Book ELLT- Get a £20 discount

Book ELLT Get a 20 discount

Thinking of taking ELLT as an English Language proficiency test? What if you take the test lesser than the actual fees? Book ELLT through AIMS Education and get the course for only £60 instead of £80. Many universities accept this test; thus, by applying for ELLT, you can progress to various degrees. Before applying for ELLT, it’s better to know in details of it.

How to book ELLT?

To book for ELLT, you must enter the OI Digital Institute or English language level test Portal. There you will get a form. In the form, you will find a structure. All you need to do is to fill it out properly. What you need to do is-

  • Enter your Full name.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Select your nationality.
  • Select the agent name. AIMS Education is a certified English language level test agent. Register through AIMS Education, get a discount of £20 and take the test for only £60.
  • After that, write your university student ID.
  • Create a password.
  • Confirm your password.
  • Upload passport image.
  • Provide your passport number.
  • Take your photo
  • After that, you will find the four written structures and select one of them as per your inquiries or requirements.
  • Now sign up.

When you access the English language level test Portal, you are ready to take the test.

Select AIMS Education to book ELLT and get a Promo Code of a £20 discount.

The English language level test cost £80. But you can book this ELLT test only for £60 if you apply through AIMS Education. In the registration form, when you select AIMS Education, you will get a promo code that will offer you a £20 discount on the ELLT cost.

So when you aim to study abroad and need to take an English proficiency test, you can confidently choose this English Language proficiency test. This is the most reliable and secure test that many universities accept.

Features of ELLT

Before booking ELLT, you may want to know its basic features and how it works. When you have a thorough idea of this test, you will get the answer to why you should take this test.

  • It has four modules through which a student’s English language level is evaluated. They are Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.
  • The test is completely online. As a candidate, you don’t need to look for a test center to sit for the exam. Besides, you can learn your English level by sitting at home.
  • This test is widely accepted and globally recognized. So by taking this test, you don’t need to worry about the acceptance rate of it in the courses and universities. 
  • This English Language Test is monitored by qualified teachers and examination staff from the language school accredited by the British Council.

The ELLT test structure

In this exam, a student’s proficiency is measured by 4 criteria. You will obtain a standard score if you prove your English level is excellent in these four. They are-

  • Reading- A student’s reading proficiency will be measured through an automated and secure online test. The test time is around 40 minutes to complete.
  • Listening- The listening test is also online-based and will take 25 minutes to complete. Make sure you are in a sound and calm place while taking this test.
  • Writing- Through a unique writing task, this test will be accessed. It will take 60 minutes to complete this part of the test.
  • Speaking- This test will be taken over a video call with a live examiner. It will be the same examiner as you in the last three parts of the exam. Within 20 minutes, this test will be completed.

The process of publishing the ELLT result

Okay, you booked your seat for an English language level test. After completing the four assessment test, you will get a result on itl. After that, you will get a language certificate from the English language teacher. The authority wants to make sure that the result is reliable and accurate.

Why book ELLT?

There are many English Language Proficiency tests available for a student. A student may wonder what is the specialty of it that makes it special from the others.? So the best thing about it is-

  • A 100% online test.

It is a 100% online test and completely administered by the ELLT portal. After accessing it, a student can take the reading and listening test through automated software. After completing these two stages, a student will be asked to attend the writing test from the same portal. Lastly, to take the speaking test, a student will be asked to choose the most suitable time when the live examiner will conduct this test over a video call.

  • A standard ELLT portal

This portal is designed in a way that is accessible for all the students and partners. It is user-friendly, and after registering, a student can access it 24/7 and submit the task at the most appropriate time that suits a student. A user can register for it by paying and booking their seat to take the 4 tests simultaneously. The portal is guarded by AI proctoring and an advanced security portal so that they can provide accurate results in the UK.

Entry Requirement to book ELLT

There is no specific entry requirement for the test. As this test determines a student’s English level, it doesn’t require any entry requirement to apply for it.

Approved ELLT agents that helps students to book ELLT

Many countries have their approved ELLT agents. These agents are working to help students in taking the course easily. Applying for this course via agents can benefit a student in many ways. Let’sLet’s know about the agents-

Algeria- Albayan Academy

Bangladesh- 1. AIMS Education, 2. AHZ, 3. Albatross Education, 4. Career Paths, 5. FAST International.

China- Sunbird Consultancy.

France- AILS

General- 1. SAMS Global, 2. Linguatrip, Inc, 3. EDS Overseas Study and Training Ltd Company, 4. Student Connect.

India- 1. Jireh Abroad Solutions, 2. Skillme.

Kenya- Uniserve

Macedonia- M7 Test Centre.

Mexico- Be International

Morocco- ETA Morocco

Pakistan- 1.CINCH ONLINE EDUCATION SYSTEM EDCEUM, 2. Education Above & Beyond, 3. Global Virtual English, 4. London Student Services

Nepal- Franklin Education & Marketing Consultancy

Approved universities where you book ELLT as an English language test.

The ELLT is a worldwide accepted English language test. Many countries have warmly accepted this score for their universities and courses. Numerous UK universities accept this test score as an entry requirement for their courses. Besides, Canada, the USA, Germany, and Italian universities and institutions accept this score.

  • Bangor University
  • Bangor University International College
  • Birmingham City University
  • Birmingham City University International College.
  • Bournemouth University
  • Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • De Montfort University
  • De Montfort University International College.
  • Hertfordshire International College.
  • International College Portsmouth.
  • International College Robert Gordon Aberdeen.
  • Keele University International College
  • Liverpool John Moores University.
  • London Academy of Business and Management.
  • London South Bank University.
  • ONCAMPUS London.
  • ONCAMPUS UK North.
  • ONCAMPUS University of Hull.
  • ONCAMPUS University of Reading.
  • ONCAMPUS University of Sunderland.
  • Ravensbourne University.
  • Richmond, The American International University in London.
  • Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.
  • Staffordshire University
  • The University of Central Lancashire.
  • University for the Creative Arts.
  • University of Bolton Greater Manchester.
  • The University of Bristol.
  • The University of Chester.
  • The University of Essex.
  • The University of Greenwich.
  • University of Greenwich International College.
  • The University of Hertfordshire.
  • The University of Hull.
  • University of Leeds ( Pre-sessional entry)
  • the University of Portsmouth.
  • The University of Roehampton.
  • The University of South Wales.
  • University of the Strathclyde
  • The University of the West of Scotland.
  • The University of Westminster.
  • The University of Worcester.
  • Wrexham Glyndwr University
  • East Coast International College.
  • East Coast Language College, Canada.
  • Goethe Business School, Frankfurt University.
  • International University of Applied Science, Germany.
  • Jacobs University Bremen.
  • Green River College, the USA
  • Mercy College, New York.
  • San Francisco State University (International Year One)
  • University of California, Santa Barbara, Extension International program.

Cost to book English Language Level Test.

The test cost of the English language level test is very affordable. A student need not struggle financially for it. To take this test, a student only needs to pay £80.

Security System of the ELLT course

The ELLT course has a strong security system. It has a range of security features and measures to ensure test integrity. These features ensure the universities and the students know about the testing portal and the result. The security systems are-

  • AI proctoring and Anti- Fraud System.
  • ID Verification.
  • Screen and Camera Monitoring.
  • Unique English language level test Identification Number.
  • Human Proctoring.
  • Verified Result
  • Security Breach Protocols.
  • Test Verification.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions.

Ans: The English Language Level Test is popular because it has a strong security system and no chance of unfair means. So the result a student will get through it will be authentic. Besides, the test fee and the test-giving system are quite affordable and easy. Many global universities have strong reliability in this test system.

Ans: The score is marked on a 13-level scale for each skill. However, the overall OIDI level scale is from 0-12. The test score is measured through the candidate’s performance and mapped on the score scale of IELTS and CFFR.

Ans: As an international student, you can expect the result within 48 hours after the completion of the test.

Ans: The ELLT reading and listening test scores differ from the writing and speaking tests. The Reading test number is scored out of 32 points, and the writing test is out of 24 points. However, the speaking and writing section score is evaluated on a scale of 0-12 points.


  • Task Achievement.
  • Appropriacy or accuracy of languages.
  • Fluency and Disclosure Management.
  • Pronunciation/ Grammar or Vocabulary.

Ans: You can check your score, result, and certificates within the ELLT portal. You can access the individual result and overall score by logging into your account.

Ans: As we know that it has 4 modules, so a student will be tested through these modules. They are- Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

Ans: Many UK universities are warmly accepted international students with an ELLT score. So if you are thinking of this test, do it without any doubt.

Ans: Yes, some USA universities are accepting students with this score. In the English language level test accepting university list, you will find the name of these universities.

Ans: If you are interested in studying in Canada, some Canadian institutions or universities will allow you to get enrolled in these universities.

Ans: Usually, the ELLT costs £80. But when you book your ELLT through its affiliated partner AIMS Education, you will get a £20 discount and take the test for only £60.

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