Apply for January 2024 Intake in the USA

Apply for January 2024 Intake in the USA Universities

Why study in the USA?

Are you interested in studying through the January 2024 intake in the USA? Before knowing about the intakes in the US, we should know the reasons to study in the USA. The US has prestigious and renowned institutions all around the world. It is one of the prime locations where many international students want to take higher education. As we offer various subjects, a student can quickly get the preferable subject there. The US provides quality education with excellent teaching facilities that lead to vast career opportunities.

Intakes in the USA

There are 3 intakes available in the USA. Among the three, January intake is considered the secondary intake. After the fall intake, which is the primary intake in the US, the international students choose the January intake most. Though students’ most preferable intake is the fall intake, the Spring intake gives the international students a second chance. Let’s know about the timings of the Intakes in the US.

Intakes Starting Time Duration
Fall- Main intake September September-December
Spring- Secondary intake January January-May
Summer (fewer courses available) May May-August

January 2024 Intake in the USA

The Spring intake in the US starts in January, while the fall intake starts in September. When you enroll through the January 2024 intake in the USA, you may start your academic session in the middle of the academic year. Thus you may need more time to complete the graduation. However, the best part of the Spring intake is that you will get less competition and can find a hassle-free admission process in the US.

Misconception about the January 2024 intake in the USA

There are many misconceptions about the January/ Spring intake in the US that discourages students from applying. Many students think that spring intake has more disadvantages than the facilities. Let’s learn about people’s misconceptions regarding this intake in the US.

  • Fewer courses

According to many people, January intake in the USA offers lesser courses which are not true. Like the fall intake, students can find various courses in the spring intake. Besides, if you are concerned about the curriculum, you should know that the Spring and the fall intake offer the same curriculum to international students.

  • Less ranked courses are found

Another misconception people have regarding this intake is that the courses offered in the intake are less in rank. But in reality, this is not true. Though you will find slightly fewer courses in this intake, the best faculty in the US will teach the courses. No matter what intake you choose, you will get the same top-class faculties there.

  • Admission difficulties

Many students think they will find difficulties taking admission in the Spring intake. But the thing is entirely different. Instead, in the spring intake, a student may find ease in admission as the level of competition is low. However, every intake in the US has the same entry requirements, course availability and difficulty level in admission.

  • Limited assistantship

Students often think that they will find limited teaching and research opportunities in the spring intake. But the matter is completely different. Teaching and research assistantship usually depends on your connection with the department. If you have a good relationship, you can quickly get the assistantship opportunity.

  • Fewer scholarship opportunities

Another misconception about the January intake is that students will get less scholarship opportunities. However, the scholarship availability depends on the university funding and the student’s eligibility.

  • Visa difficulties

Generally, there is no relation between the intakes and visa availability. Getting a visa depends on your eligibility, university and financial requirements.

Benefits of January 2024 intake in the USA

While studying in the US, many things need to be considered before starting the course there. Before finalizing one, a student must analyze the merits and demerits of a country, course, and intake. The January 2024 intake in the USA offers students charming weather with summer vacation. Let’s know about the benefits of Spring intake in the USA. So the benefits are-

  1. When students want to study in the US through a September 2024 intake, it will offer them more time to explore various options and course choices. Besides, it also offers students to review their choice before fixing the one.
  2. As the Spring intake offers students ample time, a student can make necessary preparations like documents ready, getting language proficiency, and visa arrangements.
  3. As the class size is smaller in the Spring intake, a student will get more opportunities for the teacher-student discussion.

Why is the January 2024 intake in the USA popular?

January 2024 intake in the USA is the second most popular intake for international students. There are many reasons why international students prefer the January intake. Let’s know about them one by one.

  • You will find less competition there. As the lower number of students apply for the January intake, it provides an excellent opportunity for the international students to get accepted by the university.
  • Where the fall intake means you have to prepare hurriedly for higher education before completing a degree, the January/ Spring intake will offer you much time to prepare before taking a higher degree.
  • The January 2024 intake in the USA will save a year for the international students who missed the fall intake.
  • An international student can get more experience while studying through the spring intake in the US. It will provide students with more research, summer internship, and voluntary work.

Difference between the Fall and Spring intake in USA

Lets know the difference between the two major intakes in the USA. Fall-the primary intake, and Spring- the secondary intake in the US.

Fall Intake Spring Intake
As the fall intake is the starting academic year in the US, a student can get more opportunities for scholarships and to build connections. Compared to the fall intake, a student can find fewer scholarship opportunities in the January 2024 intake in the USA.
Varieties range of courses available in the fall intake. A student can find fewer courses in the Spring intake compared to the fall intake.
Compared to the fall intake, as the spring intake starts in the middle of the year, there are fewer options to find teaching assistant jobs. A student can make more connections to the teachers and campus through the fall intake. Besides, a student can find more teaching assistant jobs and research options there.
Class size of the fall intake is large. Class size of the Spring intake is small.
As the academic year begins from the fall intake, it is easy to connect to the students and study group. As the academic year starts in the middle, many students may feel left alone in the spring intake.

Planning schedule for January 2024 intake in the USA

To study in the January 2024 intake in the USA, you must plan everything timewise.

  • Research and shortlist your desired university- ( September 22- October 22)
  • Take the English language test- ( November 22-February 23)
  • Make an application to your chosen university- ( February 23-May23)
  • Wait for the confirmation-( June 23-August 23)
  • Arrange your finances-( September 23-December 23)

Stage 1- Go through the universities website and research properly.

When you decide to study abroad, which is out of your comfort zone, you must do well-researched research first. Good research is vital to know if your qualification and requirements match the university requirements. You should also give importance to the university location, accommodation facilities etc.

Stage 2- Be prepared and take the necessary English proficiency test

After shortlisting the university according to your requirements, now you need to be prepared by taking English proficiency preparation. After preparing, you should take the exam as early as possible. You should be ready for English language tests like ACT/SAT, GMAT/GRE, IELTS or TOEFL.

Stage 3- Start the application process

After taking the English proficiency test and securing the required result, students should start applying. While applying to the shortlisted university in the USA, you may need the necessary things to show for January 2024 intake in the USA.

  • An updated or standard student CV.
  • All academic certificates.
  • Documents of English language proficiency test score.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of recommendation.

Stage 4- Time to wait for the admission decision

After making an application, now you need to pause. After the application process, you may wait for the application decision for the next 3 months. Without anticipation, it’s the time to be positive and do some constructive work. You may pass the time by studying about the campus facilities of your applied universities, your course etc. On the other hand, if you have any eligibility to get admission through the January 2024 intake in the USA, do your best to fill up the lackings.

Stage 5-Make financial arrangements and apply for a student visa

So you get accepted by the US university, and now you are required to manage your finances. You have to apply for an F1 student visa to study in the US. It’s high time to apply for the scholarships and make financial arrangements according to the living and tuition fees in the US to study through January 2024 intake in the USA.

Stage 6-Get ready to fly

After getting selected and making financial arrangements, now get ready to study in the USA. Book your flight by buying an affordable air ticket.

Documents you need to apply for a student visa

  • A valid passport.
  • Visa application.
  • Receipt of the application fee.
  • Photo.
  • Certificate of eligibility for nonimmigrant student status.
  • Documents of English proficiency test and certificate.

Top courses for January 2024 intake in the USA

Here are the top courses for January 2024 intake in the USA. Such as-

  • Business Management
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics and Computer sciences
  • Social science
  • Health and Life science

The admission process to study through January 2024 intake in the USA

To study in the USA, you must follow the admission process mentioned earlier. Besides, we, AIMS Education, can offer you authentic information and expert solutions to study in the USA. Take our help to make the admission process easy to study in the top-rated university in the US.


In January, the spring intake starts in the USA and ends in early May. The spring intake is the second intake in the USA.

Between the Fall and the Spring intake in the USA, international students mostly preferred the Fall intake as it is the start of the academic year with many opportunities. But it doesn’t mean the Spring intake has less importance. It has immense importance also.

A student can do Bachelor’s, postgraduate or PhD course through the January/ Spring intake in the USA.

An applicant should apply between July to December to study in the USA. The USA’s class for January 2023 intake will start within January 2023.

Yes, IELTS band 7 is a good score to apply for January 2023 intake in the USA. Most of the top-rated universities in the USA require IELTS 7 or more for taking admission. However, if you score between 6-6.5, you can also apply to some US universities.

You shouldn’t give the IELTS exam in 2021 when you want to study in the USA in 2023 as the course duration is only valid for 2 years. So please sit for the exam in 2022.

The minimum score for January 2023 intake in the USA is a band score of 6.5 or above and no band less than 6.

Generally, you need a required GRE score when you want to do MS in the USA. Besides, certain universities are also available that don’t consider GRE scores for admission.

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