Duolingo English Test for UK Universities

Duolingo English Test for UK Universities

The UK is the most renowned study destination for international students. This country is always the top choice for studying abroad aspiring students. But for international students, studying in the UK requires English language proficiency. Duolingo English test is a great alternative to TOEFL, IELTS, or other competitive exams to study in UK universities.

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    What is a Duolingo English Test?

    Duolingo is an English proficiency test that evaluates a student’s competency based on 4 criteria. Such as Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Earlier this test was not as popular as nowadays. But its’ easy accessibility makes it popular among international students. Even, now many UK universities also accept this as an English language proficiency test. 

    Taking this test is very easy. A person with a reliable camera, speaker, microphone, and reliable internet connection can take this test by sitting at home. The DET provides an English proficiency score with an accessible, secure, and efficient testing experience.

    Acceptance of a Duolingo English test for students and UK universities

    Because of the DET’s quick and effective approach, it is widely accepted by international students besides TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE. Many UK universities are accepting this test for many reasons including-

    • It is an easy test compared to others and only takes 60 minutes to complete.
    • The cost of this test is only £49. So taking this test is quite affordable for international students.
    • The test process is quite smooth and can be taken entirely online. In the UK, this test become popular due to the pandemic. At that time, all the IELTS, TOEFL, and other test centres were off. So to make the English language proficiency test continue, the UK universities are approving the Duolingo English Test as it is convenient because of its home feature. Students do need not a test centre to sit for this test. Now let’s know the benefits of taking this test.

    Benefits of a Duolingo English test

    The DET become popular because of the benefits it gives to international students.  A student feels more comfortable while taking this test. If you want to take this test and know the accepted scores of it in the UK, first, you must know its benefits. So the benefits of the Duolingo English test are-

    • Attending this test is quite convenient for international students. A student need not look for a test centre to attend this test. A student can give this test by sitting at home.
    • A Duolingo English Test costs only £49 which is way too affordable than the other English language test.
    • DET can be done in the shortest time. Whereas other English language tests take much time to complete, this test can be done within an hour.
    • Duolingo English Test is the best as its result publish very fast. So a student can take this test anytime they want. The result of this test publishes within 48 hours.
    • A Duolingo English Test can allow you to take a solid preparation before taking the test. Before appearing for the Duolingo exam, there are many mock test options available for an international student.

    Duolingo English Exam pattern

    Duolingo online exam is a one-hour online exam. This test measures a student’s English language competency in the four criteria- Reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Besides, the test questions are designed to measure a student’s critical thinking and adaptability. Whether other English Tests are divided into day one and day two, this test is taken at a stretch and completed in an hour.

    • The mode of the Duolingo English Test is online.
    • This test is divided into 2 sections- The adaptive test, and the video interview.
    • The question types are objective and descriptive.
    • The test duration is 60 minutes.
    • 5 minutes, in the beginning, will explain the pattern of this test. The next 45 minutes will evaluate your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. After that, you will get a topic to write for 3-5 minutes. And the last 10 minutes will show the video recording of answers on screen.

    What is the Duolingo English Test Adaptive test?

    In the DET, the adaptive test is a classified section. Through this test, a student’s reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills are measured. There is 45 minutes time limit to complete this section. Each section has a separate scoring system. Before starting the test, make sure your speaker and microphone are working well. Most importantly, don’t forget to learn about the Duolingo English Test rules. Let’s know something about this adaptive test-

    • The question pattern will be adjusted with the student’s level of competency. By the pattern and manner of the question’s answers, the AI embedded in the format will learn about the student’s English proficiency level. Thus it will adjust the difficulty level of the question according to a student’s competence level.
    • According to a student’s proficiency, the questions are automatically generated. The system will choose a large pool of questions that are barely repeated. Duolingo claims that one in the thousand questions can be repeated. So every student will find a different pattern of questions.
    • There is no limited question in a Duolingo English Test. The system will end the questions when it finds the candidate has reached the level of competence. 

    What to do in a DET Video Interview?

    The DET video interview is another section and it will last for 10 minutes. In this section, the test taker will record the answers to the questions. Here are some tips you should follow while taking a DET video interview-

    • Make sure to sit at the centre of the camera.
    • Your audio should be clear and must be audible.
    • You should be confident and clear as the selection panel might view your recording.
    • In this section, you will be asked to describe an image, and speak on a given situation and a topic to speak for 3 to 4 minutes.

    Scoring report of a Duolingo English test.

    Scores are reported on a scale of 10-160 and each certificate has a secure unique link. The overall score will include a general description. Besides, the subscores will measures your proficiency in specific areas.

    Scoring system of a Duolingo English test

    When you are intending to take a DET, you must know the scoring system of this. After learning the scoring system, you will know what level of proficiency you need to achieve. As we know the test score is measured on a scale of 10-160, let’s know what is the basic and advanced level of it.

    ScoreEligibility Criteria/ Description
    10-55Basic Proficiency
     ⦿ Students will understand the general English phrases and words
     ⦿Will be able to understand the basic writing or simple data and demonstrate them in a familiar context.
    60-85Intermediate Proficiency
     ⦿ Able to understand the key points of the speech and write about daily routine matters like school and work.
     ⦿ Able to conversate about plans, ambitions, observations, opinions or many situations.
    90-115Upper- Intermediate Proficiency
     ⦿ A student will be able to conversate on some unfamiliar topics or the situation given instantly.
     ⦿ Can able to recognize the situation and write the abstract and concrete writing.
    120-160Advanced Proficiency
     ⦿ Able to understand some advanced language in various situations and understand a variety of demanding written and spoken language.
     ⦿ Can understand figurative, ornamental, pragmatic, implicit, and idiomatic language.
     ⦿ A student will achieve communicative language competency in any academic, social and professional environment

    Comparison Between Duolingo and TOEFL.

    Most international students have an idea about the TOEFL or IELTS score. As many students have little idea about the DET scoring system, let’s compare DET to the TOEFL score.

    DuolingoTOEFL score

    Security System in a Duolingo English Test

    DET has an innovative test security system. It has artificial intelligence and data forensics, rigorous test proctoring, and individually customised test sessions. The adaptive test engine will administer the test questions from multiple items. If you take the test 1000 times, you will find a repeated question. 

    The rigorous security protocols will identify your ID with computer vision, AI, and trained proctors. During the test, there is no scope for unfair means. If the test takers somehow attempt to access external applications or plugins during the test, it will automatically get cancelled. 

    Duolingo English Test Requirements

    Before taking a Duolingo English Test, a student must fulfil some test requirements. These test requirements are very important because, without one of them, a student will be unable to sit for the exam.

    • Passport, driving license, and Id card.
    • A well-lit and quiet room.
    • Free time of 60 minutes
    • A reliable internet connection.
    • A computer
    • Camera 
    • Microphone
    • Speakers.

    UK Universities that accept Duolingo English tests.

    Wanna study in the UK? So you must know as an international student if you are from a non-English speaking country, you have to prove your competence in English. The competence is needed to communicate well and understand the study level in the UK. There are many UK universities that accept the DET as an English language test. They are-

    ⦿ The University of Surrey – the Undergraduate

    ⦿ University of Roehampton – the Undergraduate

    ⦿ University of Stirling

    ⦿ London College of Contemporary Arts (LCCA)

    ⦿ University of Westminster – Undergraduate Admissions.

    ⦿ University of the Bath

    ⦿ University of Lincoln – Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. ( Pre-sessional)

    ⦿ Birmingham City University – Pre-Sessional English

    ⦿ University of the West of Scotland – Bachelor’s courses

    ⦿ University of Chichester

    ⦿ Sheffield Hallam University — Pre-sessional courses

    ⦿ Plymouth College of the Art

    ⦿ University of Huddersfield – (Undergraduate courses)-China campus.

    ⦿ Aston University – Undergraduate

    ⦿ International College Portsmouth

    ⦿ UCFB – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Glasgow Caledonian University – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

    ⦿ SAE Institute 

    ⦿ ARU London

    ⦿ University of Reading

    ⦿ Imperial College London – Undergraduate

    (LSE) or London School of Economics and Political Science – Bachelor’s degree.

    ⦿ University of Kent – Undergraduate

    ⦿ University of Plymouth International College

    ⦿ Buckinghamshire New University

    ⦿ University of Leicester – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Bangor University Undergraduate

    ⦿ University of Exeter

    ⦿ Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

    ⦿ New College of the Humanities, London

    ⦿ University of Strathclyde – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Queen’s University Belfast

    ⦿ Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)

    ⦿ University of South Wales – Undergraduate

    ⦿ London South Bank University – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Plymouth College of Art – Pre-Degree

    ⦿ Solent University Southampton – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Navitas Pathway Colleges

    ⦿ Portsmouth University – Bachelor’s, Master’s and Online Pre-Sessional Programs

    ⦿ ARU College – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Anglia Ruskin University

    ⦿ University of Bristol – Undergraduate

    ⦿ University of Leicester Study Abroad

    ⦿ University of Sussex

    ⦿ University of the York

    ⦿ University of Southampton – Undergraduate

    ⦿ University of West London

    ⦿ Cardiff Metropolitan University – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Bath Spa University – Undergraduate and Postgraduate

    ⦿ University of Plymouth – Pre-sessional courses. ( All online).

    ⦿ RED Academy London

    ⦿ SOAS University of London

    ⦿ University of Aberdeen

    ⦿ Loughborough University – Undergraduate

    ⦿ Royal Agricultural University

    ⦿ University of the Bolton

    ⦿ University of The West of England, Bristol

    ⦿ Brunel University London

    ⦿ Birkbeck, University of London – UG and PG.

    ⦿ Newbold College of the Higher Education

    ⦿ University of Warwick – Undergraduate

    ⦿ University of East Anglia

    ⦿ Leeds Beckett University

    ⦿ Gower College Swansea

    So if you are planning to study in the UK and thinking of which English test  you should take, then you can select the Duolingo English Test. If you specifically want to know which universities and courses are open for this test, AIMS Education’s experts can help you to find out your best suit. AIMS education is the best educational consultancy firm combined with UK professionals

    FAQ-Frequently Asked Question

    Ans: Duolingo English test is a standardised English proficiency test for the students of a non-English speaking country. Many international universities accept this test as a measure of English proficiency.

    Ans: A Duolingo can help you to achieve the targeted English language fluency in English. A DET can show you all the way to gain proficiency. But everything depends on practice. Until you are continuously practising your speaking with a native speaker, you can’t able to get fluency.

    Ans: DET test will cost £49 with applicable taxes at the time of writing. Students can send their score reports to many institutes.

    Ans: There is no limit to taking a Duolingo English test. A student can take this test as many times as they want. But one can only purchase this DET thrice in a 30-day period. An applicant can retake a test after the previous test result has been released.

    Ans: There are some test rules of a DET test. They are-
    ⦿ A candidate must be alone in a quiet and well-lit room.
    ⦿ For security purposes, ears must be uncovered and visible.
    ⦿ The candidate’s face should be clearly visible.
    ⦿ No headphones and earphones.
    ⦿ A candidate must stay away from mobile devices, textbooks or notes.
    ⦿ No memorising responses or copying.
    ⦿ Communication with others is forbidden.
    ⦿ Do not stay away from the screen.
    ⦿ Do not leave the test window.
    ⦿ Do not use any technology like the grammar corrector, synonym-antonym identifier, word meaning app, or spelling checkers.
    ⦿ DET does not allow any third-party web camera software.
    ⦿ Only one keyboard and one mouse should be used for typing.
    ⦿ In the speaking section, speak for at least 30 seconds on the topics you have given.
    ⦿ Do not use another person’s name or ID to take the test

    Ans: A Duolingo English test score is valid for 2 years. Once you get the score, you can send them to innumerable educational institutions.

    Ans: It will take one hour or 60 minutes to complete a DET.

    Ans: The test score scale of a DET is between 10-160. A candidate should have a score of 120 or above to match the entry requirement of a UK university.

    Ans: After completing a DET, the result will be published within 48 hours. After completing the exam, a student will get the result in a short time.

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