North Island College Assessment Day in Dhaka A Gateway to Study in Canada

North Island College Assessment Day in Dhaka | A Gateway to Study in Canada

Are you looking for opportunities to study in Canada this year? If so, then here’s some great news for you. We are arranging an assessment day event with North Island College. It’s a great opportunity for you to apply to the top-ranked Canadian university and get a free spot assessment from the university delegates directly. 

Event planner schedule for “North Island College Assessment Day”

The spot assessment event to study in Canada will be held in the city of Dhaka. Let’s explore the event planner schedule below-

NameNorth Island College Assessment Day
HostAIMS Education
GuestSabrina Tabbassum, International Recruitment Specialist at North Island College
Date1st June 2024
Time3 pm – 5 pm
VenueAIMS Education Dhaka office

Why should you join our North Island College Assessment event?

A spot assessment event usually takes place to check your eligibility for a country or any specific university. However, we are offering some extra benefits for our students who will join our North Island College Assessment event. Such as-

  • Meet the university representative directly
  • Get information about the university
  • Get a free spot assessment
  • On-spot application service
  • Secure up to 3500 CAD Scholarship
  • Apply with an overall 6.0 IELTS everything through this event

What are the extra benefits of joining our North Island College Assessment event?

Instead of our event offerings, you’ll get some extra benefits from us if you join our NIC assessment day event. 

Meet overseas education experts

All our counsellors are British Council-certified overseas education experts, so if you join our event you will get the opportunity to talk to them directly, get information from them etc.  

Get one-one counselling

Get personalised guidance from experienced counsellors at our North Island College Assessment Day in Dhaka. Address your concerns, clarify doubts, and receive tailored advice to enhance your chances of admission.

Scholarship Information

Discover scholarship opportunities available for international students. Learn about eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and how to maximise your chances of securing financial aid.

Visa Assistance

Obtain comprehensive information on visa procedures and requirements for studying in Canada. Get expert guidance on completing visa applications and preparing for visa interviews.

Don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your journey towards a world-class education! Join us at the North Island College Assessment Day event in Dhaka and take the first step towards fulfilling your academic aspirations. We look forward to welcoming you to our exciting event!

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