Ravensbourne University London

Ravensbourne University London

Ravensbourne is an innovative and industry focused university offering much more facilities than just putting a degree in your hand. If you are an International Student you can easily start your career at Ravensbourne University without any hesitation.

Why study at Ravensbourne University?

There are 6 reasons to study at Ravensbourne University. Such as-

  • A leading Higher education Institution: The University focuses on digital media and portfolio-based courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and other levels of study. It is now a leading higher education institution as they have strong records in graduate employability and business creation.
  • World-class reputation: Ravensbourne University has a world-class reputation of winning industry awards from  organizations including The Royal Society of Arts, Graduate Fashion Week, Promax, New designers etc. 
  • Creative Course Offerings: The university designed their courses based on portfolio and digital media. You will find  more exciting and innovative  Courses here and will be able to experience the real world. 
  • Apprenticeships: Apprenticeship is basically hands-on training to put your creative skills into practice. The University offers Apprenticeships to all the students with payment basis. So you will be able to  earn while studying at this university.
  • Student Support Facilities: Ravensbourne University provides student support services to the students who are academically struggling or facing any personal problems. The university provides valuable information, guidelines, learning support, Specialist tutoring and mentoring to keep you motivated on your track.
  • Further Education Opportunity: Many of the further education students stay at the university to study their undergraduate BA or Bsc degrees. If you study one of their foundation or diploma courses and want to complete your courses from Ravensbourne University their FE to UG progression scheme will offer you the opportunity to progress seamlessly.

What is The Rank Of Ravensbourne University?

Ravensbourne is ranked 201-230 by the subject according to QS world university rankings 2023. It is one of the top universities in the UK. Academic reputation of this university is 54.5% and Employer reputation is 23.8%.

Ravensbourne was a college of Art and design which was founded in 1898 when the Bromley college of Art was merged with Sidcup School of Art. In 1965 the college moved to Rookery Lane. But the college was unable to develop their site as it was expanded.

 In 1975, the Rookery Lane site was redeveloped for the Bromley College of further higher education. Then the Ravensbourne was interpreted as requiring the closure of a department, with the television broadcasting course at the college initially earmarked to be discounted as it was on a separate campus. As a result the college was renamed to Ravensbourne college of Design and Communication, the decision was made to cut the Fine Art course from the college as there was a huge number of similar courses. 

Ravensbourne University has offered higher level courses that were designed in the 1960s. Then in 1989 it became a higher education corporation. 

In 1996 Ravensbourne was recognised as an affiliate college of the University of Sussex and was re-recognised in 2002. The University’s Undergraduate and Postgraduate provision was validated by City University in between 2009 and 2012. 

In 2013 University of the Art London became the validating partner of Ravensbourne. In 2017 it was granted the right to award its own degrees, and in May 2018, Ravensbourne gained University status and became Ravensbourne University London.

Location of Ravensbourne University

Ravensbourne University is situated at 6 Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London. It is a two minute walk from North Greenwich Underground station. It is a 26-30 minutes distance from central London. You can go to the campus by different vehicles like train, taxi or Subway. 

By Train:  It takes 30/34 minutes from London to Ravensbourne by train. 
By Subway: it will take only 13 minutes to reach the university from London. And it will cost only 2-4 pounds a day.
By taxi: It will take 15 minutes to travel from London to the university. It will cost around 40 pounds daily.

In Which Intakes can you Apply at Ravensbourne University?

The university offers three Intakes for International Students. Each intakes have different course offerings. So you must check the intakes before making any application so that you can find your preferred course of study. 

IntakesApplication DeadlineDay of Enrollment
SeptemberEnd of June29 September
JanuaryEnd of November16 January
MayEnd of March22 May

Courses at Ravensbourne University 

Ravensbourne University offers almost 100 courses for Foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university also offers some Short online courses for International students.

Foundation Diploma Courses: The university offers some diploma courses for foundation programs such as- 

Course NameApply Now
Diploma in Art and DesignApply
Diploma in Art and DesignApply
Diploma in Fashion and textilesApply
Diploma in Media ProductionApply
Access to Higher EducationApply

These diploma courses will help you to enhance your ability to assess your strength in your area of interest.

Undergraduate Courses: The University offers almost 35  innovative courses for undergraduate programs. Like-

Course NameApply Now
BA( Hons) AnimationApply
BA (Hons) Illustration for CommunicationApply
BA ( Hons) ArchitectureApply
BA ( Hons) Interior Design and Environment ArchitectureApply
BA (Hons) Urban landscape ArchitectureApply
BA (Hons) Business managementApply
Bsc (hons) Fashion managementApply
Bsc (Hons) Creative ComputingApply
Bsc (Hons) Broadcast EngineeringApply
BA (Hons) editing and Post ProductionApply
BA (Hons) Digital television ProductionApply
BA (Hons) Digital Film ProductionApply
BA (Hons) Music and Sound DesignApply
BA ( Hons) Digital Content Creation (with Foundation Year)Apply
BA (Hons) Digital Content CreationApply
BA(Hons) Digital Marketing ( with Foundation Year)Apply
Bsc (Hons) Digital MarketingApply
BA(Hons) Advertising and Brand Design (with Foundation Year)Apply
BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand DesignApply
Bsc (Hons) Games ProgrammingApply
Msc Computer ScienceApply
Msc Cyber SecurityApply
Msc/MA Design ManagementApply
Msc Digital MarketingApply
MA Design CommunicationApply
MA Luxury Brand ManagementApply
MA IllustrationApply
MA Craft EditingApply

Postgraduate Courses: Ravensbourne University has ranked 2nd place for overall Postgraduate satisfaction by achieving 93% satisfaction rate in PTES.The university offers almost 9 innovative postgraduate courses for both local and International students. Their Postgraduate courses are-

Course NameApply Now
Msc Computer ScienceApply
Msc Cyber SecurityApply
Msc/MA Design ManagementApply
Msc Digital MarketingApply
MA Design CommunicationApply
MA Luxury Brand ManagementApply
MA IllustrationApply
MA Craft EditingApply

Short Courses: The University also offers some short courses for the distance learners who want to complete their degree online. Their short Courses are-

Course NameApply Now
Art DirectionApply
Brand StrategyApply
Content MarketingApply
CRM and Customer JourneyApply
UX and Digital product designApply
UX WritingApply

Tuition fees at Ravensbourne University 2022-2023

 The tuition fees of Ravensbourne university is ranging from £12100-£17000 for Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees. Which is slightly higher than other universities. But you will get a standard scholarship which will make your tuition fees affordable.

You must pay 60% of your tuition fees before enrollment. And the outstanding tuition fees can be paid with some installments. If you are an international student your tuition fees will cover your everyday tuition and cost of examination.


Scholarship Opportunities of Ravensbourne University

The university offers Standard scholarships for international students. You will get a flat £3500 scholarship on your overall tuition fees for both undergraduate and postgraduate level of study. 


What are the entry requirements to study at Ravensbourne University for International Students?

  • Academic requirements: If you are an international student you will need to have different academic requirements based on your country. You should check your country requirements to apply at the University.
  • Bangladesh If you are a Bangladeshi student you will need to complete at least two years of bachelor degree on average 60% or a GPA 3.0 or Division 1 for undergraduate program. If you are an A level student you must have grade C or above minimum in 2 subjects. For Postgraduate program you will need to complete 4 years of bachelor degree with minimum 60% grade from a reputed university.
  • India If you are an Indian Student you will need to have Indian HSC/XII with average 50% score for undergraduate program. A levels students must have C or above minimum in 2 subjects. For Postgraduate you will need a 3 years bachelor degree with a minimum 60% score.
  • Pakistan If you are a Pakistani student you will need to pass a 2 years bachelor degree with average 60% or CGPA 3.00 for Undergraduate. For postgraduate you will need to have a 3 years bachelor degree in technical subjects with at least 65% or CGPA 3.50.
  • Nigeria If you are a Nigerian Student you will need to have SSCE plus in a suitable subject area for Undergraduate Program. For the Postgraduate program you will need a post-higher national diploma or a bachelor degree with minimum 3.5/5.0 or 3.0/4.0.
  • Canada If you are a Canadian Student will need to pass a Canadian secondary school diploma to study at foundation level. For Undergraduate you will need a High/Secondary school diploma/certificate from English speaking Canada with a minimum of 65% in at least 5 subjects. 
  • USA  If you are a student of the USA you must have an international Baccalaureate, minimum 24 points for foundation level.For UG you must need an accredited high school diploma with GPA 3 or above and 2 AP’s with minimum grade 3. For PG you must have a bachelor degree equivalent to British second class or GPA at 2.8 or above.

English Requirements: The acceptable IELTS score to apply at Ravensbourne University is overall 6 with not less than 5.5 for the International Students. The University also accepts other English tests like ELLT, PTE, TOEFL.


 What are the Documents required to study at Ravensbourne University?

If you are an International Student you must need to have some documents to apply at the university. The required documents are-

  • All academic Certificates and transcripts
  • English Proficiency Certificate
  • Passport
  • Updated CV
  • Academic reference Letter
  • Job reference Letter
  • Statement of Purpose
  • UK student Visa

Student Support at Ravensbourne University

Studying abroad is not so easy. Students may face numerous troubles like finding accommodation, paying tuition fees, understanding the courses etc. So the university provides various support to the students.Such as- 

  • Counseling: The student counselor service of the university offers free counseling services to the students who are facing difficulties with their studies or in their personal life.
  • Student’s Union: Ravensbourne university student’s union represents the voice of the students in the local area.It helps the student to have the best academic and social experience while studying at the university.
  • Disability Support: The university shows extra care for the disabled students. Disable students may not wish to inform their disability to the course tutor in that case the university provides a consent form and asks the students to sign the form if they have any disability. It is not mandatory but it helps the course instructor to provide required facilities to the students. 
  • Careers and Industry liaison advise: This is a support team that helps the students and the graduates to find better career opportunities.The team provides valuable guidance to the students like CV advice, cover letter, interview tips etc.

Ravensbourne University Alumni Facilities

Ravensbourne University offers various support for their Alumni students. Such as-  

  • Discount on Postgraduate Courses: The University offers upto 20% discount on tuition fees for the students who choose to continue their studies after completing their graduation. 
  • Career and Industry advice: Ravensbourne University offers career advice if you complete your study even many years ago. The career team works with the industry to make sure that you are getting outstanding jobs by providing CV advice, Cover letter, Portfolio advice and so on.
  • Lifelong Connection: The University maintains lifelong relationships with the students by our network and provides them with valuable services even after they have completed their study many years ago.

Job Opportunities at Ravensbourne University

The University offers numerous  job opportunities for the local and international students in two different sectors.

  • The Agency: It is an online job portal that helps international students to find jobs ranging from part time, full time, temporary, freelancing and paid internships etc.It offers some post study work opportunities also. So if you are an international student you can easily search and apply for your preferred job through the agency. You can also register with the agency as a student, as an alumni or as a member of Ravensbourne staff. 
  • Ravensbourne Insights: It is a career team  that works with the industry and supplies you with more and more resources that helps you throughout your career journey. No matter if you are an International student or alumni you will get the services like CV advice, credited placements, Paid internships, Portfolio advice and so on.

Accommodation Facilities at Ravensbourne University

The University offers different accommodation facilities for all levels of students.The University has partnership with a range of accommodation suppliers  who provide accommodation for International students. There accommodation partners are-

  • iQ Flinders House: iQ accommodation offers stylish accommodation to the students with an exclusive rate. This accommodation house is located only 12 minutes walking distance from the campus. This house offers 24/7 security so that the international students like you  feel safe at the moment of arriving.  
  • The Valentine: Valentine house offers luxury accommodation with an affordable budget. The house is located 30 minutes away from the campus. Valentine is managed by CRM students whose aim is to make you feel happy, live in a great location where you can feel safe. 
  • Eleanor Rosa House: Eleanor Rosa is an intercollegiate hall of residents which offers a wide range of quality accommodation. It is located just a 10 minutes tube journey from the university.
  • McMillan Student Village:This accommodation center provides modern contemporary studios with en-suit facilities. It is located 25 minutes away from the university by bus.
  • LHA London’s Davies Court:This house is located just a one tobe distance from the University. You will get bars, restaurants and courts with the other  facilities here.
  • International Students House:This is a charity dedicated house for the British and international students. International students’ houses offer affordable accommodation, food and drink facilities, welfare facilities and so on.
  • Unite at Stratford-One: It offers great facilities including stunning houses, and three outside terraces. It has excellent transport links and you can be at Ravensbourne within a very short time without any trouble.
  • Frandale Court: It is a friendly and affordable place where you can live with an attentive management team. Frandle is a popular choice among students where you will get a great opportunity to make friends.
  • Claredale House: It is an ideal and popular place for the students for its innovative features and friendly atmosphere. You will get a fully furnished room and car parking facilities here.
  • Alternative Accommodation: It is a well established British company providing accommodation only for the international students. So if you are an international student, you will get  a lot of facilities here at an affordable price.

Graduate Employability at Ravensbourne University

Graduate employability of Ravensbourne University is high as the university offers portfolio based courses that helps the students to make their CV stronger. Besides the university offers some career support like CV advice, Portfolio advice, internship opportunities by Ravensbourne insights.

The university has a special career team whose aim is to enhance your skill in your preferred subject area so that you can find better job opportunities according to your expertise.


Application process of Ravensbourne University

If you are an international student you must follow some steps to apply at the university. You will not get a UK student visa without following the steps. Such as-

  • Apply with all the entry requirements of your  preferred course.
  • Make 60% CAS payment for getting an Unconditional offer letter.
  • Pass the pre CAS interview for getting the CAS letter.
  • Apply for the visa after getting a CAS letter from the university.

Documents Requirement  for Visa Application?

As an international student you must apply for the Tier 4 visa which is called the UK student Visa. Some documents are required for the international students to make a visa application. Such as-

  • UK Visa Application form
  • Two photographs of the Student
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of financial Statement
  • Proof of accommodation Support
  • Tuberculosis test 
  • Biometric Information
  • Travel history 

How to apply at Ravensbourne University

As an international student you can apply to Ravensbourne University in many ways. But the most easiest and reliable way is given here, just click on the link below and you will get a registration form there. Just fill in the form and register with AIMS Education. A senior counselor will contact you and help you to find your preferred course according to your eligibility as well as help you to apply to the University.

Final Words

Ravensbourne is an innovative, industry focused and London based university, offering courses that are specially designed by the digital media. The university provides much more than just putting a degree in your hand. As an international student, you can easily start your journey with Ravensbourne university as they provide numerous student services, outstanding scholarships and better career opportunities to the students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Taking admission to Ravensbourne university is slightly more difficult than the other universities. The acceptance rate of this university is 88%.

Ans: Ravensbourne University is ranked 201-230 by the subject according to the QS world university ranking 2023.

Ans: Ravensbourne University is known for their special and industry focused courses and their vibrant location in London.

Ans: Ravensbourne is an innovative and industry focused university collaborating with creative and digital industries to give the students skills and opportunities they will need to start their career.

Ans: Ravensbourne is one of the top universities in London. It is ranked 201-230 by subject according to QS world university rankings 2023.

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    The university authority can anytime change their entry requirements, tuition fees, course options, scholarship opportunities and other requirements for international students. This blog is written with current information regarding the university requirements. But if there is any confusion about any kind of information regarding any university you can contact us directly.

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