How Much Does It Cost to Study in the UK

How Much Does It Cost to Study in the UK

Studying in the UK can be a life-changing opportunity for a student. Often we get the question of how much does it cost to study in the UK? We are here to answer all the inquisitive minds.

With the hope of getting a higher degree or standard education, students from all over the world choose the UK as the most popular destination to study abroad. Compared to other countries, the cost of studying in the UK is affordable. The UK provides a shorter degree than other countries.

International Foundation Programme Cost to Study in the UK for international students?

International Foundation programs prepare a student with sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience to get a direct entry to a bachelor’s degree. This program is specially designed for the students who do not meet the right qualifications to enrol in UK universities. By completing an IFP, a student will be able to apply to a vast range of universities in the UK and others.

Here we are providing the cost range of the International Foundation Programme in the UK. We divided it into three categories according to the tuition fees.

Normal range- The affordable range of the International Foundation Programmes is between £9000 to £12000. There is a wide range of universities in the UK that offer international foundation programs at this cost.

Medium range- The medium cost of International Foundation Programmes is between £12000 to £16000.

High range- There are many universities in the UK whose tuition fees are generally high. These are the high-range universities. So, to take international foundation programs in these universities, students may need to pay £16000 to £25000.

The cost of a Bachelor’s degree in the UK for international students.

For international students, undergraduate fees start at around £10000 and go up to £25000 per year. We divided it into three categories so that a student could pick the right one.

Normal range- The normal range for an undergraduate degree in the UK is between £11000 to £14000. This range is for the most affordable universities in the UK.

Medium range- There are many medium-range universities available in the UK. To take a bachelor’s degree from these universities, a student may need to pay between £14000 to £18000 per year.

High range

If you want to take a bachelor’s degree from the most popular and expensive universities in the UK, it may cost up to £18000 to £25000 per year.

Cost of Postgraduate study in the UK for international students

The average cost of a Postgraduate degree in the UK starts from £10000 and goes up to £32000 per year. In the UK, One can find the most affordable and the most expensive ones. Besides, many middle-range universities are also available in the UK.

Normal Range- The most affordable and cheapest rate to study postgraduate in the UK ranges from £10000 to £13000 per year.

Medium Range- Many universities in the UK offer Masters or MBA courses ranging from £13000 to £18000.

High Range- Many UK universities offer postgraduate courses that range from £18000 to £32000. The course fee usually depends on the subject, location, and university.

Cost of studying Medicine in the UK

Typically, a medical degree in the UK takes 5 years to complete. For a graduate-entry program, the duration of it is 4 years. Here is the range of tuition fees in the UK for a Medicine degree. The tuition fees for years 1 and 2 are different from the others 3,4, and 5 years.

Normal range- To study Medicine in the UK, a student needs to spend £30000-£38000 per year.

Medium range- The medium range to study Medicine in the UK is from £38000 to £48000 per year.

High range-  The high range to study Medicine in the UK is from £ 48000 to £58000.

Cost of Pre-sessional English courses in the UK

Pre-sessional English courses are designed to help international students meet the English course’s language proficiency requirements. The course aims to make international students skilled enough to have a smooth undergraduate and postgraduate degree in English-speaking countries like the UK. The duration of the pre-sessional English courses depends on the current level of a student’s English score.

  • 5 weeks- ( £1500- £3250)
  • 6-10 weeks- ( £1600- £4650)
  • 12-15 weeks- ( £3000- £6350)
  • 20-25 weeks- ( £6000- £9500)

Research Degree cost to study in the UK

A research degree is the highest level of degree in the UK. By completing a PhD, the holder can use the title of “Doctor.”

  • A student can find many PhD/ research (Full-time) programs within £13000 to £15000. It is considered the normal/ average range.
  • Many PhD programs in the UK offer PhD (Full-time) programs from £15000 to £20000 yearly.


UK universities offer a standard amount of scholarships starting from £1000 to up to £10000 depending on the university. However, after any scholarships, the base price will not go below £10000. For example, if a university fee is £14000, it will not offer scholarships of £10000. Moreover, if a university fee is £25000 and the scholarship is £10000, then the base fee will come down to £15000. So, we always suggest students fix a budget for the base price and contact us to see what we can offer.

Living Costs in the UK

When you intend to study in the UK, you must add up the living cost along with the tuition fees. The cost of living in London is higher than living outside of London. When you stay in London, the average monthly living cost is £1334. (as per UKVI). Living outside of London will cost £1023 per month. ( as per UKVI). The living cost usually depends on the lifestyle of a student. So the mentioned range can be more or less. But a student should make a budget of £1100 to £1300 when living in London.

However, when living outside of London, students should make a budget of £800 to £1200 according to their lifestyle.

So, we hope after reading the article, a student will get sufficient accurate information on the program fees of UK universities. AIMS Education is always there to offer a student any kind of help. Make a smooth process of studying abroad in the UK with AIMS Education.

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