How to Study in the UK from Kenya?

How to Study in the UK from Kenya?

 South African students often choose the United Kingdom to get an international education. The number of students enrolment in British universities increased after the declaration of graduate route visas. Besides, British universities have a good reputation for providing top-quality education as the United Kingdom has world-class universities. There are a swarm of reasons South African students choose the UK as their study destination. As the interest in education is getting higher, many South African students want to know how to study in the UK from South Africa. Here you will discuss it.

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    Benefits of studying in the UK from South Africa.

    South African students often choose the United Kingdom because of the benefits it offers to them. The United Kingdom is always the top choice for the students of South After. Let’s know about the benefits that allure the South African students most to study in the United Kingdom. The benefits are-

    • International recognised degrees.
    • Opportunity to obtain skills.
    • World ranked Universities
    • An incredibly diverse country
    • Great support for overseas students.
    • Shorted duration courses
    • A chance to improve student’s English Language skills.
    • High-quality education
    • Academic achievements
    • Job opportunities after graduation
    • A great place to live
    • Work placement opportunities
    • Scholarships and financial support
    • Strong Research Infrastructure
    • Affordable education and living with plenty of students discount.
    • Opportunity to work part-time during studies.

    However, there are other benefits also available for international students. That’s why students choose this country to get overseas education.

    Admission entry requirements to study in the UK from South Africa.

    Each level of degree or education in the United Kingdom has a different level of entry requirements which must be fulfilled to gain entry at that level. The entry requirement will vary depending on what program a student wants to take. A student must meet the academic and English language requirement to study in the United Kingdom. Usually, the entry requirements vary from university to university. Besides, it also depends on the course you want to take. Let’s know about Birmingham City University’s entry requirements for South African students.


    Senior Certificates with grades 66655 (BBBCC)


    Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of pass with 60% or the second class. On the transcript, it will appear as NQF level 8.

    English Language Requirement

    The student’s English proficiency is measured through 4 components. Such as listening, reading, writing, and speaking. For the majority of courses IELTS 6.0 with no band, less than 5.5 is required. Besides, there are other English proficiency tests are also available. Such as the BCU English proficiency test, OIDI ELLT, PTE, TOEFL, and many more.

    Visa procedures to study in the UK from South Africa.

    A visa is key for an international student studying in the United Kingdom. No matter how good a student you are, if you don’t make the visa procedures properly, you will be failed in the process. Each procedure should be accurate and timely. Let’s know about the visa procedures to study in the UK from South Africa. These are the steps you should follow to make visa procedures in the United Kingdom.

    • First, know properly what type of visa you need to study in the United Kingdom.
    • Complete the online application form with the application fee.
    • Submit all the required documents. ( make sure you have a police clearance certificate and a good health report)
    • Schedule a visa appointment.
    • Attend a visa interview and pass it.

    The requirement of a student visa to study in the UK from South Africa.

    There are some requirements to obtain a study visa. To successfully apply for a student visa as a South African student, you must fulfil some mandatory requirements. Some of the requirements are-

    • Must have an offer letter from the registered British university.
    • Evidence that you are financially stable to financially support yourself and your family while living in the United Kingdom.
    • English language proficiency by passing an English language test from an approved provider. However, you may not need an English language test if your last education medium was in English.
    • Parental consent is mandatory if you are under 18.

    Mandatory visa documents to study in the UK from South Africa.

    When a South African student applies for a student visa in the United Kingdom, with the visa application, he must submit some documents. These documents are mandatory to have a successful visa application. So the required documents are-

    • A valid passport or other travel documents.
    • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies(CAS) letter.
    • Enough money to support yourself.
    • ATAS certificate if your country and course require it.
    • Need parental consent if you are under 18.
    • Proof of your relationship with your parents.
    • Tuberculosis test result report.
    • If you have received sponsorship for your course, provide written consent from your parents. 

    Is gap years a barrier to studying in the UK from South Africa?

    The best thing about British education is that it doesn’t focus on the study gap. A student with a study gap can easily study in the United Kingdom. For the undergraduate courses, a student can study with 2-3 years of study gaps. Besides, for the postgraduate degree, 5-7 years of study gaps won’t create any problems. However, a student can study with more gap years in the United Kingdom if he is qualified. Many British universities allow students with more study gaps if they can justify the reason behind the gap years.

    Career Opportunities of South African students in the United Kingdom.

    One of the major reasons South African students choose to study in the United Kingdom is it opens the door to a career for international students. After completing education in the United Kingdom, a student will get 2-3 years of post-study work permission. This is the best time to gain career-related experience and explore where your passion lies. Besides, employers worldwide appreciate and prioritize students with a British degree. Students will get jobs effortlessly with a British degree. 

    Scholarship opportunities to study in the UK from South Africa.

    Studying in the UK can be a burden for international students like students from South Africa because a student has to pay tuition fees with living costs in the United Kingdom. This can be a huge financial burden for some students. In this case, getting a scholarship can be a huge relief. The United Kingdom offers many scholarship opportunities for South African students. But to get the scholarship, a student must match the entry requirements. Let’s know the name of some scholarships here.

    • GREAT Scholarships
    • Chevening Scholarships
    • Commonwealth Scholarships
    • Northumbria Global Scholarship 2022
    • Surrey MBA scholarship 2022
    • Global Women’s Leadership Scholarship.
    • Professional Excellence Scholarship.

    Accommodation facilities to study in the UK from South Africa.

    For South African students, most British universities provide guaranteed accommodation facilities. British universities have accommodation facilities known as ‘student halls’ or ‘ Halls of Residence’. First-year students easily get accommodation facilities in the United Kingdom. These halls can be catered or self-catered. Besides, if you want to stay in a private rental house, you will find many options in the United Kingdom. You can take the help of AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm that helps students study in the UK, USA, and Canada. AIMS Education has a partnership with amberstudent, a private rental agency in the United Kingdom.

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans: Yes, a student can study in the United Kingdom from South Africa. Even, every year many South African students enrolled in British universities. To get an education, the mandatory thing is to match a student’s eligibility to the entry requirements of the university and submit all the visa documents properly.

    ⦿ Valid academic transcripts from all previous qualifications from the recognised university with a standard grade.
    ⦿ Statement of Purpose.
    ⦿ Letter of Recommendation.
    ⦿ English Language proficiency test score.
    ⦿ Passport and other ID proof.
    ⦿ Bank statement to provide proof of financial funds.
    ⦿ Offer letter.
    ⦿ Student visa

    ns: Yes, English language proficiency is mandatory to study in the UK from South Africa. A student must pass a Secure English language Proficiency Test from an approved provider. There are many English language proficiency test options available except IELTS. Besides many British universities accept a Grade C or above in First Language English or Home Language on the South Africa National Senior Certificate, IELTS, IGCSE, and several other certificates. If you don’t have any above-mentioned English language qualifications, don’t worry. Many British universities provide English language programmes to get you to another level.

    Ans: Yes, South African students will be able to work for 20 hours per week during their studies in the United Kingdom. Besides, they can work full time during the semester break. However, after completing a degree in the United Kingdom, a student can work or study full time by getting a post-study work permit for 2 years.

    Ans: No, there is no upper age limit to study in the UK from South Africa. You can apply with a Tier 4 visa in the United Kingdom if you’re 16 or over and are offered a place on a course.

    Ans: According to the graduate route visa, a South African student can stay for 2 years after completing their education in the United Kingdom.

    Ans: If you are a South African student and want to study in the UK, you must apply for a UK student visa. And to get a student visa, you have to enrol in a British university by matching your eligibility to the requirements. After that, by providing all required visa documents, get the student visa.

    Ans: UKVI processing time for the student visa is a standard 15 working days from the date of application submission.

    Ans: Yes, almost all UK universities take a credibility interview to bring out the true intention of a student by inquiring many questions. If a student fails in a credibility interview, they will get a visa rejection.

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