AIMS UK Education Expo 2022

biggest uk education expo 2022

Studying abroad is the most important decision in a student’s life. Besides, choosing a country for overseas education is also the most crucial decision for international students. Among the best countries to study abroad, the UK always stands top. Thus it has become the most popular study destination for international students.

Considering the popularity of the UK as a study destination, AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, will arrange a big event named “AIMS UK Education Expo 2022” in Dhaka on 30th July 2022. We have got an unbounded positive response on UK education. So we have decided to showcase all the 100+ UK universities under the same roof.

However, there are some major reasons behind this grand expo. These reasons are directly related to the students’ growing interest in the UK education system. But why this over-growing interest? Is the UK provides boundless benefits to international students? Let’s discuss it elaborately.

Top-class universities with internationally recognized degrees

When a student wants to take higher education, especially abroad, they usually look for the top-class universities that can provide a degree that will make their CV more attractive and qualified to the employer’s eye. Besides, who doesn’t want a world-class education conducted by the world’s top-class educator? Moreover, a foreign degree not only helps you have an excellent academic education but will also build your confidence and personality.

After reviewing all these things, we are going to present the 100+ top-rated UK universities that are the best among the best through our AIMS UK education expo 2022. Participating in our expo will provide you with the best opportunity to meet the representatives of these world-class universities. Where can you get more authentic information than from the representatives directly? 

Get a degree in a short period of time

Studying abroad means a combined expense of tuition fees and living costs. For international students, the financial requirement becomes the main concern while looking to study in a foreign land. Besides, finding good accommodation is also a matter of worry. So, education in the UK could be the best choice for students who are anxious about the expenses as their degrees are shorter.

A student can find many scholarships and work options there. However, if you want to know more about degrees, universities, and location, then you should attend our AIMS UK Education Expo 2022. We can offer you many scholarships as we have direct partnerships with many prestigious and renowned universities in the UK. Moreover, joining this expo will help you better understand accelerated bachelors and accredited degrees in the UK. Regarding accommodation, the good news is that we are partnered with amberstudent, a private accommodation agency in the UK. Thus, taking our help must be the better choice for you.

Affordable education with a low cost of living

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In the UK, an international student can find the most expensive universities with higher tuition fees and universities with cost-effective tuition fees. The high-cost universities usually belong to the “Russell Group”. We can provide universities according to a student’s requirements. We are associated with many affordable universities in the UK with attractive scholarship opportunities.

Besides, living in the UK inside London is more expensive than outside London. Join this AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 to find out where the rent and living costs are lower. You can directly speak to the university representatives of the UK to have a clearer idea of the university and location.

You can study with a study gap

Many students dream of studying abroad but cannot because of limitations. UK education is offering an excellent opportunity for those students. You may have given up hope due to the study gap or bad results, but the UK education system doesn’t think like that. So, they are offering you an immense opportunity. You can get admission to many UK universities even if you have a study gap. Come to our AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 to know which universities are taking the study gaps and how far they are taking the gap?

Scholarship opportunities in the UK

While studying in the UK, the scholarship can be a blessing for international students. Generally, the UK provides many facilities for the students. An international student can get a minimum scholarship from the university. Besides, there are merit-based and other scholarships also available in the UK. On 30th July 2022, visit our AIMS UK Education Expo 2022, where the representatives from the top-class universities of the UK will help you with any scholarship information.

Work opportunities

Studying in the UK means a student can study and work part-time together. It helps an international student to bear his expense. A student can work 20 hours per week while studying in the UK. Besides, UK’s graduate route visa has opened the door of golden opportunities for international students.

The proudest thing for us is that so far we have done 4 successful expos in Dhaka and Sylhet together. There was a gathering of students at our expos. Many students have found their desired university through our expo. The biggest thing is that we have created a place of trust among the students through the expos.

Students believe that AIMS Education can provide the best university according to their needs. Our AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 is also for those aspiring students looking for the best universities for their academic and career prosperity.


Ans: An education expo is a platform that invites various prestigious and top-rated university representatives under the same roof so that study abroad aspiring students can get authentic information from them directly. Besides, the education expo also provides the best opportunity for spot assessment.

Ans: No, there is no entry fee to attend the AIMS UK education expo 2022. You can attend this expo completely free. So join this expo with all the necessary documents.

Ans: Yes, you can bring your friends and family to this grand expo to learn about application and visa processing, scholarship opportunities, accommodation and facilities, courses and tuition fees etc.

Ans: Yes, a student can get up to 50% scholarships by attending this grand AIMS UK Education Expo 2022.

Ans: No, it is not mandatory to have IELTS to study in the UK. There are other English language proficiency tests available. Join our AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 to know about the required English language proficiency score you need for your desired university and course.

Ans: AIMS Education has a direct and thorough- partnership with more than 100 universities in the UK. Visit our AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 to meet all the representatives of the top-rated universities in UK.

Ans: Yes, our AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 can offer you the biggest opportunity to apply for January 2023 intake. Learn from our representatives directly about which universities and courses are open for January 2023 intake in the UK.

Ans: AIMS UK Education Expo will be held on 30th July 2022 at Hotel Sarina, Banani from 11 am to 5 pm.

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