AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Sylhet

AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Sylhet

Do you know AIMS Education is going to arrange AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Sylhet? The education expo is a great opportunity to brush up your knowledge and ideas about study abroad. This expo will be a hub of diverse universities from the UK, Canada, and Australia. Here we will learn in detail about the AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 that will take place in Sylhet.

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    Reason to arrange AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023 in Sylhet

    Our purpose of arranging an expo is to make a direct communication between the students and the international university representatives. Studying abroad is a big decision for a student. It takes a lot of investment. So normally the question of reliance comes while investing. 

    Besides, abroad education takes a lot of steps. You can slip away from one step if any information or process is incorrect. One wrong step will shatter your dream of studying. Here we are sharing our purpose of arranging AIMS study abroad expo 2023 in Sylhet. And how it can be a golden opportunity for students.

    • One to one discussion with the top university representatives of the UK, Canada, and Australian universities.
    • Spot evaluation of your documents from the university representative.
    • A chance to share your career plan to know which academic route will be beneficial for it.
    • Learn how much scholarship you will receive according to your academic result.
    • Opportunity to share your budget and how you can get a good abroad education within your budget.
    • Guidance to make a good country choice according to your budget and career plan.
    • Get suggestions when your eligibility is lesser than the entry requirements. In short, what to do to obtain the qualification.
    • Get information about the UK, Canada, and Australian education system.
    • A professional environment to make strong intentions to study abroad.

    When will AIMS study abroad expo 2023 take place in Sylhet?

    The AIMS study abroad expo will take place in Sylhet at Hotel Grand Palace on 25th January, 2023. The expo will start from 11 am to 5 pm. All the counselors, representatives, and important personalities will be there from the beginning to the end. You are cordially invited to join our AIMS study abroad expo at any time of this time limit. But as this expo’s purpose is to have a complete discussion, it would be better to join as early as possible. We will suggest you make a plan about your queries so that you can get a good response.

    Which countries are participating at AIMS Study Abroad Expo 2023?

    This year our expo is coming with a huge blast. At this expo, three countries will participate with all their top class universities. They are- UK, Canada, and Australia. Representatives from the universities of these countries are all set with many attractive courses and academic offers. 

    How does AIMS Study abroad expo 2023 help me in country choice?

    Choosing a country is very important while studying abroad. Which country you choose will depend on the academic and career plan. And also budget is a big factor here. So if you are confused about the country, a discussion with the representatives and the experienced counselors would be a great help for you. So visit our AIMS study abroad expo 2023 to grab this golden chance.

    Am I eligible to attend the AIMS study abroad expo 2023 in Sylhet when I have an unsatisfactory result?

    We have a misconception that studying abroad requires an outstanding result. And if somehow, an inconsistency or study break happens, having a good course in a renowned international university is impossible. If you have a similar problem like this, you must visit the AIMS study abroad expo 2023. There is a solution when you don’t match the entry requirements properly. 

    At our expo, our sister concern AIMS Academy will also participate. It is an institution that provides British equivalent qualifications regulated by Ofqual through their OTHM and ATHE courses. If you want to take a UK equivalent qualification at an affordable cost, or don’t meet the entry requirements directly, or have gap years issue, at this expo AIMS Academy can show you an effective way. 

    Is English proficiency mandatory to attend the AIMS study abroad expo 2023?

    No, English proficiency is not mandatory to attend the AIMS study abroad expo 2023 in Sylhet. Many students ask us if they need english to communicate with the representatives or how will they make their inquiries understood by a representative. So, the answer is that the representatives are quite proficient in Bengali too. Besides, if somehow you need assistance, our counselors will be there to help you. However, to study abroad, you must have English language proficiency. So, if you have good English skills and a valid language certificate, our AIMS Study abroad expo will be a great chance to make a spot application and get the offer letter soon.

    So, if you have intention to study abroad in the UK, Canada, Australia, visit our AIMS Study abroad expo 2023 in Sylhet. We can assure you of good service.


    There is no entry fee to attend our expo. It is completely free of cost. All you need is to register.

    Yes, you need to register to book your seat for the AIMS study abroad expo 2023 in Sylhet.

    You should bring your academic and English language documents at our expo to spot evaluate them from the representatives directly.

    By attending AIMS study abroad expo 2023 in Sylhet, you will learn many things about the international universities. Such as: admission requirements, required qualification, university tuition fees, scholarship amount, accommodation process, and many more.

    You can contact the representative by visiting our office or contact us over the phone. Our counselors will help you to reach the representative to study your preferred university and destination.

    There is no restriction on bringing your friends and family to this expo. Besides, we are encouraging you to bring your potential friends or family members who are also interested in studying abroad.

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