Pearson Test of english Academic- a complete guide

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE)- a complete guide

This article is about the Pearson Test of English academic. The PTE Academic is an international test to prove English language proficiency. PTE Academic is the world’s leading English language test.

The PTE Academic- Pearson Test of English Academic is one of the most chosen English language tests for students interested in studying abroad. The Pearson Test is a fully computer-based test you can take while studying abroad.

Suppose you want to study abroad, especially in a country where the medium of communication is English. As a resident of a non-English-speaking country, you must take some English qualification tests to prove your English language eligibility. In this case, you must hear the name of the PTE Academic- Pearson Test of English Academic. Many people choose PTE to prove their English proficiency for study, work or migration; that helps them gain new careers, experiences, and possibilities. Many international universities and institutions widely accept the PTE for admission purposes.

To sit for the test, at first, the candidate needs to register online. After that can take the test through an authorised PTE test centre.

PTE  Academic test types-

There are different PTE academic test types available to sharpen the language skills of people who are not from an English-speaking country. There are three formats of PTE tests available. Let’s learn about these by one-

  • PTE Academic- This PTE academic is for students who want to study abroad by taking an English language test.
  • PTE Academic UKVI- PTE Academic UKVI exam is for the people who want to study, work or live in the UK. Usually, there is no specific difference between the PTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI. The PTE Academic UKVI is approved by the UK home office.
  • PTE Home- PTE Home is a convenient choice for those who want to apply for a settlement or family visa. Each PTE Home test consists of pass-fail listening or speaking test. The PTE test is classified into A1, A2, and B1 levels under the CFFR.

Who accepts the Pearson Test of English Language?

Many countries and institutions are accepting the Pearson Test of the English language. Specifically, the PTE course is mainly accepted by countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ireland, and New Zealand. Besides, nowadays, many countries have also added this test to the list. PTE scores are mainly accepted for admission and immigration purposes. Moreover, the PTE score is also accepted in Australia and New Zealand for permanent residence purposes.

How long is a Pearson test of English Academic valid for?

A Pearson test of the English language is valid for up to two years after completing the PTE test.

What makes the Pearson Test different?

Many English language tests are available to prove English proficiency, such as IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, etc. Let’s see what makes the Pearson test different?

  • The PTE test is fully computer-based, including the speaking test.
  • The duration of the test is only two hours.
  • To mark all tests, PTE uses artificial intelligence.
  • You can obtain the most accurate and unbiased scoring through PTE.
  • You will get the fastest result within two days.
  • Through the Pearson English language test, international English is tested.
  • The online practice material is available for this test. So a student can be well prepared for the final exam.
  • The PTE exam also includes a break time of ten minutes.

Pearson English Language Test Scoring System

The Pearson English Language test scoring system is computer-based. There are two types of scoring. They are-

  • Partial-Credit- The score is marked based on the right answer. The scores will be deducted from the total marks earned by the right answer. For the wrong answer, there will be no marks added.
  • Correct or Incorrect- The student will be awarded for the correct answer. No wrong answer will add any marks.

PTE Academic- a complete guideline for scoring

After completing a PTE test, a student will receive a score based on the language skill level. The PTE syllabus includes 3 sections. Such as Speaking and Writing, Listening, and Reading. There are 20 different types of questions in the test.

As PTE has 20 different question types, each one is scored differently. There is no fixed score of PTE to enrol in a university. The score requirement will vary from institution to institution. Usually, the PTE score is evaluated in 6 sections to evaluate the skill.

The six skills are- Pronunciation, Oral Fluency, vocabulary, grammar, written discourse, and spelling.

Therefore, a specific score will be needed for the course to give you an idea. To get enrolled in these courses, you may obtain a specific score. PTE is scored on a scale of 0-90 in each section. The highest score of PTE is 90, and the lowest is 0. Let’s compare the PTE score to the IELTS score.

As the PTE test is quite tough to secure good marks and takes a good amount of money to sit for the exam, it is better to prepare first by giving many mock tests and then sit for the final one. You can apply to a PTE test centre 48 hours before sitting for the exam.

Age limit for PTE Academic

There is no specific age limit for PTE. But if a student’s age is between 16-18 years, he must submit a parental consent form with an application.

There are some steps a student needs to follow for a PTE English language test.

  • Show the passport and sign in digitally
  • Your digital photograph will be taken.
  • Your palm will be scanned digitally.

Get your PTE academic score and prove your English ability today!

If you need to show your English language proficiency, get your PTE academic score and prove your English ability today.

You can get the PTE result within 48 hours. Besides, you can choose different test dates. The result of PTE is mostly accurate. PTE test doesn’t take much time to complete. The whole exam will be computer-based. Besides, there are many PTE preparation packages available so that a student can get a complete preparation.

The cost of Pearson test of English Academic

The cost of PTE is USD 200. As the fees are comparatively high, one must take many mock tests and preparations to study abroad. If you want to study abroad, AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, can help you to study in the UK, USA, and Canada. And if you need to know the details of the PTE test, and about the universities, visit the AIMS Education and learn everything on overseas education from the experienced counsellors directly. So to know everything in-detail and have a successful process to study abroad, visit AIMS Education.


Q: What is the full form of PTE?

Ans: The full form of PTE is the Pearson Test of English.

Q: Does PTE need much preparation to sit for the final exam?

Ans: The PTE exam is tough. It is one of the hardest English language examinations. To obtain 50 in this exam is very tough.

Q: What does the PTE exam cost?

Ans: If you want to attend a PTE exam online/ offline, it will cost 200 USD.

Q: Can I study in the UK with a PTE score?

Ans: Most of the universities in the UK accept the PTE score. Besides, the PTE is a globally recognised English language test.

Q: How long is a PTE exam valid for?

Ans: The PTE result is valid for 2 years.

Q: How much score is needed to pass a PTE exam?

First of all, for the PTE exam, there is no passing score. But a competent score for a PTE exam is between 50- 63. If a student wants to enrol in a top-rated university, he may need to score between 65-75.

Q: Do I need a passport to sit for the PTE exam?

Yes obviously, to sit for the PTE exam, you must need a passport.

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