September 2023 Intake in the USA universities

September 2024 Intake in the USA Universities

Taking a higher education in the USA is a long cherished dream for many students. Many international students around the world apply to the USA universities every year. To them, studying in the United States of America is a great chance to take their career to the next level. The US universities enroll hundreds of thousands students each year through the 3 intakes they offer. The Fall, Spring, and Summer intake. The Fall intake is known as the September intake which is the primary intake in the UK. Here we will discuss the September 2024 intake in the USA Universities.

Intakes in the USA Universities

IntakesAnother nameStarting timeDuration
Fall ( Primary intake)SeptemberThe end of August or the eve of SeptemberSeptember-early January
Summer MayMayMay-August
Spring ( Secondary intake)JanuaryJanuaryJanuary-May

Before learning about the intakes in the USA, we should know what intake is. So, an intake can be similar to a session or semester. It is a particular time fixed by an organization, college, or university when a number of students are accepted for different types of courses. In an academic year, usually there are 3 intakes. In the USA, you will also find 3 intakes. Let’s have a look at the intakes name and its timing:

About September 2024 intake in the USA

The September 2024 intake is known as the primary intake in the USA. It is the time when most of the universities are open with various courses. It generally starts from late August to early September and ends in the end of December or the beginning of January. If you are lately planning to study in the USA, then the September 2024 intake is the best time for you. This intake will offer you an opportunity to choose your desired university and course from a variety of university and course options.

Advantages and disadvantages of the September 2024 intake in the USA

International students are highly interested in studying through the September 2024 intake in the USA. The reason behind these heightened interests are the immense advantages it provides to the international students.

Advantages of the September 2024 intake in the USA universities

  • The Fall intake is the beginning of an academic year. As it begins freshly, all universities are starting to enroll students by offering all the courses they have.
  • Looking for a Flagship Program? Want to gain a professional level of proficiency? Then the Fall intake is the best option for you as it provides a wide range of flagship courses.
  • The September intake provides much time to international students to prepare and arrange all the required documents and get used to the American education system.
  • When you enroll in a US university through September 2024 intake, it will give you a chance to explore more part-time job options.
  • September is the appropriate time regarding weather compared to other intakes.
  • As it is the primary intake, it provides many scholarships and grants opportunities.
  • As an international student, you may need more internship and job opportunities to gain experience and have some incoming sources. When you enroll through the September 2024 intake in the US Universities, you will find many jobs and internship opportunities.

Though the September 2024 intake has many benefits, sometimes it offers some problems too. Let’s know some disadvantages of the Fall intake.

Disadvantages of the September 2024 Intake in the USA Universities

  • Students will find high competition as most of the international applicants apply through the September 2024 intake.
  • Class sizes are usually large in comparison to the other intakes.

Step by Step Guideline to get admission in the September 2024 Intake in the USA Universities

So planning to study in the USA in the September 2024 intake? If so, then you must start your preparation as early as possible. Last time attempts often bring some futile consequences. Here are steps you can follow to enroll in the September intake.

Pick a course related to your career plan

It\’s a crucial choice to pick a course when you want to study through the Fall intake in the USA universities. Research all your options regarding the course and pick the best one that will fulfill all your plans regarding your academic and career. Moreover, choose a course based on the tuition fees, location, scholarship and campus availability. In addition, if you want to gather practical experience throughout your education, search for the course that offers you the work placement opportunities.

Select some universities according to your budget and choice

University choice is very important for an international student. You should choose a university based on many things. Such as, the availability of the course you want to take, tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, ranking, location, and other important factors. By researching all these things, shortlist some universities that serve all your purposes properly.

Learn about the entrance exams you need to clear

For admission, the universities have their own set of exams to select a student for the Fall intake. Among them, some exams are mandatory to take for proving eligibility. Among them, the most important one is the English language test. To prove the English language proficiency, you may need to take exams like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or Duolingo. Besides, for specific courses, you may need to take tests like GMAT, GRE, SAT, or ACT. By learning about the course requirement, take the test that is mandatory for the course. So to study in the September 2024 intake in the US universities,

  • Get a clear understanding of the course you need to take.
  • To take a bachelor’s degree in the USA, you will either be asked to clear out the SAT or ACT exams. SAT stands for Scholastic Admission Test and ACT stands for American College Testing. Besides, to take a postgraduate degree in the USA in the fall intake, you will be asked to take the GMAT or GRE exams. GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, and GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. 

Start applying for the universities

Now as you have taken all the required tests you needed, it’s time to apply to all your shortlisted universities to enroll in the Fall intake in the USA Universities. . While applying, make sure you provide all the required documents with your application. The required documents are academic transcripts, letter of recommendation, CV, and an SOP. Writing the proper SOP is very important. Sometimes, a perfect SOP increases 90% of your chance to get accepted.

After applying, waiting time is very crucial. For the September 2024 intake, it will usually take 8-10 weeks to get the response regarding Accepted or Rejected. However, each university will have their own admission process and policy.

Apply to scholarships or educational loans

After getting accepted to a USA university in the September 2024 intake, it’s time to apply for the scholarships or educational loans. If you have good grades throughout your academic career and are always involved in extracurricular activities, then getting a scholarship will be easier for you.

Apply for a student visa

So, in this phase, to successfully enroll in September 2024 in the USA Universities, you have to apply for the student visa. The application process should start 4-5 months before the course begins. You can apply for the F1 or M1 visa.

Make your travel plan

So, after getting the visa, you are almost there to reach your goals. Now, plan your travel perfectly to study in the USA universities.

What are the documents I need to apply to the September 2024 intake in the USA universities?

When you make a university application, it is needed to have all the documents proper and in an orderly manner. Here is the list of documents you need to apply to the September 2024 intake in the USA universities. Such as:

  • Passport
  • CV
  • Academic transcripts
  • Marksheet and Certificates of 10th and 12th standard
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • English language proficiency score
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Experience letter
  • Essay
  • Entrance exam score like ACT and GRE
  • For postgraduate, need bachelor’s degree certificates
  • Essay
  • Application confirmation copy etc.

Popular US Universities for September 2024 Intake

As an international student, when you want to apply at the US universities, you must look for the universities that are top in ranked and available for the September 2024 intake. So here are some popular universities for international students.

  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • The New School
  • Northeastern University
  • Columbia University
  • Rice University
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • University of South Florida
  • Washington State University
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • University of Kansas
  • Auburn University and many more.

Top courses in the September 2024 intake in the US universities

Every year, more than a million of students choose to study in the USA. Here are the subjects that are mostly popular among the undergraduate and graduate students. Such as:

  • Engineering
  • Math and Computer Science
  • Social Science
  • Business and Management
  • Physical and life sciences
  • Astronomy
  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Biology and many more

Timeline for September 2024 intake in the US universities

November 22-July 23Apply to universities
April 23-July 23Arrange your money and make travel plan
August, 23Prepare for the departure
April-July 2022Research your options
May-September 2022Take the required admission entrance test.
January 23-July 23Wait for the admission decision

So, if you want to study in the UK through September 2024 intake, start making advance preparations. The earlier you will start, the more time you will have to arrange everything properly and perfectly. If you need any help regarding an application or other process to study in the USA, the expert counselors of AIMS Education can show you the right way. We help students to study in the UK, USA, and Canada.


Q. Which intake is the most popular intake in the USA?

Ans: The September 2024 intake or the fall intake is the most popular intake in the USA. The intake is very popular because it is the beginning of the academic session and almost all the universities are open with courses.

Q. When to apply for the September 2024 intake in the USA?

Ans: Usually, from December, you can apply for the universities. You can apply till July 2024. So shortlist your universities as early as possible and start applying from December. Apply to the colleges with all the necessary documents.

Q. Do I need any standardized test for Master’s admission?

Ans: To enroll in the Master’s program in the US universities, you may need to take some standardized test like GRE or GMAT. For a Bachelor’s degree, you may need to take the SAT or ACT.

Q. What is the benefit of September 2024 intake in the USA?

Ans: There are numerous benefits of the September 2024 intake in the USA. As it is the primary intake, you will find a lot of universities that are open with courses. Besides, for part-time jobs and scholarships, this intake is quite flexible

Q. What supporting documents can be asked for university applications in the USA?

Ans: The university might ask for a copy of your ID or your parents id, residential address proof etc.

Q. How long does it take for a US university to make a decision regarding my application?

Ans: You will get a decision regarding your application within 4 to 6 weeks. But sometimes it may take more time if you apply late. So the decision on your application will depend on the time when you submit your application.

Q. When should I give my GRE for September 2024 intake in the USA?

Ans: You should appear for the standardized test like GRE in between May to October 2022.

Q. When should I reply to the offer letters for September 2024 intake in the US?

Ans: You should reply to the offer letter as early as possible. Take time and think wisely after the universities send you an offer letter. Reply to the university that serves your purpose perfectly.

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