Demand for AI and Big data Courses

Demand for AI and Big Data courses has been Increased worldwide!

The supply of AI programs at both bachelor’s and master’s levels is dragging behind a surge in interest from students, new research has shown.

The Studyportals Subject Opportunities for 2024 report found that Artificial Intelligence has a high relative insufficiency at both levels, while other digital and technology courses are also scarce with demand.

At the masters level, AI courses are joined by Data Science & Big Data, and Robotics to have the highest relative insufficiency. For bachelors, the research found that User Experience Design and European Law, together with AI, have the highest relative shortage of programs.

The data is collected by page views on specific program detail pages across Studyportals platforms and those figures are used as an indicator of student concern.

The top three UG programs with the most interest in 2024 are European Law, which has seen a +32.9% rise in interest, AI (+36.1%), and User Experience Design (+32.9%).

According to Studyportals data – Data Analytics, Data Science, and Big Data programs are the most sought-after courses – demand is around 2.6x the available courses, while AI demand booths at 2.4x supply and Robotics is at 2.3x.

The company urges university marketing professionals to allocate a marketing budget to emphasize these new or updated programs effectively and upgrade relevance by showcasing programmes that are in line with current trends.

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