Apply to Birmingham City University

Apply to Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is situated in Birmingham which is the second-largest city in the UK. The University offers flexible courses for Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Studying in Birmingham City University will provide you some life-changing opportunities that will let you gain new skills and experience different cultures. 

History of Birmingham City University

The history of Birmingham City University can be traced back to the five colleges which were brought together by Birmingham polytechnic in 1971.

The five colleges are Birmingham College of Art, Birmingham School of Music, Birmingham College of Commerce, South Birmingham Technical College, North Birmingham Technical College. Birmingham Polytechnic was designated by Margaret Thatcher in 1971. 

After designation Birmingham Polytechnic had been the part of LEA’s Provision. The Education Reform Act of 1989 made all the polytechnics independent Corporations with charitable status.

Then in 1992 a new building commenced for Birmingham School of Jewelry which was formally opened in 1995. Again in 1995 the university merged with Birmingham, West Midlands School of Radiography and Solihull college of nursing and midwifery.

After that in 2000 Technology Innovation Center was created by the former faculty of Engineering and Computer Technology. The Defense School of Health and Care also joined the faculty of health in 2001. Some institutions merged with the University one by one those are:

  • Birmingham College of Art
  • Birmingham School of Music
  • Birmingham College of commerce
  • South Birmingham technical College
  • North Birmingham Technical College
  • Anstey College of physical Education
  • City of Birmingham College of Education.

After getting those institutions as a part of the University, the university changed its name to Birmingham City University and made a new logo. The university has undertaken major investment to create a new campus that will fit in the future. In 2013 a parkside building for media and art students were opened. In 2015 Business, Law and social Science courses were opened. A new music building was opened in 2017 for Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. A new extension to the South city campus of BCU, Some courses like Sports and Science, IT was opened in 2018.

10 Reasons for Studying at Birmingham City University

  • Future Investment: Birmingham City University invested millions of dollars to develop their campuses and Facilities including laboratories, life sciences, new courses and other facilities. So if you are spending money to study in this university it can be seen as you are investing for your future. Because you will get better opportunities in your future after graduation.
  • Earning Opportunities: BCU offers earning opportunities to all the Students by their student employment agency.
  • Work Placements: If you are graduated from Birmingham city University, the University will offer you six months to one year of paid internship opportunities which is called university work placement. Work Placement will give you the opportunity to work in a professional environment that is relevant to your courses. 
  • Career Opportunities:  If you are a student of BCU you will automatically get the membership of the university’s Graduate + community. Graduate + is basically an award that is given by the university which complements your degree and provides you with better career opportunities. 
  • Opportunity to live in a global City: Birmingham City University is located in the heart of the city of Birmingham which is the Second largest city in the UK. So if you study at this University you will be able to live in a dynamic city.
  • Best learning Opportunity: The teaching staff of the Birmingham City University generally comes from the UK’s leading Criminologists and they also maintain the link with the industry. So the students of the university get the opportunity to learn from the experts. 
  • Research-based Practice: Birmingham City University has research centers for individual projects. Most of the research from BCU like “ Universal periodic review 2022- UK civil society engagement”, “The URR project at BCU: Ghana” etc. are recognised internationally for authenticity and significance.
  • Flexible Courses: The Courses of BCU combines theory and clinical expertise that provides an unique experience to the students. Besides, the majority of courses at BCU offer work placements and some courses offer you to choose a placement year.  
  • Transformed Learning: Birmingham City University has transformed their curriculum with flexible courses. Research based practice and international opportunities to build their students suitable for every stage. 

Birmingham City University Campuses

BCU is located at the heart of Birmingham. It comprises with two main campuses those are:

  • City center Campus: City center campus is made up of five buildings such as Millenium point, Curzon Building, Parkside Building, Joseph Priestley Building, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. You will get different facilities in different buildings. Such as-
  • Millennium Point: You will find acting school, Blackbox theater, Performance studio at Millenium point. 
  • Parkside Building: At their Parkside Building You will find Birmingham School of Architecture and Design, School of fashion and textile and School of visual Communication. 
  • Curzon Building: You will find Faculty of Business, Law and Science, Curzon Library, IT Services, Restaurant, Coffee pod at the Curzon building of the City center campus. 
  •  Royal Birmingham Conservatoire: It offers students Designed teaching, rehearsal and art performance space. The digital Infrastructure of the Conservatoire offers students the opportunity to experiment with new technologies. 
  • City South Campus: This campus is situated south of the City center. You will find faculty of Health, Education, Life Science, Sports etc. You will also find some extra facilities like Laboratory, Mock operating theater, Hospital Wards etc. This campus consists of three buildings like Bevan House, Ravensbury House, Seacole Building. 

You will find more facilities, parking opportunities, latest developments and accessibility in every campus of the university.

Schools and Faculties of Birmingham City University

BCU consists of Four Faculties covering a range of subjects and specialisms. Those are:

  • Faculty of Health Education and Life Sciences: This faculty strongly focuses on the training of health and education professionals. This faculty offers some courses like education and Social Work, Nursing and Midwifery, Health science and Defense and  Health. 
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Built environment: This Faculty offers computer science and Engineering related courses. Courses of this faculty offer students the tools to solve the problem and encourage an inclusive work space. 
  • Faculty of Business Law and Social Sciences: This faculty offers some specialized courses like Business, Law, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology etc. This faculty will provide you with an innovative learning environment with outstanding facilities. 
  • Faculty of Arts, Design and Media: This faculty offers courses like Art and Design, Film and Animation, Gaming, Architecture  etc. 

Each of the faculties comprises different subjects and different curriculums as Birmingham City University offers flexible courses to their students.

Life of the students at Birmingham City University

Studying at Birmingham City University means you are living in the heart of a global and vibrant city. You can get whatever you want just a few minutes walk from the University. Birmingham is called the student’s area as it is home to more than millions of students around the world.

 Students of BCU  get the opportunity to live and work in the youngest major city in the UK. You can visit world-class restaurants, Amusement parks and shops. The University offers their students a standard lifestyle with specialized learning facilities than other universities in the UK. 

This University also offers job opportunities to their students by their student employment agency so the students of this University can get better employment opportunities during their term time and even after their studies. Birmingham is called the student’s area so students of BCU can live safely and enjoy an outstanding life.

Accommodation Facilities at Birmingham City University

BCU has nine halls of residence throughout the city. Those are:

  • University Locks: This hall is located in the city center campus just next to the Curzon building. This hall is convenient to the students with ideal city living and close transport facilities.
  • Jennens Court: The hall is located at the city center campus. It is suitable for those who want to live in the campus and be close to the city facilities.
  • The Heights: This hall is convenient to the students who are looking for city center living only.
  • Lakeside Hall: It offers perfect living for the students with all the modern comfort.
  • Stainforth House: This hall is located at the City center and is convenient for the students who want an ideal city living facility. 
  • Queens Hospital Close: this hall is located in Bath Raw which is a twenty minutes walking distance from city South campus. You will find restaurants and bar facilities here.
  • Bentley House: This hall offers an ideal living facility and is convenient for the students who want to live in the city center. 
  • Breech Garden: This hall is situated just a 15 minutes walking distance from the city south campus. It offers ideal living with expensive garden facilities.
  • The Old Fire Station: This hall is convenient for the students who want to live in a unique setting. It is located just a five minutes walking distance from the city center. 

Hall facilities of the university makes the student’s life more easier and comfortable. International students who live in the university halls generally get extra facilities beside their study. 

Graduate+ Award for International Students  at Birmingham City University

Graduate+ is basically an award given by Birmingham city University after the graduation which Complements your degree. It provides the evidence to help you grow in the near future and prepare you for individual career aspirations.

 As a student of BCU you are an automatic member of Graduate+ Community. Graduate+ community will encourage you to do a lot of activities available to you both inside and outside of the University. This is an Outstanding opportunity for you to test and develop your skills and capabilities in your comfort zone. 

You will get the chance to develop new ideas while making any decisions. Graduate+ provides students a straightforward opportunity to engage with a multiple range of skills and enhance their experience while studying at the University.

Job Opportunities at Birmingham City University

BCU offers job opportunities to their students by their student employment agency. The main benefits of working at BCU is you will get paid work experience. You don’t have to travel anywhere to search for jobs. 

Birmingham City University is a good place to work. You can find your subject related work while studying at this university.

 BCU is partnered with recruitment agencies and manpower. You can apply for a job through the campus scheme and the University webpage. You can also find job opportunities by talking to other students of the University. If you apply for a job and successfully get the job offer by the manpower agency you will need to register with them to submit a timesheet for the hours that you work. It’s a great opportunity for all the students to get a paid work experience during their term time even after completing their graduation.

Intakes of Birmingham City University

BCU offers two intakes for international students. Such as-

In which subject can you Study at Birmingham City University?

IntakesMonth of IntakesApplication Deadline
AutumnSeptemberEnd of June
SpringJanuaryEnd of october

 The University offers more than 200 courses for both Undergraduate and postgraduate courses for international students. 

Undergraduate Courses: You will find more than 180 courses in BCU for undergraduate programmes including Psychology, Adult Nursing, Digital transformation, Accounting and Finance, Graduate Diploma in Fashion and textile, Automotive Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. 

Postgraduate Courses: You will find more than 100 courses for postgraduate degree including Fashion Management, Design Management, MBA, Art and Design, Architectural Practice, Luxury Brand management, Visual Communication, Automotive Engineering, etc. 

Entry requirements for international students at Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is a modern and dynamic university for international students. You must have some qualifications to study at this University  such as academic qualifications, English language proficiency. 

Academic Qualifications: As an International student you must have the ability to study at level 3 or equivalent. Your grades should be 65% or above. You will get a scholarship according to your academic credentials. 

English requirements: If you are not a native English speaker you must need an English proficiency certificate. The University accepts both IELTS and ELLT. A minimum requirement of IELTS is 6 with no band less than 5.5 but some specific courses may require higher IELTS score. 

What are the documents required to study at Birmingham City University?

If you are an International Student, you will need the listed documents to study at BCU

  • All academic Certificates and transcripts
  • English language test Certificate
  • Passport
  • Updated CV
  • Academic reference Letter
  • Job reference Letter
  • Statement of Purpose
  • UK student Visa

Application methods for International Students at Birmingham City University

You can apply at Birmingham University in three ways. Such as-

Directly through University: You will need to submit an online application form along with the scan copies of all your academic certificates and transcripts for applying to the University. You will have to complete the equal opportunity section that is required by UK Law. 

Through Country representatives: Country representatives of BCU  will help to make your application and apply for the visa also. They will also offer important guidelines for travel, and living in the UK.

Through the UCAS: If you are applying for Undergraduate or a HND, you can apply through UCAS. 

Through an Agent: If you are an International Student you can also apply through an agent like Aims Education. Aims Education is the largest service provider for the students who want to study in the UK, USA and Canada. Aims Education has a direct partnership with Birmingham City University. And the major benefit of applying through Aims Education is you will get 100% visa guarantee with no service charge. Aims Education also provides pastoral care to the students who come to study in the UK. 

Application Process for International Students at Birmingham City University

Some steps are required for making an application at BCU. Such as-

  • Students must apply with all the entry requirements that are needed to apply for their preferred course.
  • Students need to pay 50% of their tuition fees for getting an Unconditional offer letter.
  • University will not take the pre CAS interview without the payment.
  • Institution will issue a CAS once the student gets Unconditional offer letter.
  • Students must pass the interview during the visa process.
  • University will offer a CAS letter after passing the pre CAS interview. 
  • Students can’t process for the Visa without the CAS letter.

Documents Required for Visa Application

Once a student gets the CAS letter he/she will process for the Visa. There are Some documents that are required for visa application. 

  • UK Visa Application form
  • Two photographs of the Student
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of financial Statement
  • Proof of accommodation Support
  • Tuberculosis test
  • Biometric Information
  • Travel Itinerary 

Fees and Finance for International Students at Birmingham City University: 

If you are an international student your annual tuition fees will cover everyday tuition, cost of examination and membership of student’s Union. You will need to pay 50% of your tuition fees at enrolment and the rest of the tuition fees you can pay in two or six installments if you have a UK bank account. BCU offers tuition fees at medium to higher range for both Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Scholarship Opportunities for International Students  at Birmingham City University

 International students are also eligible for the scholarships from Birmingham city University. If you are an international student you will get upto £2,000 scholarship for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The scholarships of BCU are generally offered according to the result of the students. 

What rank is Birmingham City University?

BCU is one of the top 30 universities in the UK. According to QS World University rankings 2023 BCU is ranked in the range 1001-1200 and ranked in the range 201-230 by their subject offerings. On the other hand, according to The Times Higher Education, BCU is ranked in the range 501-600 in 2023. 

BCU  Alumni Facilities

If you are a student of BCU you will get some opportunities as Alumni. Those are-

  • BCU Email: If you are a BCU graduate you will be able to use a BCU mail account after 24 months of your graduation, under the university student password policy. 
  • Graduate Scholarship: If you are a BCU graduate and want to enroll in a postgraduate degree you will be able to have 20% of tuition fee deduction as an Alumni. 
  • Accessing BCU System: BCU graduates can access the BCU system using their mail id for  24 months  after the  completion of your graduation.
  • Library Membership: BCU graduates can register for free access to the library for 24 months after the completion of their study.
  • Certificates and Transcripts: Every graduate of BCU will be entitled to their original certificates and transcripts and will receive an email  soon after the examination board has confirmed an Award. 
  • References: The university will provide two different types of references such as Verification of Studies and Character certificates. 


Birmingham City University is one of the top 30 universities in the UK offering education for both local and international students. Birmingham City University is a university situated in the second largest city in the UK. It offers flexible courses, outstanding job opportunities and a standard life so the students can get a better living while studying at this University.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should you study at Birmingham City University?

Ans: Birmingham City University offers best quality education and outstanding job opportunities for both local and international students. The location and availability of necessary things always prompts students to study at BCU.

Q. Does Birmingham City University offer job opportunities for International Students?

Ans: Birmingham City University offers job opportunities to both local and international students by their student employment agency. The university is partnered with recruitment agencies and manpower agencies so the students can get jobs easily while studying at Birmingham City University.

Q. How many campuses does Birmingham City University have?

Ans: BCU comprises two main campuses. One is City Center campus and the other is City south Campus.

Q. Does Birmingham City University offer scholarships for International Students?

Ans: BCU offers scholarships to International students upto four thousands pounds according to their academic results.

Q. What Rank is Birmingham City University?

Ans: According to the QS world rankings 2023  BCU is ranked in the range of 1000-1200. On the other hand according to the Times Higher Education ranking BCU is in the range of 1001-1200 in 2023.

Q. What is Graduate+ at BCU?

Ans: Graduate+ is basically an award which is given to the graduates of Birmingham City University that complements their study. It encourages the students to do a lot of activities available to them both inside and outside of the University.

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