May 2024 Intake in the UK for International Student

May 2024 Intake in the UK for International Student

Want to study in the UK? Are you looking for the intake? After the September and January intake, the May 2023 intake is open for international students.

Studying abroad is the most challenging decision in a student’s life. The decisions can make or break your life. From the location, university, and course to choosing the intake, there will be positive or negative consequences for every decision. Right now, the May 2023 intake is open in the UK for international students. 

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    What is Intake?

    The word intake means the particular timing in which the number of people is accepted by an educational institute, especially in a college or university. UK university accepts student applications for three terms a year. This three-time phase is known as the intake.

    Intakes in the UK

    Usually, in the UK, there are 3 intakes available. The September (Autumn), January (Winter), and May (Summer) intake. The primary intake in the UK is the September intake. The second intake that is followed by the September intake is the January intake. Those who missed the primary intake choose the January intake to study in the UK. However, some UK universities accept admission for the summer or May intake. Right now, some of the UK universities are open for May 2023 intake.

    About May 2024 Intake

    In the May 2024 intake in the UK, only a limited number of institutions or universities are open for admission. The positive aspect of the May 2024 intake is that you will have abundant preparation time. As few universities offer summer intake in the UK, the number of candidates fighting for the same position would be less than the other intake in the UK. But it doesn’t mean the competition will be low.

    For international students, enrol in certain courses through May 2023 intake will not be an easy task. Be cautious of the time. Timely submission of application is very important as most UK universities accept the application as the basis of the First-come-first service. 

    May 2023 intake is best for the international student who missed the September or January intake. Or, as an international student, if you need more time to take preparation, you can choose this intake to study abroad.

    Timeline for May 2024 Intake

    Here is a timeline you should follow when you want to study in the UK through May 2023 intake. The application process and timing for UK universities can vary. For an international student, the application process can be time-consuming. Even sometimes, it takes a year to complete the process. So apply as early as possible. You can follow the suggestion below-

    • August to September 2022- Explore the universities and colleges.
    • September to October 2022- Arrange the documents and attempt the required test you need to take.
    • October 2022 to February 2023- Make an application to the universities.
    • February 2023 to March 2023- Wait for the offer letter.
    • March 2023 to April 2023- Visa Application
    • April 2023 to May – Time for ticket arrangement

    Let’s know about them in detail-

    • August to September 2023- If you cannot enrol through September or January intake in the UK, then May 2024intake is the best choice for you. To apply for the Summer 2024intake in the UK, you should make a plan as early as possible. So start researching the university and shortlist your choice by the time August to September.
    • September to October 2023- To enrol in May 2023 intake in the UK, first, you have selected the university. After researching the universities, you will have an idea of the entry requirements. Now between September to October 2022, if you have less eligibility, take the required test and get the eligibility. Besides, this is the time when you should arrange all the required documents. Such as Academic transcripts, financial documents, SOP, LOR, passport size photographs etc.
    • October 2022 to February 2024- Now, this is the third phase to enrol in the UK university through May 2023 intake. You have arranged all the documents, and it’s time to make an application. Submit all the documents while making an application.
    • February to March 2024- This phase to enrol through the Summer 2023 intake is very important. Waiting time to get a university response is crucial for the students. It’s time to wait for the decision. By this time of waiting, you can finalise your finance if it is not arranged yet. And don’t forget to check your email to get a response from the admission team. When your admission is confirmed, you will get a Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) letter from them.
    • March to April 2024- When you get the offer letter from the university that has confirmed your admission to the university, it’s time to apply for the visa application. The visa process can be complicated and lengthy. So it is suggested to apply for the university earlier than the deadline. Be careful to submit all the visa documents orderly.
    • April 24 to May – This is the last phase to study in the UK through May 2023 intake or summer intake 2023. It’s time to plan your visa and arrange the air ticket to fly to the UK.

    So I hope the information is helpful enough to show you the proper guideline to study in the UK through May 2023 intake. To know more and get authentic help and information, visit AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm to study in the UK, USA, and Canada. Good Luck.

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans: To apply for the May 2023 intake or Summer 2023 intake in the UK, students should start making applications a year before. It means a student should start making preparations in advance. You should start researching universities in August and September.

    Ans: If you are planning to study in the UK through May 2023 intake, then it’s better to have an idea of the deadline. Usually, the application deadline for this intake is fixed from around December to February.

    Ans: The summer 2023 intake or May intake is good for the students who missed the September or January intake. Though the May intake has limited courses, it is good for international students who need more time to make preparations.

    Ans: In the UK, usually, there are three intakes. The September intake, the January intake, and the May intake.

    Ans: The September intake is most popular in the UK. In the September intake, almost all the universities in the UK are opened with courses.

    Ans: By the end of the January intake, the next intake in the UK is the May intake of 2023.

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