A Hike in the UK Skilled Worker Visa Could Deter Internationals

A Hike in the UK Skilled Worker Visa Could Deter Internationals!

A new visa salary threshold is coming into force! The UK business leaders are worried that a “hike in wages” could deter international graduates from settling in the country. From April 4 The general salary threshold has increased for the skilled worker visa. Let’s discuss it in more detail below. 

UK skilled worker visa salary hike

Starting from April 4, the minimum salary for the Skilled Worker Visa went up to £38,700. Then, on April 11, the income requirement for sponsoring family visas increased to at least £29,000 per year. This is the first of three planned raises in the coming year, as announced by Home Secretary James Cleverly in December 2023. However, new entrances will still be eligible for a discount on the £38,700 figure. 

These are people from other countries who have finished their studies and want to work in the UK under the Skilled Worker visa. Usually, they apply for this visa after being on the Graduate Route for two years. However, they must earn at least £30,960 or 70% of what people typically get paid for the same job, whichever is more, as per the government’s latest decision.

The salary that most jobs usually pay has gone up. Because of this, many new workers will need to earn more than £30,960 after the discount is taken into account. For SOC code 1139, the typical salary is now £69,900. After applying the discount for new entrants, they would need to be paid £48,930. Before April 4th, 2024, the new entrance salary was £27,370. Business leaders are worried about the costs of these new pay raises for Skilled Workers, not just for international graduates but also for the companies hiring them.

Disadvantages of the salary hike in the UK skilled worker visa

Some people are concerned that higher wage demands might discourage young Brits from starting their careers because these higher starting salaries could make it harder for them to get the experience they need. Some employers might offer internships or apprenticeships to these graduates first as a “first step” before giving them permanent jobs. These are part of the strategies used to deal with our clients’ worries. 

It may be hard for international graduates to bring their spouse from another country because the family visa requirements are getting stricter.

Glassdoor says an international officer in the UK can earn between £29,000 and £37,000 a year, which is above the new salary requirement starting in April. However, by early 2025, when the threshold reaches £38,700, it still won’t be sufficient.

According to Jobs.ac.uk, a new international officer might start with a salary of around £18,000. This is much lower than the amount needed for a family visa, which can vary depending on where you live.

Stay tuned to AIMS Education to get more updates about the UK skilled worker visa or the UK student visa. 

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