How to Study in the UK from Uganda?

How to Study in the UK from Uganda?

Are you a Ugandan student? Want to take a higher degree in the UK that fascinates you as a study destination? Every year, many students apply to get enrolled in institutions in the United Kingdom. Many of the students want to know the easy process to get a British education. Let’s here discuss your inquisition on how to study in the United Kingdom from Uganda. 

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    Benefits to Study in the UK from Uganda-

    Behind the ongoing interest of Ugandan students in British education are the benefits the United Kingdom gives to them. Uganda is not a proper country to get High-quality education. Inexperienced teachers and insufficient study materials make this country lay behind in the prosperity of education. On the other hand, the UK is such a country that has a great education system provided by the world’s recognised universities. Let’s here discuss the benefits that attract students to take a British education.

    • The United Kingdom is home to the top-rated university

    The universities of the UK are on the list of QS World University ranking. The universities are well known for different course fields. Each university excels in a specific study program. Besides, a student can gain huge experiences through part-time job opportunities and industry-related education.

    • An incredibly diverse country

    The United Kingdom is an incredibly diverse country. It gives Ugandan students an opportunity to learn about different cultures and mix with different nationalities which helps them to gain insight and global experience. In this country, a student can practice his own religion and customs. By attending many community events, a student will be enriched in knowledge. By getting in touch with many people, a student won’t feel homesick.

    • Great support for the Ugandan students.

    The United Kingdom is a very friendly and supportive country. This country provides plenty of support for Ugandan students. Each British university has an office to solve the problems of international students. They look for the student’s needs and answer questions about tuition, housing, academic support etc.

    • Job opportunities after graduation

    Students often attract the insecurity of unemployment after completing graduation. Especially it creates a burden of pressure on international students as they have invested a lot in education. In this regard, The United Kingdom is the most secure study destination for the students of Uganda as it gives students the opportunity to work in the United Kingdom for 2 years after completing their education.

    • Part-time work opportunity while studying.

    An international student can work part-time in the UK while pursuing a course. They can work 20 hours per week. Besides, during the semester break, they can work full time. For a Ugandan student, it’s a great opportunity to gain experience and earn money.

    • Scope to access the world-class health service.

    An international student can get a world-class health service in the UK. While applying for the visa, they need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge fee. After that, a student can get many free healthcare services through NHS.

    • A student can bring dependents while taking education

    The most important reason the students choose the United Kingdom as it gives them a great opportunity to bring dependents while taking education. A dependent can work and study full time there.

    Admission requirements for students to study in the UK from Uganda.

    To take a British education, a student must match their eligibility to the entry requirements of a university. Without matching the requirements, it is nearly impossible to get an unconditional offer letter. And without an unconditional offer letter, a student can not apply for a visa. Suppose, you want to get admission to Portsmouth University. For this, you need a specific type of qualification. 

    Foundation Courses requirement to study in the UK from Uganda.

    If a Ugandan student has one of the following with a minimum of 5 subjects including maths and English, he usually needs to do a foundation year before taking an undergraduate degree. 

    • East African Certificate of Education( EACE)
    • Cambridge overseas school certificate ( COSC)
    • Uganda Certificate of Education ( UCE)

    Undergraduate courses requirement to study in the UK from Uganda.

    Students who have completed their bachelor’s degree can take undergraduate courses. Besides, a student can apply if he has a minimum of 3 subjects equivalent to A levels in:

    • The Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate
    • The Higher National Diploma
    • The Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education

    Besides, a student can apply with A Levels or International Baccalaureate Qualification.

    Postgraduate courses requirement to study in the UK from Uganda.

    For the postgraduate courses, a student needs to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised higher education institution. Grade points for this degree are-

    • From a GPA of 2.8 on a scale of 1-4.
    • From 7 on a scale of 1-10.

    English language requirements to study in the UK from Uganda.

    If a student has IELTS, IGCSE or other accepted English language tests, then he can study at this university. Besides, Portsmouth University also accepts the Grade C/1-6 in the following-

    • The East African Certificate of Education.
    • The Cambridge Overseas School Certificate
    • The Uganda School of Certificate

    Visa application process to study in the UK from Uganda.

    Studying abroad as an international student requires a visa. Without a visa, it is impossible to study in a foreign land. Getting a visa can be complicated if the application process is not done properly. Let’s know the visa application process to study in the UK from Uganda. To apply for a British visa, you must go through these steps-

    • Choose the right UK visa type
    • Complete the online application form
    • Submit all the required documents with the visa application
    • Schedule an appointment for the visa
    • Attend the interview.

    Visa eligibility to study in the United Kingdom from Uganda

    • From a licensed student sponsor, a student must receive an offer of an academic course.
    • Must have the required financial stability to cover living and tuition fees.
    • A student must have English language proficiency.
    • If a student is under the age of 16/17, she needs consent from his parents.

    Required visa documents to study in the UK from Uganda

    These are the mandatory documents to study in the UK from Uganda. You must submit all the documents while you make a student visa application.

    • A current passport or other valid travel documents.
    • A CAS letter ( Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) from the provider.
    • Proof of enough money to support yourself fully while studying in the United Kingdom.
    • Provide a valid ATAS certificate if your course and nationality required it.
    • If you are under 18, provide parental consent.
    • Proof of relationship with your parents.
    • Tuberculosis test result.

    Does the United Kingdom accept the study gap for Ugandan students?

    The UK accepts the study gap for Ugandan students. When the other eligibilities are ok, the study gap is not a big problem. For the undergraduate courses, the 2-3 years study gap is easily acceptable. For the postgraduate courses, a 5-7 years gap is quite normal. Besides, many universities in the United Kingdom accept students with more study gaps.

    Scholarship opportunities to study in the UK from Uganda.

    The scholarship is a great way to start foreign education. For international students, a scholarship can reduce the burden of financial pressure. British education is very flexible to offer students scholarships, grants, and loans.  Let’s know about some scholarships a student can get by studying in the United Kingdom. Such as-

    • Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth countries.
    • Clarendon Fund Scholarship
    • Reach Oxford Scholarships for Developing Country Students.
    • Future Leaders Scholarships in the United Kingdom.
    • Rhodes Scholarship
    • Women in STEM Scholarships.

    Career options and opportunities by studying in the UK from Uganda.

    A UK degree will unveil many opportunities for Ugandan students. By doing part-time jobs during the term time, and full-time jobs after completing a degree, a student will gain many valuable work experiences. Besides, by doing different kinds of jobs, a student will gain various levels of proficiency.

    Accommodation facilities for Ugandan students in the UK.

    While studying in the United Kingdom, a student need not think about accommodation facilities. The universities will provide catered or self-catered accommodation. Besides, if a student needs any private accommodation, AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm can help them to get it. AIMS Education has a partnership with a private accommodation named Amberstudent. 

    Pre-arrival guide to study in the UK from Uganda.

    I know for an international student, it’s a difficult phase to land in a foreign country for study purposes. Many frightful thoughts may be haunted you. Let’s know what a student can expect in the first week in the UK-

    • Landing and getting to the university.
    • Get to know the student ambassadors
    • Welcome week events.
    • Healthcare services in the UK
    • Opening a bank account
    • Checking the visa status
    • Learn about the National insurance details and work system in the UK

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

    ⦿ Academic transcripts
    ⦿ Certificates of the previous educational documents.
    ⦿ Tier 4 Student visa.
    ⦿ A valid passport and other ID proof.
    ⦿ Confirmation of acceptance for studies.
    ⦿ Letter of Recommendation
    ⦿ Statement of Purpose
    ⦿ Scores of English proficiency test.
    ⦿ A bank statement that proves you are capable enough to cover the tuition and living costs in the United Kingdom.

    ns: A student can get a student visa if he is 16 or over and offered a course place by a licensed student sponsor. Have enough money to pay for the course and required eligibility to get enrolled on a UK university.

    ns: The graduate route visa welcomes students to stay in the United Kingdom for 2 years after completing an education there. In the meantime, a student can gain experience and look for jobs. If you completed an undergraduate or master’s degree, you can stay up to 2 years in the UK as post-study work permission.

    Ans: A student with a Tier 4 visa can convert their visa to a Skilled worker visa in the UK. It has to be done after completing a degree there. However, your partner and children will need to apply separately to switch their visas.

    Ans: The education system of Uganda is not up to the mark. Taking a quality education there is quite difficult. That’s why many prospective and aspiring students choose the United Kingdom as their preferred study destination. The United Kingdom is the best country for Ugandan students to get a world-recognised and top-quality education.

    Ans: All international students who want to study in the United Kingdom must need a Tier 4 student visa. To obtain this visa category, a student must fulfil all the requirements properly.

    Ans: Popular subjects Ugandan students choose to study in the UK are-
    ⦿ Business management
    ⦿ Engineering and Technology
    ⦿ Law
    ⦿ Social Science
    ⦿ Media
    ⦿ Computer Science
    ⦿ Art and Design etc.

    Ans: Great Britain has various ranges of universities such as affordable, medium, and high range. Besides, the living cost mostly depends on the location you choose to live. If you choose to study and live in London, the cost will be more than studying outside of London.

    Ans: As an international student, you cannot ever able to study in the UK without a student visa. It is a mandatory document to study in a foreign country.

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