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Studying abroad is a beautiful dream that every higher education aspiring student dreams of at least once. It is not only a way to add strong qualifications to your academic profile but also to increase your value to an employer’s eye. Your study abroad degree will help you to build a strong career. Students from different continents apply for higher education every year. So, if you are looking for the best country to study abroad in 2024, here is the given information you can follow.

What are the benefits of Studying Abroad

Having various opportunities, Students are eagerly interested in taking a foreign degree. While studying abroad, a student will get the following benefits. These are:

  • Gaining a global perspective
  • Developing skills and engaging in unique learning experiences.
  • Gain valuable insights.
  • Hone the language skills
  • Great career opportunities
  • Travel around the world.
  • Explore new career prospects
  • Be an exception from the other candidates
  • Find the perfect course for you.
  • Gain independence and self reliance.
  • Intercultural development

Now, when you know the benefits of studying abroad, you may want to know which country will serve your best purpose and how you will find the best country. Let’s know the parameters of selecting the best country to study abroad.

Parameters of Selecting the Best Country to Study Abroad?

Before setting up your mind and packing your bags, it is highly important to learn about the country that you want to choose for education. Now you may want to know how to select the best country. So, here is the parameter of selecting the best country to study abroad.

You must learn which countries have the best education system

Our first education always begins from our home country. We all take a minimum education from our native country. After that, we search for another country that can provide a standard higher education. To take higher education, you should know about the education system of that country. 

Almost all the countries that provide higher education have a good education system. And that’s why international students choose these countries to study abroad. Among many countries, some of the countries have the best education system according to the international students. They are- the UK, USA, and Canada.  Let’s know about them-

  • Education System of UK

The education system in the UK consists of 4 stages. They are Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education, and Higher Education. Besides, the UK universities provide many Pathway, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs. Besides, British education provides shorter degrees than other countries. A student will need only 3 years to complete an undergraduate degree in the UK- England, Wales, and in Northern Ireland.

  • Education System of USA

The US education system is considered the superior system in the world. The US provides a wide range of programs and courses for international students. This country provides high-quality education through a balanced, tried and tested curriculum.

  • Education System of Canada

According to the international students, Canada has one of the best education systems in the world. This country has a strong and well-funded education system largely managed by the education authority. Canada provides affordable and quality education. Besides, a student will get many immigration opportunities while studying in Canada.

So, these 3 above named countries always stand on top according to the international student choice. Now let’s know about the study abroad countries where international students’ acceptance rates are comparatively higher.

Which Countries have the most International Students Acceptance Rate?

Every year many students choose studying abroad to take their academic life to another level. There are many countries that accept international students. But only some countries stand top as per students’ choice. They are the UK, USA, and Canada. Let’s know about them-

  • Students acceptance rate in the UK

Studying in the UK has always been a popular choice for international students. The acceptance rate determines a student’s chance of being accepted by the country and the university. In this regard, the UK universities have the higher student acceptance rate.

  • Students acceptance rate in the USA

The US universities have the highest acceptance rate for international students. Even international students are considered to play a major role in fueling the US higher education center. There are some top US universities available where international students mostly prefer to choose in the UK.

  • Students acceptance rate in Canada

Compared to the US, the international students acceptance rate is higher in Canada. It is relatively easier for students to get admission to a Canadian university. If studying abroad aspiring students have good English skills and academic results, they are more likely to get admission to a Canadian university.

Which countries are mostly affordable for international students?

Abroad education is best for developing academic and career life. But sometimes, money becomes a huge barrier to get this qualification. Studying abroad means a student has to bear the academic and living costs together. In this situation, some countries offer many help and ways to reduce the cost, Such as- working part-time, gaining scholarships, or living in an inexpensive area. 

  • UK

Studying in the UK is quite affordable. There are many areas available in the United Kingdom where the living costs are comparatively lower. Besides, an international student has the opportunity to work part-time while studying. This will allow them to earn and bear the costs.

  • USA

Compared to the UK and Canada, the US is not that affordable. This country is considered a bit expensive. Yet, this country is a popular study destination for international students. Besides, there are many US universities available where the tuition fees are comparatively low. However, this country also offers many scholarships for international students and part-time job opportunities.

  • Canada

Canada is generally less expensive. Canada has a great reputation for affordable education. Besides, if you are wise enough with the expenses, then studying and living in Canada is quite affordable. Canada has many affordable universities.

What are the top-ranked study abroad countries and universities?

Ranking is a great factor for international students when choosing a country or a university to study abroad. Studying at a top-ranked university is really effective for a student’s academic and career success. According to the QS Best Student Cities 2023, the top 20 cities are from the UK, USA, and Canada. Besides, if you want to know the ranking of universities according to the QS World University Rankings 2023, then the information is as follows-

  • Ranking of the UK universities

Students choose to study in the UK because of the reputation of the UK universities around the world. According to the QS World University Rankings 2023, University of Cambridge (2), University of Oxford (4), Imperial College London (6), UCL (8) are in the top ten global universities.

  • Ranking of the USA universities

In the QS World University Rankings 2023, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1), Stanford University (3), Harvard University (5), California Institute of Technology (6), University of Chicago (10) are in the top 10.

  • Ranking of the Canadian universities

In the QS World University Rankings 2023, McGill University, University of Toronto are also in the top 40.

Which countries provide job opportunities for international students while studying abroad?

For most of the international students, studying abroad can be expensive. Besides, it will be a burden if there are no opportunities of earning. In this situation, the UK, USA, and Canada provide many job opportunities for international students while studying abroad.

  • Job opportunities in the UK

A student can work 20 hours per week part-time during semester in the UK. During holidays, a student can work full time. Besides, after completing education, a student can apply for the graduate route visa. 

  • Job opportunities in the USA

International students who hold a F1 visa can have off-campus employment opportunities in the USA. During the study, a student will be allowed to work 20 hours per week and 40 hours in holidays. Besides, a student can have many internships, co-ops, or summer internships in the USA.

  • Job opportunities in Canada

Many full-time and part-time job opportunities are available in Canada for international students. A student can have the opportunity based on their qualifications, skill, and experience.

Which countries are immigration friendly for international students?

Countries like the UK, USA, and Canada are very immigration friendly for international students. These countries are considered the most immigration friendly countries in the world. A student will get many benefits while studying at these universities.

Best Subjects to Study Abroad 2024

The international students often choose some popular subjects while studying abroad. Let’s know the popular subjects a student can find while studying in the UK, USA, and Canada.

  • UK- Some most popular subjects often the international students choose in the UK are- Management studies, Accounting and Finance, MBA, Medicine, Economics, Finance, Marketing etc.
  • USA- Business and Management, Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Social Science, Physical and Life Science. In the USA, the STEM programs are very popular.
  • Canada- MBA, Computer Science and IT, Business and Finance, Engineering, Physical Science, Agriculture Science, Medicine, Media and Journalism, Economics, Mathematics etc.

Eligibility Requirements to Study Abroad

An international student needs some specific qualifications when they decide to study abroad. If you are from a non-English speaking country, you must need the English language and academic qualification to study in the UK, USA, and Canada. In short, to study abroad, a student must have matched the eligibility to the entry requirements. An application requirement must match to enroll in a UK, USA, or Canadian university. 

Top Countries from where international students apply to study abroad.

These are the top countries from which an international applicant usually apply to study abroad.

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Malaysia

Student Visa Eligibility to study Abroad

Getting a visa is the most important thing. Without a visa, it is completely impossible for an international student to take a foreign education.

  • UK student visa eligibility- To get the UK student visa, a student must be offered a course by a licensed student sponsor. Besides, a student must have enough financial sponsor, can have English language proficiency, and must have parental consent if the candidate is 16 or 17. However, to get the visa, a student must pass the credibility interview. Should be clinically fit and must have a police clearance certificate.
  • USA student visa eligibility-  To get the US student visa, the university or college must be SEVP-approved. Besides, a student must enroll as a full time student with a required level of English and academic qualifications. In addition, a student has a valid passport and sufficient funding and needs to pay the SEVIS fee, and attend a visa interview. Should be clinically fit and must have a police clearance certificate.
  • Canada student visa eligibility- To get the Canadian student visa, a student should be enrolled in a DLI-listed university, and must have enough money to pay the tuition fees and living cost. Besides, a candidate should have no criminal record and be medically fit. A student must prove to an officer that you will leave Canada when the study permit expires.

Scholarship opportunities to study abroad for international students

A scholarship is a great thing while studying abroad. It is the best way for a student  to fulfill their study abroad dreams. Many foreign universities offer attractive scholarships to the international students. Besides, getting a scholarship is also a prestigious thing. Many foreign universities offer merit-based scholarships. In addition, full-bright scholarships are also available for international students.

Accommodation facilities to Study Abroad

Accommodation is usually a great concern for the international students. In addition, there are three types of study abroad accommodation available for international students. Such as- University residence, homestay, and apartment living. Besides, there are many private rentals also available.

Post-Study work opportunities after studying abroad

The post-study work opportunities allow students to stay in the foreign country after completing their studies. It is very important to gain valuable experience and earn money.

  • PSW in the UK

In the UK, a student will get 2-3 years of post-study work permission after completing a degree. ( the degree duration must be more than 6 months). To get this opportunity, a student must apply for the graduate route visa.

  • PSW in the USA

Students with a F1 visa can stay in the UK for a year after completing their studies. The F1 visa holder can stay and work in the UK for the whole year.

  • PGWP in Canada

The PGWP is a work permit for international students who have graduated from Canada. A PGWP can be valid for any length between 8 months to 3 years.

Should I follow the admission intakes to study abroad?

The top study abroad intakes are Spring, Fall, and Summer. Spring starts in January, Fall in September, and Summer in May.

Top Consultancy Firm that can help students to study abroad

Wanna get an uncomplicated admission process to study abroad. There are many step by step processes to follow to enroll in a foreign university. So to have a hassle-free admission, you can take help from a top education consultancy firm like AIMS Education. AIMS Education is a student consultancy firm that helps students to study in the UK, USA, and Canada.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The cost of overseas education usually depends on the country, university, course, and the length of the course. Besides, it also counts on the living expense and the lifestyles you are going to have. So to know about the cost, it would be helpful if you share your plan with an expert educational counselor by sharing your budget.

Ans: Abroad education is definitely a great choice for international students to gain valuable insights and knowledge. It helps a student to learn a new language, experience new culture, facing new challenges and overcoming it, and gain a finer understanding about the people and world around them. Additionally, students will get a huge positive response from their employers after completing a foreign education.

Ans: This question is a little bit tricky itself. It is because there are innumerable courses available. So how long you stay abroad depends on the course you take. Let’s say, you want to get a bachelor’s degree. So to pursue it in the UK, you will need 3 years. In the US, it will take 4 years. And lastly for Canada, it may take 3-4 years depending on the course you take.

Ans: Many foreign universities provide university accommodation for the international students like the halls of residence or the dormitories. However, there are many private rented accommodation also available for you to choose.

Ans: Before deciding to study abroad, there are many things you need to consider. For an example-


  • Set your budget for education.
  • Research the university and course according to the country choice.
  • Get prepared for the required examination.
  • Learn about the work opportunities after the study completion.
  • Learn about the scholarships.

Ans: There are some things you should not do while studying abroad. There are some things you need to avoid. They are as follows-


  • Don’t limit your friend circle. Make a variety of friends.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to learning a local or a new language.
  • Don’t confine yourself to bookish knowledge. Travel more to explore the world and people.

Ans: Worried about safety? That’s how you can stay safe while studying abroad-


  • Research your destination.
  • Pay attention to the local laws and customs.
  • Make soft and digital copies of all the important documents. Besides, plan out what you will do in an emergency. Save contact numbers of the emergency services or the acquainted people.
  • Take healthcare services.
  • Take care of your personal safety.
  • Avoid attending mass gatherings or political unrest.
  • Watch out for your wallet.

Ans: Most of the countries ensure a student’s safety. However, among many, some are always on the top according to the students' choice. They are-

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada

Ans: Yes, studying abroad can help you a lot to find a good job. The employers prioritize your CV a lot when you have a foreign degree.

Ans: For an international student, it is quite difficult to cover the full cost. They either need to do some part-time jobs, or apply for the scholarship. Getting a scholarship is a great help for the overseas students. Besides, a student can apply for grants and loans also.

Ans: Usually a decision on application usually comes within some days, weeks or in a month.

Ans: If you want an uncomplicated process to study abroad, you must take the help of an education agent. An expert agent can guide you through the process of course and university choice, application to the visa processing. A good education advisor is knowledgeable about the up to date information and offers you a good solution.

Ans: A good educational consultancy firm can help you in many ways. An expert education consultant is well experienced and knows how to bring out your true potential. After learning your career plan and budget, they can help you with the best course that meets your purpose. AIMS Education is a good education consultancy firm that can help you to study in the UK, USA, Canada effortlessly.

Ans: The UK, USA, Canada are the best with the post study work visa that allows students  to stay for a minimum period after completing a degree there.

Ans: A candidate will find a tremendous amount of competition to get a full free scholarship. So you have to make yourself stand out from the other applicants. Be prepared in advance, work hard and stay motivated. Read the scholarship application instructions carefully and submit an exceptional scholarship essay or application.

Ans: Yes, you can take your spouse or child as your dependent while studying abroad. For this, you will need to apply for a dependent visa for them.

Ans: Things to consider before choosing a course, university, and country while studying abroad are-

  • Select your preferred discipline.
  • Choose which country you would like to study according to your budget and future plans.
  • Check the university ranking.
  • Career opportunities.

Ans: Make an university application appropriately with all the required documents. Make sure you apply in the right intake with the right program. If everything is ok, you will most likely get an offer letter quickly.

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