MOI Accepted Universities in the UK

MOI Accepted Universities in the UK
Generally, studying abroad means you want to explore academic life beyond your comfort zone to learn many things. It becomes more challenging when you are from a non-English-speaking country. For an international student, having a good grip on the English language is a must for communication. Generally, there are basic English language requirements to meet the entry condition of the UK university. There are many English language proficiency tests that are accepted in the UK. But instead of these proficiency tests, there is also a way to study in the UK. It is a Medium of Instruction or MOI. Do you know what a Medium of instruction is? Let’s learn it in detail.


What is MOI?

Usually, Medium of instruction means a language used in teaching. It may or not be the official language of a country or the region. However, for UK education, if your last studies were in English from the UKVI approved institution, then you can study in the UK without any English proficiency tests like IELTS, Duolingo, PTE, OIETC, TOEFL, Internal test etc. So, if you are from a non-English speaking country and your previous studies were in English, you can apply to the MOI accepted universities in the UK.

The United Kingdom is currently such a country in the world where international students are constantly on the move to pursue higher education. And why not? The academic qualification, teaching standards, and PSW make it a renowned destination for international students. MOI provides the golden opportunity for international students to study in the UK without taking any English proficiency test.

Benefits of having MOI Certificate

MOI is a certificate, basically provided by the university authority as a proof of using English language as medium of instruction. But you may think it’s not valued. So, here are some benefits of having a medium of instruction certificate-

Proof of English language Proficiency

Medium of instruction works as a proof of your English language proficiency. The course instructor of your university provides this certificate to you as a proof that you’ve completed your study in English medium. 

English test certificate

Are you dreaming of studying abroad but worried about the IELTS? No worries, if you have this certificate you can show it to the university authority and you can move abroad without IELTS. 

Opportunity to get a Job

English is an international language and now-a-days it is mandatory to do a higher education or get a job. English is needed in every sphere of your life. You can show your medium of instruction certificate to get a job.

MOI accepted universities in UK

So, you want to study in the UK with a medium of instruction? No worries. Some universities in the UK accept MOI from some particular universities. And if your university’s Medium of instruction is accepted in the UK, you can apply to only those universities with that. AIMS Education is working with the UK MOI accepted universities. Let’s dive deep into the MOI accepted universities in UK.

The University Of South Wales

The University of South Wales is a public university in Wales. It has three campuses in Cardiff, Newport, and Pontypridd. This university is one of the MOI accepted universities in the UK. So an international student can study at this university without any English proficiency test if their last education medium was in English. The University of South Wales provides quality courses, award-winning lectures, and excellent employability skills. It is one of Wales’s largest universities in the UK. The University of South Wales is ranked between 1001-1200 in the World University ranking by Times Higher Education 2023. This university is also ranked 101st out of 130 universities in UK in 2024.

University For The Creative Arts

The University for the Creative Arts is one of the best MOI Accepted universities in the UK. This university has been a passionate advocate for creative education and research. It offers many courses in creative business, film, media, fine art, photography, architecture, crafts, etc. It offers pre-degree, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses. This university has a well-known ranking for business, management, and marketing. This university is ranked 87th out of 130 universities in UK.

University Of Essex

The University of Essex is another MOI-accepted university in the UK. This university ranks 465 in the world university ranking 2023. Besides, it ranked 32nd out of 130th universities in the UK by Complete University Guide 2024.

University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth is one of the best MOI accepted universities in UK. This university is ranked 502nd in the QS World University Rankings 2024. Besides this university is ranked 47th out of 130th universities in UK by the Complete Guide University League Table 2024.

Final Words

Medium of Instruction works as a proof of English language proficiency. It’s applicable for those who want to study abroad but don’t have the IELTS or other English language test. A few universities in the UK accept MOI from the international students. AIMS Education has a partnership with MOI Accepted universities in the UK. So, if you want to study in the UK without IELTS you can contact AIMS Education.


Ans: A medium of instruction is a language that is used in teaching. If your education language is English, you will study in some of the UK universities with this medium of instruction certificate.

Ans: There are some MOI Accepted universities available in the UK. Such as The University of South Wales, the University of Essex, the University for the creative arts etc.

Ans: Yes, you can study in the UK with a medium of instruction. But before that, you should know that the university you want to enroll in will be the MOI accepted and from the institution you have completed your education is MOI accepted.

Ans: It is possible to study in the UK without IELTS if you take other English language proficiency tests. Besides, if you have MOI, you can enroll in some UK universities.

Ans: Medium of Instruction is a certificate that is given by the course instructor of your university as a proof that you have completed the course in English or you are proficient in English. You should collect this certificate from the university you’ve studied.

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