Guide to Study in the USA

Guide to Study in the USA

Wanna get a foreign degree that will reach you to the peak of success and your resume and qualification will be appreciated all over the world? Then deciding to study in the USA will be an incredible decision for your future. The US hosts the most international students in the UK. By studying in the US you will get a quality education, a multicultural environment, a unique curriculum, and abundant opportunities.

Degree Duration in the USA

As an international student when you want to take a degree in the US, you must start the procedures with a university and intake selection. There are various types of degrees available in the US. Such as an associate degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Post-graduate degree, and doctorate or PhD degree. An associate degree will take 2 years to complete. Besides, completing a bachelor’s degree of 120 credits in the US will take 4-5 years to complete. 

There are various types of Master’s degrees available in America. The 2 common degrees are the MA and MSc. It will take 2-3 years to complete this degree. There are also Doctorate or PhD degrees available in the US. Master’s and PhD degrees focus more on specific academic subjects whereas Bachelor’s degrees are more general.

Steps to Study in the USA

When you made up your mind to study in the USA, you must follow some steps to get enrolled in a US university, college, or school. Here we will discuss the steps to study America.

1. Research your options

Researching the options to find the best school, college, or university that fits your interest, aim or goal is the first step to studying in the United States. There is no official ranking available for the universities and colleges in the US. So you have to look for the college and university that meets your academic, financial, and personal needs. You should start your research at least 12-18 years before you are planning to start your academic year in the US. To ‘define your priorities’ start your basic inquiries through these questions.

  • Why do you want to study in the US?
  • Which institutions match your requirements?
  • Do you need any scholarships or financial institutions?
  • When is the application deadline?
  • Where do you want to live in the US?
  • Contact a professionals

After learning the basic inquisition, if you feel you are insufficient with the information, you can contact the US Higher Education expert of AIMS education. They will suggest to you the most appropriate university that matches your qualifications to the entry requirements. If you want to meet the direct representatives of USA universities and colleges, you can visit them through the university fair arranged by us. 

  • Choose a university program

Now when you know about the admission procedures of US universities and most of your confusion is cleared out, it\’s time to choose a university program. It is the most important step to start your study in the United States of America. If you have multiple academic interests, you can complete a double major from the University. Besides, you can choose one major and another minor also. However, if you are unclear about the program choice while starting your bachelor’s in the US, don’t worry. About 40% of students start their bachelor’s with an unclear major. 

The best suggestion is to identify where is your passion and what is your career plan. If you are sure about your career plan, it will help you to select your major. With the major, you also need to select a university where you will study the program. Before choosing a university, learn about the ranking, tuition fees, location, and program you want to take.

  • Apply to a University

When you are sure about the program and have shortlisted the university, it\’s time to start applying. To apply to a university, you need to fill out an application form that can you have done online. While applying, arrange all the required documents together and submit them with an application form to complete another step to study in the USA.

2. Arrange your finance

It’s high time to invest in education. You must bear the cost of living and tuition fees in the UK. Pursuing higher education in the US can be affordable when you plan and research perfectly. So while you are planning to study in the USA, start it with financial arrangements as early as possible. Each year international students get sufficient financial aid from the US. Studying in the US is expensive for international students. According to your financial condition, you should know how much you can invest.

If you need any type of financial aid, it\’s high time to apply for it. The best thing about US education is the number of scholarships they provide to international students. There are many scholarships available like academic, athletic, artistic, service-based and need-based scholarships.

  • Apply to Financial Aid

If you need assistance in funding your education, you can ask the advisor of the colleges about where and when can you apply for this type of scholarship or grants that are available for international students in the US. Getting a scholarship is a great relief for international students. 

3. Complete an application form

While studying in the UK, the first thing is to complete an application form without making an error. No matter which degree you want to take in the US, all it starts with an application. When you make a successful application with all the necessary documents that match the entry requirements of the university, it will create a high chance to get an offer letter. The requirement to get an offer letter from a US university may be a strong proficiency in the English Language, good academic results, no criminal record, and required financial solvency. To complete an application form, you may need these documents.

  • Undergraduate Student Application to study in the USA
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Standardized English test scores such as SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, ACT, PTE, GRE, GMAT etc.
  • Essay
  • Recommendation
  • Copy of the valid passport.
  • Some colleges and universities in the UK also require proof of finance.

While making an application, keep in mind the deadline for making an application.

  • Graduate Student Application to study in the USA

The application requirements for international students who want to take a postgraduate degree in the US are-

  • Academic transcript from the bachelor’s degree.
  • Test scores in the English Language like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, PTE, and IELTS.
  • SOP or The Statement of Purpose
  • Research Proposal
  • Professor’s Recommendation.
  • A valid passport copy.
  • Financial evidence.

You have to show the full cost of funding unless you get a scholarship or grant.

  4. Accept an Admission offer letter

After making a successful application, there is a high chance of getting an offer letter. Let’s say, you have applied for an undergraduate degree at multiple universities in the US. Isn’t it exciting to find you have been accepted by many US universities at a time? It might happen when you have qualifications. But with the good news, the tension also appears. It’s time to make a big decision on choosing a university you want to attend. At this stage, evaluate all the options you consider before applying to a university such as scholarship opportunities, accommodation facilities, location, tuition fee range, and many more.

  5. Apply for the Student Visa to study in the USA

So after getting an offer letter, it’s time to apply for a visa. There are 3 categories of student visas available in the US. These are the F1, M1, and J1 student visas. These visas are granted to people who can prove that they have no intention to stay in the US permanently and they will study there as full-time students.

  • F1 Visa to study in the USA

The F1 visa is for international students who want to study a language program, academic program, and degree program in the US by the immigration and customs control Service. The visa will be issued to you after getting a valid I-20. You can stay in the US until you have a valid I-20. It is for the student visitor.

  • M1 Visa to study in the USA

M1 visa is for the vocational student who wants to enrol in a non-academic program. This visa duration is only 1 year. Students can request to stay in the US for a maximum of 3 years with this visa category.

  • J1 Visa to study in the USA

The J1 visa is an exchange visitor visa. It is for anyone outside of the US who wants to take part in a study or work-related exchange program. People like Camp counsellors, Government visitors, International visitors, physicians, professors, research scholars, specialists, teachers, trainees, interns, Au Pair, and many more. The duration to stay in the US with this visa depends on the program you want to pursue. The duration to stay in the US with a J1 student visa depends on the program you want to pursue.

6. Get ready for Departure

So all of the processes have already been fulfilled and you get the visa. It’s time to plan the departure procedures. Do remember, students on the F or M visas, are not allowed to enter the US earlier than 30 days. Pack wisely, confirm your plane ticket and get ready for departure.

So these are the guideline to study in the US for an international student. Getting documentation ready and finding the appropriate university that can be your best fit is very crucial. Besides, learning about the university’s location, accommodation facilities, tuition fees, financial aid, and job opportunities are very important when you want to study in the US. To learn all these things from a single source, you can visit AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm. The USA expert counselors of AIMS Education will help you from the beginning to the end.

Q. What are the basic requirements to study in the USA?

Ans: American Universities require the following documents from international applicants. They are-
⦿ Academic transcript.
⦿ English language test scores.
⦿ Essay
⦿ Recommendation
⦿ Copy of Valid Passport.

Q. What is the process to study in the USA?

Ans: These are the process you should follow to study in the US-
⦿ Research your options.
⦿ Finance your study.
⦿ Complete your application with the necessary documents.
⦿ Apply for the student visa
⦿ Prepare for the departure.

Q. How to get a student visa to study in the USA?

Ans: By following some steps, you can get a student visa in the USA. They are-
⦿ Apply and get accepted by a SEVP-certified school.
⦿ Receive Form I-20 or DS 2019 from the school.
⦿ Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee.
⦿ Apply for a US student visa through the nearest embassy.
⦿ Complete Form DS-160 online.
⦿ Schedule your visa interview.
⦿ Pay the visa application fee.
⦿ Attend a visa interview.
⦿ Pay the visa issuance fee.
⦿ Receive your visa

Q. What are the reasons a US study visa can be rejected?

Ans: There are many reasons the US study visa can be rejected. They are-
⦿ If you do not provide proof of sufficient funds.
⦿ If you failed to prove your intention of leaving the US after completing your education.
⦿ If you do not pass the security check.
⦿ You provided insufficient documents during the interview.
⦿ You failed to attend an interview.
⦿ You applied for the student visa too late.

Q. Why do students choose to study in the USA?

Ans: Many international students choose to study in the US because it provides quality education, a unique curriculum, a multicultural environment, and abundant opportunities.

Q. How many intakes are there to study in the USA?

Ans: In the US, there are 3 intakes available. They are- Fall, Spring, and Summar. The Fall intake starts in August/September. Spring intake starts in January and the summer intake usually starts around May.

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