How to apply for a UK Student visa 2023?

How to apply for a UK Student visa 2023?

Want to study in the UK? Obtaining a student visa is mandatory to get a British degree. It’s a common inquiry for the UK higher study aspiring students to know how to apply for a UK student visa 2023? Let’s discuss the application process step by step.

Wanna know the required eligibility on how to apply for a UK student visa?

Before applying for a UK student visa 2023, you must need some required eligibility. To get a British student visa, an international student must have the following eligibility. 

  • Must have an unconditional offer letter from the licensed student sponsor.
  • Should have English language proficiency.
  • Required amount of money to support yourself and your dependents while staying in the UK.

However, if you are 16 or 17, and want to apply to a British University, then you need a Child Student Visa.

How to make a UK student visa 2023 application step by step?

To apply for the UK student visa 2023, you need to follow some step by step process. Omitting one step can be the reason for an unsuccessful UK student visa application.

  • Go to the “GOV.UK” Website.
  • Select “ Student Visa”
  • Select “Apply”
  • Select “ Apply Outside the UK” and “ Start Now”.
  • Select “ Where are You Planning to Live”?
  • Choose Yes or No on “ Do you have a current EU, EEA, or Swiss Passport”.
  • Confirm your visa type.
  • Choose a country to provide your biometrics.
  • Check available visa application center locations and Select one.

(Now you can use this form to apply from outside the United Kingdom for a UK student visa. However, you cannot add family members ( dependents) to this application. You must complete a separate form for your dependents.). Now-

  • Start by Registering an email by providing email address and password. The email id should be your own where you will get all the visa related information. Besides, you will get a verification link in this email. You must confirm it to complete your application. Provide information if you have additional email. After that save and continue.
  • Provide all information regarding telephone number including the country code if you are applying outside the UK.
  • If you get scholarships like Marshall, Chevening, or Commonwealth, select yes. If you don’t have any, then No.
  • Provide CAS reference number. Without the CAS, the application will likely be refused.
  • Provide personal details like name, gender, relationship status, address etc. Besides, you also need to mention how long you have lived there and the house you are living in is rented or owned.
  • Provide Passport details like passport number, place of issue, issue and expiry date.
  • Provide information on National Identity Check, national date and place of birth. You may also need to mention if you have other nationality or not.
  • You will be asked to provide your English language ability. ( Select Yes, if you are applying for the UK visa for the second time. Besides, Select ‘No’ if you are applying for the UK visa for the first time.
  • Now choose which language you prefer to use to talk about your application.
  • Click Yes or No on having English Language qualification from a UK school. ( if you have studied in the UK before, you will select Yes. otherwise click No.)
  • Answer if you have taken any English language assessment or not. ( if you are coming to the UK for higher study purposes, then select Yes.) After selecting yes, you will get another question if your English language test has already been accessed or you are required to take the SELT . Choose Yes or No according to your condition.
  • Provide information if anyone relies on you for financial support? ( children under 18, children who are over 18 and living with you, children whom you look after or older relatives.
  • Provide information on your first (mother) and second parent.(father)
  • Answer if any of your family members already lived in the UK. Such as- Spouse, civil partner, parents or children, grandparents for grandchildren, spouse or civil partner family, child’s spouse, civil partner.
  • Select Yes if you are traveling to the UK as a part of an organized group.
  • Answer, ‘ will you be traveling to the UK with someone who is not your partner, spouse or dependent.’ Select No if you are traveling alone.
  • Answer on where will you stay in the UK? ( These stages include all inquiries regarding accommodation.
  • Select Yes if you have been traveling to the UK in the last 10 years. If you are coming to the UK for the first time, then select NO.
  • Provide information on your travel history. There will be some selective countries. If you have traveled to one of them, mention how many times you have done it. After that answer if you have traveled to other countries except these. If you haven’t visited any countries, then select No.
  • Mention your planned travel information.
  • Answer on the Immigration history.
  • Answer if you have ever breach the UK immigration law.
  • You need to answer if you have any convictions and other penalties, engaged in  war crime, terrorist activities, extremist organisation and views.
  • Provide information on your employment history.
  • You have to provide your sponsor license number and address. Besides, what type of sponsor will you be studying with? (if you are going for higher studies, select the ‘Higher Education Provider with a track record of compliance).
  • Provide information about the Primary site of study. In short, you have to mention the address where the majority of your education will take place.)
  • Provide UCAS details if you apply for your course UCAS.
  • Provide information on ATAS certificate. ( you will find a link from where you can know if your course needs it or not.)
  • In the next step, answer if your course is sponsored by you or others like the UK government, your country or anyone.
  • In this step, mention institution, course name and date.
  • Give information on the accommodation payment. ( if you pay any amount for university accommodation).
  • Give details on the first year tuition fees, student loan, and maintenance fund.
  • In the next step, you can provide any additional information regarding the application if needed.
  • Now cross-verify all the information you have given here.
  • Provide information on the maintenance funds like bank name, bank statement letter etc.
  • Provide mandatory documents like passports and other documents like bank statements.

( You can provide these documents in two ways- you can visit either the VFS site and book your biometric. After providing the information, upload all the documents free of charge. Or, you can take all the documents to your appointment where the commercial partner will scan them for a fee. ( follow the scanning rules).

  • Provide the TB test report.
  • Here comes the Declaration. By reviewing all the previous answers and ‘ I confirm’ section, if everything is alright confirm all the information you have provided are correct.
  • Pay IHS payment by following some steps and providing all necessary information.
  • Again you will get a declaration page. After reviewing all the answers, click ‘these details are correct.’ After that, there will be another declaration page. Read it thoroughly and click I agree.
  • After that, you will get a payment summary page. There you will find your name and the total amount you need to pay. Select “Pay Now” that will redirect you to the payment options and methods.
  • After the successful payment, click continue with your application.
  • Now you will get your IHS number.
  • Now click ‘ Return to my visa application’
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Provide information on BRP in the UK and from where do you want to collect it from. Collect it from the UK post office or an alternative location. If there is any ACL code in your CAS letter, provide it. If not, provide the nearest postal code number where you want to live. After that, visit that post office and collect your BRP. ( you will get it within 1-2 weeks)
  • Choose a visa service ( Standard, Priority, or Super Priority service). A student may avail the standard service.
  • Now you will get the amount you need to pay for the student visa. By continuing, it will take you to the ‘Payment Page’. Provide all details here.
  • After that, you will get the payment successful information.
  • Lastly a page will appear where you will find ‘ Further actions you must complete’. In this section, there will be the mandatory document checklist. Download the document checklist and provide all the mandatory documents.
  • At last, you will find the option ‘ Provide documents and biometric. By clicking this button, you can book your biometric. All required information will automatically be there. All you need to do to choose your UK visa application center. Following that, you will get an option to book your appointment. Pick your appointment date and time. Here you will find many additional services for which you need to pay a certain fee. In this page, you will find all mandatory documents you need to provide.

So this is how you can apply for a UK student visa 2023. If you want to study in the UK, AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, can show you the right way to get a degree. Our expert counselors will help you from application to visa processing.

Required Documents for a UK student visa 2023.

These are the required documents you need to apply for a British student visa in 2023.

  • An original passport or other valid travel documents.
  • Evidence of a sufficient amount of bank statements to cover the tuition fees and living costs.
  • CAS ( Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) reference number and documents to obtain CAS.
  • If you are coming to the UK for more than 6 months, you need to provide a TB test report.
  • CV and work reference ( If they have more than 3 years study gaps)
  • If you’ve received a sponsorship for your course fees and living cost in the last 12 months, provide written consent for your application from the financial sponsor.
  • ATAS clearance certificate ( if required)
  • If you are under 18, provide parental consent.
  • If you are under 18, provide proof of relationship.

Additional documents students may need if they are-

  • If you are not a citizen of the country from where you are applying from.
  • Under 18 years of age
  • You want to bring their dependents

Besides, if any of the supporting documents are not in English, they may need to be translated. When translated documents must be dated including the translator’s name and signature with the confirmation that all are accurate documents from the original paper

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You can visit the GOV.UK website to learn all the step by step process to apply for a student visa in the UK.
Ans: You need to keep the funds for at least 28 consecutive days. Besides, the statement cannot be held for more than 31 days.

Ans: Course fees for the first year and up to 9 months of living expenses.
✅ Living expense for London-based university- {(1334*9)=12006}
✅ Living expense for outside of London- {(1023*9)=9207}
For example, if your course fee is £14000 and you have paid £4000. To study at a London-based university, the total amount you need to show is £22006.

Ans: Yes, a CAS letter is required to apply for the British visa. Without the CAS reference number, your visa application is likely to be refused.
Ans: To apply for a UK student visa, you need 70 points. These 70 points are- 50 points on holding an offer letter from an approved sponsor. It is also known as CAS. 10 on English language proficiency. 1o on Financial statement

Ans: You will get an email or letter that will explain why your visa got rejected. If your passport was kept as a part of the visa application, it will be returned.

Ans: The earliest time you can apply for a UK student visa is 3 months earlier than the starting date of your course mentioned in the CAS. However, if you submit your visa application earlier than this time, it is more likely to be refused.
Ans: Your CAS will state the tuition fees for the first year of the course. If your course is for a year or less, your CAS will state the tuition fees for the course. You have to show the Home Office that you have enough money to pay the tuition fees.
Ans: Generally, the student visa will be valid for up to the course duration with an extra 1 month. It will help you to stay during the entire degree program in the UK. If you want to stay after your degree, you may need to renew your visa.
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