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Canada has “Challenged” the International Student Cap for Region

Education professionals in Canada say that a cap on the number of overseas students allowed into Canada would damage the country’s reputation and create a “challenge” for faraway regions in need of international talent.

In 2022, Canada hosted over 800,000 international students but the government is under increasing pressure to limit immigration as the demand for housing exceeds supply and affordability worsens.

On Sunday, speaking on CTV news, immigration minister Marc Miller said – he would look at a cap on overseas students over the next few months as the government faces increasing pressure to act on housing shortages.

Miller also said judgment of “diploma puppy mills” in Ontario’s Brampton, which is home to multiple career colleges that concentrate on recruiting international students, and suggested the federal government step in where the provincial government hasn’t.

It is predicted that- The impact would be felt throughout the country, according to those working in overseas education at the provincial level.

Randall Martin, executive director at the British Columbia Council for International Education, said, the sector is supposing something is going to happen but is trying to read tea leaves to understand what that might be.

It is vague how the government would calculate an appropriate cap, but Martin guessed that criteria could include: chosen study programs and their correlation to labor market needs, source countries of students, the intended institution of study, and the region of Canada students plan to study in and the housing levels there.

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