Study Abroad Consultancy Firm in Accra

study abroad consultancy firm in accra

Are looking for opportunities to study abroad from Accra, Ghana? Achieving your dream is just one click away from you. Book your free counselling with AIMS Education today and enjoy your journey.

Studying abroad from Accra, the capital city of Ghana is a viable and popular option for many international students. Ghanaian students have been increasingly choosing abroad for their higher education due to the quality of education, diverse range of courses, and numerous other benefits.

Though the countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia are very flexible in issuing student visas to international students, the application process is not so easy. Choosing a study abroad consultancy firm can offer several advantages to students aspiring to study in different countries from Accra or any other international location.

AIMS Education, a reliable study abroad consultancy firm, aims to help study abroad aspirants to the fullest context. We provide numerous support services to students including university applications to visa applications so that our students can have a  smooth journey to their dream study destination.

How to find a reliable study abroad consultancy firm in Accra?

Finding a professional study abroad consultancy firm in Accra, Ghana requires careful research and consideration. Here are some steps you can follow to find a reliable consultancy firm:

Online Research

Start by conducting online research using search engines like Google. Use keywords like “education consultancy in Accra” or “study abroad consultancy firms in Ghana.” This will provide you with a list of consultancy firms operating in Accra.

Check Their Websites

Visit the websites of the student consultancy firms you find. Reliable educational consultancy firms often have detailed websites that provide information about the services they offer, the application process, testimonials from previous clients, and contact details.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Look for reviews from previous clients. Websites like Google Reviews, Facebook, or dedicated review platforms can provide insights into the experiences of others who have used the services of the study abroad consultancy firm.

Consultation Meeting

Arrange a consultation meeting with the study abroad consultancy firm. During the meeting, ask questions about the services they provide, the application process, visa assistance, and any other concerns you might have. Pay attention to how they respond to your queries and whether they are knowledgeable and professional.

Visit Education Fairs and Seminars

Education fairs and seminars are often organized by educational consultancy firms or educational institutions. Attend these events to meet representatives from different consultancy firms in person. This will allow you to ask questions directly and assess their expertise.

Top 10 study abroad consultants in Accra, Ghana

If you are looking for the best education consultants in Accra then you are at the right place, as we bring you a comprehensive guide on selecting the right university, and country to secure your future.


  • Ace Study Abroad
  • AIMS Education
  • Ace Study Abroad
  • Pace-Up Consult (Study Abroad)
  • Education Solutions Consult
  • Astolinks International Accra
  • Dreams Consult
  • Globe Educational Center
  • Preparation For Life (PFL) Ghana
  • Elim Agency Limited

Who is the best overseas education consultant in Accra?

A professional study abroad consultancy firm is an expert who assists students in planning and organizing their education abroad. These education consultancy firms provide guidance and support throughout the entire process of studying in a foreign country. Among the best student consultants, AIMS Education is one of the best overseas education consultants in Accra, Ghana. Why?


AIMS Education is a reliable study abroad consultancy firm providing educational guidance to study abroad aspirants in every aspect of their application process. Such as university selection, course selection, career counselling, visa application, etc. We have accreditation with broad organizations like the British Council, ICEF, UCAS, etc. and that explains our professionalism.  We also have direct partnerships with 100+ reputed universities around the world. We provide both online and offline counselling to our clients free of cost.

Why AIMS Education is a professional study abroad consultancy firm in Accra?

A reputable study abroad consultancy firm in Accra, like anywhere else in the world, possesses specific traits that set it apart. These qualities reflect the firm’s professionalism, integrity, and commitment to providing high-quality services to students. Previously we mentioned that AIMS Education is the best overseas education consultant in Accra. Here are the key traits of AIMS Education Accra.

Credibility and Recognition

As a study abroad consultancy firm, we are recognized and certified by relevant educational and professional bodies. We have partnerships with reputable universities and colleges worldwide, enhancing their credibility.

Transparency and Integrity

We have clearly defined and transparent processes regarding services and refund policies. We adhere to ethical guidelines, avoiding false promises or guarantees, and providing honest and accurate information to students.

Professional Team

We employ qualified counsellors who are knowledgeable about international education systems and admission processes. We possess outstanding counselling and communication skills to understand students’ needs and guide them effectively.

Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive services from university/course selection, and application assistance to visa guidance and post-arrival support. We provide resources for standardized test preparation such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, etc.

Wrap up

When choosing a study abroad consultancy firm, it’s essential to research and select a reputable and experienced firm with a track record of helping students successfully pursue their education goals. Remember to verify their credentials from previous clients to ensure you’re making an informed decision. And if you are still confused, contact  AIMS Education without any hesitation.


AIMS Education is the best education consultancy firm in Accra, Ghana, and is committed to providing the best counselling service to students free of cost.

AIMS Education is the best study abroad consultancy firm in Accra. The reason is given below-


  • professional counselling service
  • Visa application support
  • Finding accommodation
  • Getting pastoral care

No service charge at all.

AIMS Education is the best education consultancy firm in Accra, Ghana providing numerous services including university finding to visa support for study abroad aspirants.

Studying abroad from Accra, Ghana can be a rewarding experience, offering world-class education, diverse cultural exposure, and a chance to explore historic landmarks

AIMS Education Accra, the best study abroad consultancy firm is committed to providing the best guidelines and 24/7 end-to-end services to the students free of cost.

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