Spot Assessment To Study In Canada 2022

Spot Assessment to Study in Canada 2022

These days, students are interested to study in Canada immensely. Is studying in Canada your dream? Are you interested in enrolling in the top-rated institution by taking a spot assessment to study in Canada? Overseas education in Canada will sharpen your skills and experiences to compete in the up-to-date job market. I know dreaming is easy, but turning it into reality is complicated. Steps to take an overseas education always start with accurate data collection and an academic plan related to your career plan. So, you have made your career plan and fixed the study destination. All you need is authentic information on your desired institution, courses, scholarship offers, tuition fees, application requirements, procedures etc.

Study in Canada through AIMS Education

AIMS Education is organizing an in-house fair on 27th March from 10 am to 6 pm. In this event, there will be the presence of Mr Sujan Das, representative of Canadian universities. He presents three top-rated institutions in Canada- Fleming College, Toronto School of Management, and Trebas Institutes. By joining this event, you will get to all details on these universities, their main courses, intakes, percentage of the scholarships they offer, their current tuition fees, and many more.

In this event, you will get the opportunity of spot assessment to study Canada and free application to your desired institution. So, join this event to study in Canada through AIMS Education.

Now presenting some core information on the institutes that Mr Sujan Das presents.

Studying abroad in Fleming College, Canada

Fleming College, also known as Sir Stanford Fleming College, located in Peterborough, central Ontario, Canada, is an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology. Fleming College is well-known for its fineness in environmental and natural resources sciences, unique business programs, museum management, cultural management, and social science. Fleming colleges are considered one of the best colleges in Canada. One of the 50 research colleges in Canada, Fleming College is one of them. Besides, it ranked 29th nationally and 11th in Ontario. So for international students, studying abroad in Fleming College, Canada will be a good academic experience.

Fleming College has 4 campuses in Peterborough, Cobourg, Haliburton, and Lindsay( Frost Campus)

Fleming College has more than 100 full-time programs, and it has the highest employment rate, about 85.3%. By completing their studies at Fleming College, students will be able to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit. The IELTS score for the degrees in Flaming College needs a mandatory score of 6.5-6. It provides many full-time, continuing education pathways programs affiliated with many provincial, national, and international institutions and universities.

Besides, Fleming college provides the highest priority to the students by offering many scholarships, bursaries, and grants. An international graduate from flaming college will be a skilled employee by learning many real-life and practical studies.

So, to take the opportunity to enrol in Fleming college by attending AIMS Education inhouse education fair. Visit AIMS Education to have a scope of spot assessment to study in Canada.

Toronto School of Management to study in Canada

Another best institution for international students is The Toronto School of Management to study in Canada. The university delegate of Canadian institutions is coming to AIMS Education to provide students with knowledge on studying abroad in Canada. If you are interested in studies with real-life work experience, you must check these institutes to enrol.

There is a range of Diplomas and Programs available in business, cyber security, big data, digital marketing, accounting, hospitality. It is an innovative institution that provides industry-relevant programs to make a student capable of coping with the ever-changing job market. The main focus of these institutions is on practical or hands-on learning.

The teacher of TSoM does not only offer you theory-based learning but also makes a student takes part in many field trips so that he can implement the theoretical knowledge to practical learning. TSoM authority offers many co-op placements related to the area of study. It is a private school owned by Global University Systems. The tuition fees of it are usually low. After completing the Toronto School of Management course, you can apply for post-work permission.

So, keep the schedule to visit AIMS Education to learn more about studying abroad in Canada on 27th March 2022.

Trebas Institute to take higher studies in Canada

Trebas Institute is a private Canadian institution that provides innovative courses to the students to have a competitive edge in the chosen industry. It’s a private career college. By taking a degree from the Trebas Institute, a student will receive the most up-to-date curriculum to compete with the ever-changing job marketplace. It has two campuses – Montreal and Toronto with 16 courses.

In Montreal, it has January, May, and September intakes. There are January, April, July, and October intakes available in Toronto. Trebas provides many Diploma courses in IT, Engineering, hospitality and travel, business, and art. To have an education with real-life practical knowledge, Trebas Institute to take higher studies in Canada can be the best option for you.

AIMS Education is delighted to have the success on AIMS Study abroad expo 2022. At this expo, many students couldn’t be able to attend due to the limitations of time. And another notable thing is that we have noticed students’ strong interest in studying in Canada. So we are arranging this in-house expo to study abroad in Canada to let students learn things in detail from the representative directly and get the chance of spot assessment to study Canada. Moreover, the experienced teams and counsellors of AIMS Education are also present to provide help and instructions to the students. So to grab the chance of spot assessment to study in Canada visit our office.

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