of these countries. AIMS Education is associated with many top ranked and affordable universities in the UK, Canada, and Australia. And that’s why we have invited many renowned representatives of these universities to meet your inquisition.

    Benefits of attending AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023

    Now as you know that on 14th january 2023 we are organizing an expo, you may wonder when visiting an agency can supply you ample amount of information, why would you need to attend an expo. What would be an exceptional advantage to do so? So the benefits are: 

    • Information is coming directly from the representative who is specifically hired to represent a university.
    • There is no limitation of knowledge. It might happen that you have fixed a country in your mind to study abroad. But after visiting our expo, you will get a chance to know more about other countries. And this may influence you to shift your country choice as other countries are more appropriate to serve your requirement.
    • Your friends and family can accompany you at our AIMS study abroad expo 2023 in Dhaka
    • Learning about your qualification and matching it with the entry requirements of your desired university is very important. Our expo is a golden chance to evaluate your files from the representatives directly. By assessing your file, the representatives can suggest to you the best option.
    • Location! While studying abroad, learning about the location is very important. As an international student, choosing the right location where employability options are high and living cost is low is very important. Besides, it is very crucial to find the right university in the right location. Visiting our expo will be the great solution regarding it.
    • An expert solution at free of cost! What else do you need? 

    Get introduced to AIMS Academy and AIMS English through our study abroad expo

    Wanna know about us? Then knowing about our sister’s concern is a must for you and how they can help you. We all know the importance of English while studying abroad. But do we all meet this language requirement while preparing for higher education? Surely not. By attending our AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023, you can introduce yourself with AIMS English that provides many spoken and IELTS courses. If language is your barrier to fulfill the entry requirements to study abroad, definitely AIMS English is a great solution for it. AIMS English is a British council certified center which has trained teachers and trainers.

    Now what does AIMS Academy do? Suppose, you have just completed your secondary and higher secondary, but don’t have a standard result to get a foreign degree directly or want to take a degree at an affordable rate. AIMS Academy provides many UK equivalent courses regulated by Ofqual through Othm and ATHE courses. These courses have different levels and you can get a degree for much less. Besides, while our higher secondary school certificate takes 2 to 2.2 years to complete, you can take a course equivalent to this within 6-8 months. By participating at our AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhak, you will get all the facilities from beginning to the end.


    You don’t need to pay any money to attend AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023. It is completely free of charge.

    In AIMS Education’s website or facebook page, you will find a link that will take you to the registration process. However, if somehow you missed to register, don’t worry. You can attend our expo directly where with the help of our members, fill up a form with all necessary personal and academic information.

    Yes, many Australian university representatives are coming to this expo to represent the top ranked universities of Australia.

    Want to match your eligibility to the entry requirement of the course? Take all your academic documents with you and submit them to the representative. They will access your file directly and will inform you whether your eligibility is okay or not.

    AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Dhaka will take place on 14th January from 11 am to 5 pm at Hotel Sarina, Banani.

    When the university representative evaluates your files and documents, they will let you know if you are eligible to apply for a scholarship or not. Besides, for students, most of the international universities offer a percentage of scholarship.

    At the expo, you will be given a form to fill up. After the expo, our counselors will contact you by the phone number or email address you provided in the application form. Besides, you can directly visit our office also.

    Yes, you can bring your friends and family with you to our AIMS study abroad expo 2023.

    No, as it is a completely professional and educational programme, for time limitation, we will not arrange any refreshments for the students. But to appreciate students’ participation, there will be an attractive gift arrangement from us.

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