pre-sessional English course in the UK

Pre-sessional English courses in the UK

If you live in a non-English speaking country and want to take a course from an English-speaking country taught in English, you must need to study pre-sessional English courses first in the UK. This course will help you learn and explore your courses more effectively.

Let’s know what a pre-sessional English course means?

When you study in an English-speaking country like the UK, USA or Canada, you need to communicate well in English. Let’s say you haven’t the required English proficiency or score that is mandatory for the course you want to take. In this case, these English courses are designed to prepare the international students for the English taught course.

Pre-sessional English courses are for the international student so that they don’t struggle in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses. When an international student comes from a non-English speaking country, a student should take a this course to better understand the course. Besides, teaching quality and academic standards can differ from country to country. So, in short, this English course is offered prior to the main degree course.

Why study pre-sessional English courses in the UK?

Pre-sessional English course is usually for international students who have less English language proficiency and need more proficiency. It is assigned to the international students so that they don’t struggle while taking an undergraduate or postgraduate course in the UK. Let’s know why this course is required for international students while studying abroad. So the reasons are-

  • These courses help students in developing and improving English language abilities. Besides, it also assists students in meeting the minimum English language requirements needed for the course.
  • Every institutions or university have a different academic structure. The lecture method, classroom structure, and syllabus structure are different. By studying the course, a student can be familiar with that institution’s academic standards and study skills.
  • This course helps a student to grow and develop academic standards.
  • Develop your English vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

Entry requirements for a pre-sessional course

There are some mandatory entry requirements for a pre-sessional English course in the UK. A student must have a UKVI IELTS Academic to apply for the course. There are different entry requirements for it in the UK. Generally, a student can apply for this course if he scores between 4.5 to 6.5. Moreover, UKVI IELTS is mandatory. Many UK universities offer pre-sessional English courses to international students if they score between 4.5 to 5.5. However, you can be offered a course when your current IELTS score is 0.5 to 1.0, below your chosen course’s required IELTS score.

However, the entry requirement for this course can vary from institution to institution. It depends mainly on the context of a course. Moreover, if you don’t have UKVI IELTS, equivalent tests like TOEFL, Duolingo, or PTE may be accepted.

How long is the pre-sessional English course?

The UK universities offer various courses to improve the English eligibility according to student’s needs. There are different course lengths available for this course. A student can usually choose from the option according to his English proficiency. The pre-sessional English course can be anywhere from 5 to 25 weeks. Besides, there are more lengthy courses also available in the UK. The universities can vary in terms of teaching hours per week. The duration of this coursecourse depends on the current level of English.

Course fees of a pre-sessional English course

The course fee usually depends on the duration of a course and the university you are taking it. Let’s know the average fees for this course.

  • 5 weeks- ( £1500- £3250)
  • 6-10 weeks- ( £1600- £4650)
  • 12-15 weeks- ( £3000- £6350)
  • 20-25 weeks- ( £6000- £9500)

The figures mentioned here are for the guideline. If you want to know the specific fees for the course, search the university website to know the exact fees.

Skills that you will gain through a pre-sessional English course

  • This course will help you meet the language requirement for the course you are going to take.
  • It will improve your reading and writing skills. Besides, the course will help you learn how to write in the correct academic style.
  • Presentation and seminar discussion will improve your speaking and listening skills.
  • You will learn effective study skills through this course.
  • It will increase your research skill.

Benefits of a pre-sessional English course

Taking a pre-sessional course has many benefits. Obviously, you are not too excited about this course as your main goal is to take an undergraduate or postgraduate course. But taking this course will support your learning and help you succeed in your higher studies.

  • You will have intensive language and study skill preparation in a university environment.
  • You can take the best English language preparation from the experienced teachers.
  • Making friends with other international students will expand your horizon. Moreover, by working together, you can improve your language skills.
  • Taking a pre-sessional English course will help you learn more about a country’s culture and the environment from where you want to take the other degree.
  • You can take the course in a smaller classroom to get the discussion opportunity.
  • You will learn in an international environment.
  • This course will help you to introduce yourself to British culture.

Which documents do I need to take a pre-sessional English course?

To take this course, you need to show some important documents. Such as-

  • You or your parents/legal guardian sign a complete application form.
  • Copy of the offer letter.
  • Copy of your English language certificate.
  • Your passport copy.

How will I learn in a pre-sessional English course?

You will be learning through basic, advanced, and communicative English classes. After completing the course, it is expected to pass various assessments such as written tests, extended essays, listening tests, presentations, and portfolio work.

Assessment method of a pre-sessional English course

The assessment method of this course in the UK is-

  • You may need to do a research project on your academic subject.
  • Provide a presentation on the academic topic.
  • Reading and writing exams for the academic topic.
  • Listening exam.

How will I be tested after taking a pre-sessional English course?

To know how much you get proficiency in English, you have to sit for the exam after completing the course to assess your level. After giving many tests, you will be able to understand your English language proficiency. Besides, the university authority also knows how much proficiency you get through the course.

Do I need IELTS to take the pre-sessional English course?

You need IELTS (UKVI) or other English language proficiency to do a pre-sessional English course. You will only be given the course when you don’t have the required English language score that matches the entry requirement of the course you want to take.

Final Word

So, If you want to know more about the course, foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate course, you can take AIMS Education’s help. AIMS Education assists students in studying in the UK, USA, and Canada as a student consultancy firm. Hopefully, this information will be enough to help you out.


Q: What is the online pre-sessional English course?

Ans: Online Pre-sessional English course organized online to improve the English language skill. The pre-sessional English course is designed to help international students to develop their English language skills to start a course in the UK. 

Q: Is it possible to take a pre-sessional English course without IELTS?

Ans: To take a pre-sessional English course, you must be an international student with a required UKVI IELTS.

Q: How important is a pre-sessional English course?

Ans: Pre-sessional English course is very important to develop and improve your English language abilities. Besides, a pre-sessional English course will help students understand and improve the course you are going to take.

Q: What are the fees of a pre-sessional English course?

Ans: There are no specific fees for a pre-sessional English course. Usually, the course fees depend on the duration of the course.

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