Are you interested to study in the UK? Studying in a foreign country from a non-English speaking country must need an English language proficiency test. Among the English test, the one that always stands high is the IELTS. When you want to study or work in the UK, you must need a specific type of IELTS named UKVI IELTS. As an international student, you must book UKVI IELTS from the registration centre to study in the UK.


If you are applying for a UK visa then you must need an English language qualification. For this, particularly in the UK, you must submit an English Language Qualification which is included on the UK home office list of Secure English Language Tests. It is a UK government-approved test. UKVI IELTS and IELTS Life skills are on the list. If you want to take a degree qualification in the UK, bring your family or want to settle there, then as an English language qualification, you must book the UKVI IELTS exam and Life skills IELTS.


There are many similarities between the IELTS and UKVI IELTS. In the Content, format, scoring system, and level of difficulty both tests are the same. The only difference is the security system. In the UKVI IELTS, generally, a maximum of 20 people attend the exam where there will be 3 or 4 examiners in the hall and it will be monitored by at least 3 sets of CCTV and microphones whereas, in normal IELTS, there are over 150 people in the examination hall.

This shows the standard of the security system maintained for the UKVI. When you book a UKVI IELTS and achieve the required proficiency, there will be no doubt and obscurity about your result.


When you want to book a UKVI IELTS exam, you must know the types of it properly. If you have accurate knowledge of the type, you can pick your needed one easily. These are the following types of UKVI IELTS that have been approved by the UK visa and immigration system.

  • UKVI IELTS Academic

If you want to study at an undergraduate or postgraduate level and seek professional registration in the UK, Then you should book the UKVI IELTS Academic test.

  • UKVI IELTS General Training

If you want to study below degree level, and got training in the UK, then you should book UKVI IELTS General Training. In short, UKVI IELTS General Training is for people who want to migrate to the UK.

  • UKVI IELTS Life Skills- A1

If you want to stay in the UK as an immigrant with a ‘ Family and Settled Person Visa’, then you need to book UKVI IELTS Life Skills-A1. This test is for the applicant who needs to prove their English speaking and listening skill as part of the application process. 

  • UKVI IELTS Life Skills- A2

If you want to extend your family, spouse, and partner visa in the UK, then you should book UKVI IELTS Life Skills-A2. This test is for people who want to improve their speaking and listening test. IELTS Life Skills A2 is only available in the UK.

  • UKVI IELTS Life Skills- B1

You should book UKVI IELTS Life Skills-B1 if you want to apply for UK Visa and Immigration for Indefinite Leave to Remain or Citizenship


If you want to apply for Tier 1 or Tier 2 visa in the UK, then UKVI IELTS- Academic and General Training is for you. These types of IELTS are specifically designed by the UK Home Office to meet certain administrative requirements. The UKVI IELTS is completely the same as the IELTS in format, level of difficulty, content, scoring system etc. The uniqueness of these two is the security system and the Test Report Form.


IELTS Life Skills is another new test approved by the UKVI as a Secure English Language Test. IELTS Life Skills is important if you want to apply for a ‘Family or Settled Person visa’ or the ‘ Indefinite Leave to Remain.


All over 140 countries, there are more than 1600 locations. There are 4 official IELTS websites. Each of the websites owns multiple IELTS registration centres. There is some process to follow to book the UKVI IELTS test. They are-

  • First, log in to an IELTS website.
  • Select ‘ Register for IELTS’
  • Select the preferred test option- Paper-based or Computer-based.
  • Select the IELTS test types.
  • Select your desired date and time.
  • Create an account with an IELTS test centre.
  • Complete the online application with the required documents.
  • Provide the identification number.
  • Book UKVI IELTS and pay


When a student book an IELTS or UKVI IELTS, there are some special arrangements for the IELTS candidates who sit for the exam. To ensure the language ability of all the examination takers fairly and honestly, IELTS provides various benefits to test takers who have some special requirements. Besides, it also considers the situation of the students who have some uncompromised problems like learning and hearing difficulties, visual difficulties, Infant feeding or some critical medical conditions.

Besides, you must give 6 weeks’ notice to the test centre if you require to make some special arrangements like extra time or a modified version of IELTS. Some special arrangements include the following things-

  • If a student needs extra time for medical conditions or infant feeding, you can give the pre-notice for it.
  • Braille papers.
  • If a candidate has a hearing problem, the authority will provide a special listening CD with necessary stops and pauses.
  • Lip-reading version is also available in the listening test.
  • For people who have eyesight difficulties, the authority will provide Enlarged prints or speaking task cards in Braille.

AIMS Education- A British Council-certified agent

AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm helps students to study in the UK, USA. and Canada. If you are planning to study in the UK, you can take a UKVI-IELTS by registering at the AIMS English test centre. AIMS English provides various IELTS and spoken courses and is quite renowned in Sylhet.

FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: When you are applying to study or work in the UK and want to take an IELTS test, then you must need to book UKVI IELTS. This type of visa is specially designed for the UK visa and immigration system. So book UKVI IELTS and sit for the exam if you are planning to study in the UK.

Ans: There is no difference between the test format of IELTS and UKVI IELTS. The only difference that makes UKVI IELTS unique is the extra security system that is put into it.

Ans: Yes booking UKVI IELTS is a bit more expensive than the IELTS as it is specifically designed for the UK visa and immigration system.

Ans: You can easily book UKVI IELTS online. Besides, you can simply visit the nearest IELTS centre where the authority will guide you throughout the process.

Ans: There is no restriction on how many times you take the UKVI IELTS and Life Skills. But if you pass the life skill IELTS once, you won’t be able to attempt the test for the next 2 years. If you get an unsatisfactory result, you can book UKVI IELTS again.

Ans: Generally, the IELTS Life skill test has 3 categories. They are the A1, A2 or B1 life skills test. Now, which IELTS you need to book is depend on the purpose of your stay in the UK. If you want to apply for a “ Family visa”, you need to take IELTS life skills A1. If you want to apply for an “ Indefinite Leave to Remain or Citizenship visa”, you need to apply for IELTS life skills B1.

Ans: The IELTS Life Skills test will be available within 7 days. Through the result, you will get either a pass or a fail.

Ans: Yes IELTS life skill is a part of UKVI IELTS. This type of IELTS is designed for migration purposes who want to apply for a family visa or citizenship visa.

Ans: No, booking a UKVI IELTS test is not critical. It is simple and easy. You can either book it online or go to the registration centre to complete the registration process.

⦿ IELTS for UKVI- 13 days after the written test.
⦿ Computer-delivered IELTS- 3-5 days after the test.
⦿ IELTS Life Skills- 6 days after the test

Ans: IELTS life skill test is accessed in 4 criteria-
⦿ Obtaining Information
⦿ Conveying Information
⦿ Speaking to communicate
⦿ Engaging in decision

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