January 2024 Intake in Canada Universities

Apply for January 2024 intake in Canada Universities

Why study in Canada

Canada is one of the most chosen study destinations for international students. Every year, many students start their education in Canada through many intakes. January 2024 intake in Canada is also known as the winter intake. In this article, we will learn about the January 2024 intake for Canada. This intake offers students more time and opportunity to study in Canada if they somehow missed the previous September/Fall intake.

Popular intakes in Canada

Canada provides an opportunity for the interested international students to study in Canada thrice a year through the three intakes. They have intakes like September ( Fall), January ( Winter), and May ( Summer) intake. Among these three, the most popular intake is the Fall intake. And the second most accepted intake is the January intake.

Winter/January 2024 intake in Canada

Winter or January 2024 intake is the second intake in Canada. Usually, the January intake offers great scope for the international students who are unable to get the fall intake to study in Canada. Besides, January 2024 intake is also for students who need ample time to prepare adequately. In January, the Canadian university offers a range of courses after the fall intake.

Course availability for January 2024 intake in Canada

If we compare the course availability between the fall (September) intake and the winter (January) intake, a student will get more courses in the September intake 2022. So if you are planning to study in the UK through the January/ winter intake, you may find a small number of courses there.

Time schedule for January 2024 intake in Canada

You must maintain a schedule while preparing to study in Canada through this intake. The timing and the activity must match together. You should start planning a year before you start to study in Canada. Good preparation can make it easy. If you want to study in Canada in 2024, you should make the process like this.

  • From April to June 2023, you should do research on the universities of Canada and shortlist the most preferred ones.
  • The English language test is very important while studying in Canada. So take the test between July to September 2023.
  • After taking the English language test, you should make an application to your desired universities in Canada. So, from September to December, complete making applications to the universities of Canada with the required documents.
  • After submitting an application, from November to January, you will get the confirmation after the statement through an email.
  • And lastly, from January to February, you should make financial arrangements and visa applications.

Steps to starting your degrees for January 2024 intake for Canada

Research, analyze and shortlist the university

The main step to taking higher education in Canada through January 2024 intake is to research and analyze the university well. The wise suggestion is to go through the university website. After that, learn about their requirements and match them to yours. You should also check their course list, scholarships and fees. Lastly, when you find the universities according to your eligibility and requirements, select them and shortlist the most matched ones.

Take preparations for the English language exam and sit for it

When you want to study in Canada, you must be proficient in English. The important admission requirement to study in Canada is to have a mandatory IELTS score. You have to score in one of the standardized tests like IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT etc. First, learn the English language requirement for your desired university. After that, take the test to get the required score.

Complete the application form and submit it

Now, as you have taken the test and gotten the required score, apply to the shortlisted universities. While making an application, you should submit the required documents with it. To make an application, visit the official website of the shortlisted universities and fill out the application form. The information you provide must be authentic. You may also provide LOR or SOP with your application form.

Have an active email to get the offer letter

After making the application, if everything is okay according to the requirement, you will get a confirmation letter from them. They will send you the acceptance or confirmation letter through email. So you must have an active email. You may participate in an interview. So keep yourself free for the interview. There will be a deadline to reply to the email.

Arrange your finances

When you get selected for the course from your desired university, now you may need to arrange your finances. The financial issues need to be completed before starting your course in Canada. When the interviewers of the desired university select you, you need to pay a non-refundable payment as a confirmation of the offer letter within the deadline.

Apply for visa

Once you get the offer letter and pay a non-refundable payment as a confirmation, you should apply for the visa. You should apply for the visa to study in January 2024 intake. Make the visa application at least 3 months before the commencement of the course in Canada.

Be ready to study in your dream destination

After completing all the processes, now relax and be ready to study in your dream destination. As your course will start in January, you should arrive in Canada within December so that you can make accommodation arrangements and other things. After getting a visa, buy a plane ticket and fly to your desired study destination.

Pros and Cons of January 2024 intake in Canada

Studying in Canada is really a big achievement. When you apply for this intake for Canada universities, you will get some advantages and disadvantages of it. Let’s know it properly.

Pros Cons
Students will have enough time to enhance their skills and knowledge to get a student visa. The environment will become a big issue. Students need to travel during the cold and harsh weather.
Students will get more time for research and shortlisted universities in Canada. You will find fewer international applicants.
Competition is lower. So it will increase your chance of getting admission easily. Fewer courses are available for the January 2024 intake.
So if you want to study in Canada through the January 2024 intake, you should not delay too long. AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, can easily help you study in Canada. We have professional and overseas experts who can show you the right direction to study in Canada.


Ans: Yes, Canadian universities basically offer 3 intakes and January intake is one of them. If you want to study in Canada for January 2024 intake you will find many top-ranked universities.

Ans: Canadian universities are now taking applications for September 2023 intake. After closing this intake the universities will open their slots for January 2024 intake.

Ans: There are some popular universities that offer admissions for January intake. Such as-
• University of Toronto 
• Carleton University
• University of British Columbia
• Centennial College
• Lambton College
• McGill University
• Carleton University 
• Queen’s University
• Mount Saint Vincent University
• Cape Breton University 
• Douglas College 
• Fanshawe College
• University of Manitoba etc.

Ans: Applying for January intake in Canada has some advantages and disadvantages. But after the September intake January is the most popular intake in Canada universities.

Ans: Januar is the month of winter. So, January is also called the winter intake in Canada.

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