Job Opportunities for International Students in the UK 2022

Job Opportunities for International Students in the UK 2024

Studying in the UK for an international student is the best thing to uplift academic and career life. But to get the best degree, you must spend lots of money. With tuition fees, you have to arrange the money for living costs. As An international student, you must worry about the total expense you need to bear. In this situation, the thing of relief is that the UK will provide many job opportunities for international students in 2024. Besides, a student can get innumerable experiences while working in the UK.

The reason why a student needs a job in the UK?

Enrolling in a UK university means with top-class education, and students will have a life-changing experience. Getting a job in the UK for international students not only helps to decrease the financial burden but also adds up experience in career life. Let’s know why a student needs a job in the UK and what job opportunities are available for international students.

  • Get experienced– University life is all about experience. With life experience, university life also provides work or professional experience. Part-time work in the UK will build your responsibility and time sense. The job opportunities in the UK will help you to be surrounded by a professional environment. You will be motivated by getting appreciation from the workplace and how it feels to be appreciated.
  • Scope of earning– For the international student, earning while studying is important to make a financial balance. UK universities provide plenty of job opportunities to international students. A student can earn on-campus or off-campus. During regular times, a student can work 20 hours per week, and on holiday, a student can work 40 hours per week.
  • You can make new friends– Working while studying as an international student provides an opportunity to understand the mindset of the locals and make new friends. Jobs in the UK for an international student will help to mix with a bunch of randomers. While working part-time, you can chat with your colleagues, learn about their life stories, and gain experience.
  • You can utilize your free time– Studying in a foreign land means you have to stay away from your family. Many international students feel homesick while studying abroad. Jobs in the UK provide opportunities for international students to utilize their free time, earn money, gain experience, and, most importantly, reduce boredom.
  • Learning opportunity- Doing a job in the UK is an immense learning opportunity. By doing part-time jobs in the UK as a student, you will learn about your strength, weaknesses, and the skill you need to develop. You only can know about them by throwing yourself into the working environment. Jobs in the UK will help to develop your communication, decision-making, time management, and organizational skills.
  • Boost your employability skill- Gaining skills or being skilled cannot be possible without real-life experience. When as a university student, you are doing part-time jobs in the UK, it will boost your employability skills. You will learn about your work interests by doing jobs at different places or sectors. Besides, indulging yourself in different job roles will make you experienced and boost your employability skills.
  • Help to find job-seeking strategies– Being of another nationality, finding a job in the UK is complex. It’s a new place for you where you have fewer acquaintances. And that’s why having a job in the UK can be a strenuous task. So to have a job, you have to find job-seeking strategies. Thus these job-seeking strategies will help you in the long run.
  • It broadens your viewpoint and perspective– Experience is the best teacher. Jobs in the UK will help you to get this experience. Thus it will broaden your viewpoint and perspective.

Types of jobs available for international students in 2024

The UK offers various job opportunities for international students. Such as-

  • Part-time Jobs
  • Summer Jobs
  • Graduate jobs

Part-time Jobs for international students in the UK in 2024

Working part-time in the UK is the best thing for international students. But to do part-time jobs in the UK, you must be punctual or have strong time-management skills. On an international student visa or Tier 4 visa, a student can do many jobs in the UK. Such as Receptionists, retail workers, shelf packers, waiters, student ambassadors, library assistants, etc. Besides, if you want to get a job that will be more academic, then you can be a research assistant. However, if you have any specific job in your mind, you can search for it online.

Part-time job rules for international students

A part-time job is best for international students in the UK to remove boredom and earn money and experience. The UK government has provided many job opportunities for international students with strict rules. The UK government has clear guidelines for international students working while studying. These are-

  • Students who are taking a full-time degree at UK universities are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • To work part-time in the UK, a student visa must be valid for full-time degree-level studies.
  • Students enrolled in programs other than the degree programs are allowed to work 10 hours per week.
  • If you are taking part-time courses, you are not allowed to work in the UK.
  • As a student, if you work part-time in the UK, you are not allowed to be self-employed, establish a business, be a professional sportsperson, do a permanent job, or get employed as a doctor or dentist.

Summer Jobs in the UK for International Students in 2024

If you are a student whose main intention is to study and want to prioritise it the most, then summer jobs can be the best choice for you. You can do full-time jobs during your summer break. You can search for jobs by yourself or can ask the career counselor if there are any summer internships available or not.

Graduate Jobs in the UK for international students in 2024

When you are going to study in the UK 500, it is obvious that you have gone there for a certain time. After that, what? You should pre-plan these things. So when your graduation or final exam approaches, you must consider your first job after university. UK immigration will allow you to shift your student visa to a work visa. Make an appointment with your university’s career centre. This can help you to find jobs for international graduates.

How does an international student find a job in the UK?

You might be wondering how to find a job in the UK when you have less knowledge about the location and you don’t know anyone there. So, how to find a job as an international student in the UK? Let’s know-

  • Get the help of the career service team– Universities have their career service team. You should visit and inform them that you want to get a part-time job there. You can do many on-campus jobs during break time. Once you have shown interest, you can have several job options there.
  • Search it through social networking websites- Many companies post about job vacancies through social networking websites. Follow the company you are interested in or make a job profile through the job website. You will find many job options there.
  • Get friendly with the locals– While studying in the UK, you will get introduced to many locals there. They can inform you about the job vacancy or help you find a job there.
  • Be active in your study– You can get jobs in the university if you are a good student and teachers have a good impression on you. Then you can apply for a research assistant or teacher’s assistant there.
  • Look for jobs in the local newspaper– Sometimes job agencies publish their job vacancies in the local newspaper. So you can find jobs through it.

Top-demand courses in the UK to find jobs in 2024

  • Engineering– The UK has a high demand for engineers and technicians. So, if you are a student of Engineering, you can get jobs in this sector.
  • Healthcare- There is an abundance of healthcare-related jobs in the UK. Even the demands of healthcare staff are rising high, and it is added to the shortage occupation list. So you can have jobs as a nurse, senior care worker, health service and public health manager, physiotherapist, etc.
  • Computer Science and Technology– There are many IT-related jobs in the UK. In the IT field, the UK is currently facing a massive job crisis. So you can have jobs like business analytics, web designer, program and software developer, system designer, etc.
  • Human resource- An international student can find jobs in the HR department. You can work in HR departments.
  • Accountancy and Finance- You can work as a staff accountant, financial analyst, or in other job sectors. 

Besides, there are other sectors where you can find jobs. Such as Marketing and Sales, Education, Law, and Art and design. There are plenty of job opportunities for international students in the UK.

What about PSW?

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. degree in the UK, you can have two years of post-study work permission in the UK. This is the best opportunity to enrich your experience and skills.

So, if you want to study in the UK, we, AIMS Education, can help you to make a smooth process. We are partnered with 100+ UK universities. Visit us to know more about UK universities and the job scopes there.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the allowed working hours for international students to study in the UK?

Ans: An international student can work in the UK on a Tier-4 student visa. Before starting work there, ensure the Tier-4 visa allows you to work in the UK. So the allowed working hours for international students to work in the UK are-
20 hours per week during the term.
40 hours per week during holidays.

Q. What is the national insurance number? Is it mandatory to get the job?

Ans: To work in the UK, all non-UK students are legally obliged to get a National insurance number. If you found work before getting the insurance number, apply for it and tell your employer that you have applied.

Q. What are the national minimum wages for employees in the UK?

Ans: Usually, how much an employee will be paid depends on the type of work he does. So it is impossible to find an accurate amount. However, all employers must be paid the minimum wages to all the employees. Such as-
£9.50 per hour for workers 23 or over.
£9.18 per hour for workers 21-22.
£6.83 per hour for 18-20.

Q. How do I get a job as an international student in the UK?

Ans: Start applying online or offline. Besides, if you have any acquaintances in the UK, tell them to help you find them.

Q. Is it easy to find a job in the UK for international students?

Ans: An international student can find a job in the UK easily in big cities like London. Some universities may only allow working inside the campus. Yet, there are many options available to find a job in the UK.

Q. Is it possible to study and work together?

Ans: It depends on how you balance the thing. Always remember, your main purpose is to study in the UK. So concentrate on it more. When you have free time, you can do some part-time jobs to bear your expense.

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