Duolingo Accepted Universities in UK

Duolingo Accepted Universities in UK

The UK is a most popular education hub for international students. Every year a huge number of students visit the UK for study purposes. Academic excellence, world-wide recognition, multicultural and diverse weather always prompt international students to study in the UK. But the main fact is the university English requirement. The UK’s mother tongue is English and the education they provide is fully in English. So, the UK universities require English proficiency certificates with a minimum grade for the students who are not native English speakers.

And when you hear about English language proficiency, IELTS comes first in your mind. Right? But what if you don’t have the IELTS? You can apply with Duolingo, one of the most chosen English proficiency tests by overseas students. There are some Duolingo accepted universities in the UK. So, before knowing about the Duolingo accepted universities in the UK, first we should discuss what it is.

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is a modern and top-chosen English proficiency test for international students. This test measures the efficiency level of a student’s English language skills. DET evaluates an applicant’s language skills in four criteria- reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course has never been so popular before. But due to the vast revolution in using the internet, it’s popularity has been at its peak as in the last few years. This test is taken online. So, anyone can take this test if he has a camera, microphone, speaker and a stable internet connection.

7 Benefits of a Duolingo test

Previously, we discussed the Duolingo English test, and now we will discuss the benefits of this test so that you can determine why you should take this test instead of IELTS. 

  • Convenient

Duolingo is more convenient than any other English language test. If you have a stable internet connection, you can take this test from anywhere, anytime. You don’t have to travel to the examination centre. 

  • Fast Duration

Unlike other English language tests, Duolingo takes a very short time to complete. You can finish this test within 1 hour and you will get the result within 48 hours. 

  • Acceptability

Duolingo is one of the most popular English language tests now-a-days. Around 4000 institutions now accept this test.

  • Affordable

Most of the English language tests cost over $200 but in the case of Duolingo it costs only $49 which is more affordable than any other English test. 

  • Simplicity

Unlike other English language test It is very simple and easy to solve. The questions of this test are prepared in a way so that you can score higher than the other tests. 

  • Adaptability

This test is very much adaptive. You will get 60 minutes and a series of questions to prove your English language proficiency.

  • Motivating

The set-up of this test is like a game. You will get a reminder by mail to complete the lessons and the trumpets will sound if you reach your daily goal.

Requirements of a Duolingo test

Duolingo is an online English-language test. You must need to have some things to sit for the exam. Such as-

  • Your valid passport, Driving license or government ID
  • A quiet room
  • Well lighten room
  • 1 hour free time
  • A computer/laptop
  • Stable internet connection

Duolingo English language test pattern

This English test pattern is designed using AI to maintain the clarity of this test. The duration of this test is only one hour and the test taker is assessed by analytical thinking and versatility. Here we are giving the pattern of this modern English proficiency test.

Test type Duration
Introduction 5 minutes
Adaptive test 45 minutes
Video interview 10 minutes

Scoring system of Duolingo English test

Previously we’ve discussed the DET pattern and benefits of this test. So, now you may think about the scoring system of this test. The score of this test is reported on a scale 10-160. Here we are giving the scoring system of this test.

Sccore Description
10-55 Basic English proficiency
60-85 Intermediate English language proficiency
90-115 Upper-intermediate English language proficiency
120-160 Advanced English language proficiency

 If you want to take admission to UK universities you will have to score 105-120 in the Duolingo English language test. 

IELTS vs Duolingo English language test

IELTS is an international English language proficiency test. This test is well-known and certified world-wide. And maximum universities provide the IELTS requirement on their website though some universities also include DET scores. So, to help you out here we are giving a comparison between IELTS and Duolingo English test.

DET Score IELTS Score
160 8.5-9
150-155 8
140-145 7.5
130-135 7
120-125 6.5
105-115 6
95-100 5.5
80-90 5
65-75 4.5
0-60 0-4

9 best Duolingo accepted universities in the UK

After having a complete overview about DET now you may wonder whether it is accepted in the UK or not. So, here is great news for you that the UK accepts this modern English language test. So, here we are giving you the names of some Duolingo-accepted universities in the UK so that you can apply to the university in September 2024 intake.

  • University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth is included in 10 best young universities in the UK. This university is ranked 67th according to the Guardian University ranking 2023 in the UK. UOP accepts Duolingo English language tests. So, if you don’t have the IELTS you can apply to this university with this test. A student can find many foundations, undergraduate, pre-masters, and postgraduate courses

  • Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian is one of the reputed universities in the UK. The university is ranked 52nd according to the Times Higher Education and Guardian University ranking table 2023 in the UK. It is a vibrant, multi-award-winning and innovative university. It provides award-winning international student support.

  • University of Wetminster

University of Westminster is a Duolingo accepted university in the United Kingdom. The university is ranked 116th as per the Guardian University ranking league table 2023 in the UK. For a Bachelor’s degree in this university, a mandatory DET score is 105/105+ with no sub score lower than 95. For a Master’s degree, a student needs an overall score of 115-125 with no sub-score lower than 105 or 115.

  • University of York

If you don’t have the IELTS you can apply to the University of York with DET. University of York is one of the well reputed universities in the UK. The university is ranked 21st according to the Guardian University ranking league table 2023 in the UK. This university offers popular courses in Law, nursing, politics, arts, economics, finance and so on. It is one of the top Russell Group universities that provides standard academic facilities to its students.

  • University of Lincoln

As an international student, you can choose the University of Lincoln. They are accepting the DET as an English language requirement. For the teaching quality, the University of Lincoln is rated TEF Gold. The DET requirements of this university for September 2024 intake is 115 overall, no subscore below 100

  • Aston University

Aston is one of the top ranked universities in the UK. The University is ranked 22nd as per the Guardian University ranking league table 2023 in the UK. For undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Aston, a student may need to secure 100/110 with a minimum of 85 in each subscore.

  • University of Strathclyde

The Uk is a centre of top ranked universities in the world and the University of Strathclyde is one of them. You can apply to this university with DET as the university is ranked 16th as per the Guardian University ranking 2023 all over the UK.

  • Queen University Belfast

This university is one of the top ranked universities in the UK. The university is ranked 46th place among the UK universities as per the Guardian University league table 2023. For the 2022-2023 academic year, a student may obtain a Duilingo score-

  • 95-100 with a minimum of 90 on each scale. ( Linguistically less demanding)
  • 105-110 with a minimum of 90 on each scale. ( Most courses)
  • 115-120 with a minimum of 90 on each scale. ( Most demanding courses)
  • University of East Anglia

The University of East Anglia is consistently ranked top 30th as per the Times Higher Education ranking 2023. This university accepts Duolingo but the university doesn’t take applications from Bangladeshi students. So, if you are not from Bangladesh but still want to apply with DET, you can apply to this university. It is a research-intensive university and is recognized for the quality of its research. Besides, this university did strong research on issues like cancer, dementia, and climate problems.

Final Words

DET is now a modern and popular English-language test. Around 4000 institutions accept this test as an English language proficiency requirement. There are many Duolingo-accepted universities in the UK. So, if you want to apply for the September 2024 intake in the UK with DET, you can contact AIMS Education for better guidance.


Duolingo score of 120 is considered a satisfactory score. Compared to IELTS, this score will be equivalent to band 7.

Duolingo test format is convenient and less stressful than other English language proficiency tests. Besides, the duration of the test is also quite affordable.

Compared to the other English language tests, the Duolingo test is quite affordable. So a student can take this test easily.

The Duolingo test is valid for two years. Once you have received the score, you can send it to the educational institutions.

Once you have given the test and submitted it, you should wait for your result before taking the new one. In 30 days, you can purchase 3 tests.

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