Why Study in Canada?

Why Study in Canada?

Have you ever made a decision to study in Canada? For the high-quality education from the primary to doctorate level Canada has set a benchmark that it has become a top-chosen country among international students. Canada is recognised globally for offering the most affordable tuition fees and hosting nearly half a million international students around the world. Studying in Canada also adds an excellent quality of life, immense post-study work opportunities and high student support services for international students. Nowadays many students want to know the benefits of studying in Canada. 

In this article we will discuss why you should study in Canada. So, checkout the reasons and discover the benefits that you must need to know about Canada. 

Top 10 reasons to study in Canada  

Every year Canada welcomes thousands of international students globally. There are many reasons behind Canada becoming so popular to international students. Here we are giving the top 10 reasons to study in Canada.

World-class experience

Canada is a centre of top-notch universities in the world who are known for delivering world-class education. Six universities in Canada have managed to get placed in top 100 universities around the world by the Times Higher Education ranking. So, if you study in Canada, you will get the opportunity to study in the top ranked universities. 

Opportunity to learn multi language

Canada welcomes thousands of students yearly. So if you study in Canada you will be able to experience different cultures and you will get the opportunity to make friends with people from different country’s people. Thus it will help you to learn different languages. 

High employment rate after graduation

The Canadian education system is top-notch and recognised worldwide. So, if you graduate from Canada, your education will be recognised worldwide and you’ll get the opportunity to get jobs all over the world. 

Opportunity to experience excellent lifestyle

Three cities in Canada such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver ranked in the top 50 cities to study abroad. The diversity of student population, affordability and the perception of employers for the graduates provides the opportunity to experience an excellent lifestyle. 

Part time job opportunities

Canada offers part-time job opportunities for international students 20 hours per week during the study period. In addition, during their semester break and Summer vacation they can work full-time. 

Study with safety

Canada is recognised as one of the safest countries in the world. Canada ensures safety to the public by Public Safety, a government body. 

Worldwide recognition

The Canadian education system is very popular and it is accepted worldwide. So, if you get a higher education from a top ranked university in Canada, you will get the access to get jobs anywhere in the world.

Affordable tuition fees

Among the countries abroad, Canada offers more affordable tuition fees for international students. So, if you study in Canada, you will get the top quality education and world class learning opportunities with a very reasonable cost.

Diverse culture

Every year a lot of students visit Canada for education purposes. So, if you study in Canada you will get the opportunity to mix with people from different countries thus you will get the opportunity to experience different cultures. 

Canada immigration policy 

If you want to study in Canada and go through the student visa policy in Canada you will find how straightforward and transparent the process is. Work and study in Canada, stay back options, work after studies are the most liberal in the world. 

Final Words

Studying in Canada is a dream for many international students around the world. But there are also some students who look for the benefits of studying in Canada. And if you search it on google, you will find significant benefits that are beggar description. For the education quality, diverse culture, and amazing weather Canada has set a benchmark on the students mind. So, if you want to study in Canada you can always contact AIMS Education for better information and guidance. 


Is Canada good for international students?

Ans: From the primary level to doctorate level Canada has set a benchmark on students’ minds for providing high-quality education. So, if you study in Canada you will get the opportunity to study at the top-ranked university in the world. 

Why should you study in Canada?

Ans: International students always ask for the benefits of studying in Canada. So here we go-
• High quality education
• Affordable tuition fees
• High graduate employability
• Availability of part time jobs etc.

Why is Canada’s education system so good?

Ans: Canada is globally known for research and the pedagogy of Canada mostly focuses on theoretical and practical aspects.

Why is Canada called the world’s most educated country?

Ans: There are many reasons behind Canada’s education success. Among them the most important factor is the role of immigrants. The third of Canadian teenagers are from families where parents are from another country.

How much does it cost to study in Canada?

Ans: Generally the cost to study in Canada depends on the university tuition fees. The Canadian universities offer the most affordable tuition fees for international students


The university authority can anytime change their entry requirements, tuition fees, course options, scholarship opportunities and other requirements for international students. This blog is written with current information regarding the university requirements. But if there is any confusion about any kind of information regarding any university you can contact us directly.

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  1. Canada is one of the most educated nations in the world, according to a 2019 OECD report. The country ranks first globally in the percentage of adults with tertiary education, with more than 56 percent of Canadian adults having earned at least an undergraduate college or university degree. About 5.3 percent of Canada’s GDP is allocated to education.

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