September 2024 Intake in the UK

September 2023 Intake in the UK

Planning to take a degree in the UK or hoping to seek admission to one of the top institutions, colleges or universities in the United Kingdom to take a foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate courses? If so, then you must have a good knowledge of the admission intake.The January 2024 intake has almost come to an end. Most of the courses have already closed. So it is high time to get preparations for the September 2024 intake in the UK.

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    How many intakes are there in the UK?

    International students often get confused about the intakes in the UK. Usually, there are 3 intakes available in the UK- Fall or the September intake ( September-December/early January), Winter or the January Intake (January-April), Summer/ Spring or the May Intake( May-August).

    Among these three intakes, the international students prefer the September intake most. This is because, in the September intake, almost all the UK universities open with unlimited courses. So a student can have a vast choice to choose. UK’s upcoming intake is the September 2024 intake. Students who have missed the opportunity to enroll through the January 2024 intake, the approaching September intake will be the best option for them.

    Why International students choose the September intake most?

    September intake in the UK is considered the primary intake compared to the January or the May intake. In the September 2024 intake, 80% of international students will apply to the UK universities. The reason students choose the September intake is-

    Most of the universities in the UK offer all of the courses.

    • All the academic records, transcripts, and scores are ready before the September intake.
    • Students can find their preferred universities and courses easily.
    • As almost all the UK universities are open in the intake, students can choose an affordable, medium, or the highest range universities according to their choice. In short, a student will not be limited in their options of choosing a university.
    • Maximum financial aid and scholarships offered through this intake.
    • This intake offers students effortlessly to plan, study, or take the necessary exams.

    Admission Preparation timeline of the September 2024 intake in the UK for the International students.

    A student can plan or make preparations a year ahead before applying through the September 2024 intake in the UK. The September intake is quite competitive as the large number of applicants apply through it. That’s why making preparations ahead is a great choice so that you can apply as early as possible.

    You can start applying one year prior to the program commencement date. Besides, completing the application process often takes 2-5 months. So if you are waiting for the deadline to apply, your application process may be halfway by this time. Let’s know the admission process timeline for the September 2024 intake in the UK. Here are the estimated preparation period and admission timeline:

    April -September 2023 Intake- Shortlist some universities and courses you want to choose, check the application process, requirements, financial statement, scholarships and the application deadline.

    June-December 2023 Intake- For international students, English language proficiency is a must while studying in the United Kingdom. So by this time, take preparations for the English language proficiency exams and attempt for one.

    August-December 2023 Intake- Start preparing and applying for application documents such as SOP, LOR, Reference letter, transcript, and many more.

    December 2023-July 2024 Intake- Make an application to your desired universities.

    April- July 2024 Intake- Get the offer letter, arrange the bank statement, and apply for the visa.

    July-August 2024 Intake- Plan your travel wisely.

    However, these are the tentative application deadline. It is not fixed for every university and the courses. The deadline usually depends on the course availability. So, check the individual entry requirements and deadline of the university and course before applying.

    Step by Step timeline for September 2024 intake in the UK.

    Here is the step by step admission process timeline for September 2024 intake in the UK.

    April-September 2023 (Shortlist the Universities)

    Once you have made a plan to study abroad, it’s time to shortlist some universities according to your academic and financial planning. So what you need to do is-

    • Check the admission requirements and eligibility criteria. ( Academic and language)
    • Find suitable scholarships.
    • Check other details like accommodation, location, post study work permit, and part-time work opportunities.

    June-December 2023 (Take Standardized test)

    By this time, you should make preparations for language proficiency. You must take the English language proficiency test if you are a native from a non-english speaking country. Taking UKVI IELTS is the best option. However, there are several options also available. Take a test and obtain a good score.

    August-December 2023 (Arrange all application documents)

    Making an application to a UK university required to provide some mandatory documents. So by this time, arrange all the documents like Academic transcript, SOP, LOR, Reference letter, passport copy etc. Make sure all the documents are translated in English to apply for September 2024 intake in the UK.

    December 2023-July 2024 (Start making application)

    So after gaining the English language proficiency and arranging all the documents, it’s time to make an application. Apply to some of your desired universities. You can apply through the official website of the university or UCAS. It is advisable to apply a few weeks before the application deadline. Making an application will be one of the most important steps to enroll in the British universities through January 2024 intake.

    April-July 2024 (Arrange your funds and apply for visa)

    After making an application, either you will get a conditional offer letter or an unconditional one. If you get conditional, you have to make it unconditional to enroll in a UK university. However, if you get the unconditional offer letter, it’s time to arrange your bank statement and apply for the visa with all the required documents.

    July-August 2024( Plan your travel)

    Getting a visa is the final step to enroll in the UK universities through September 2024 intake. When you get your visa, plan your travel properly. Follow all the travel guidelines and instructions to have a hassle-free journey.

    Estimated deadlines for the September 2024 intake in the UK.

    The September 2024 intake will come with a great chance to get your preferred course in the top-ranked UK universities. The best time to apply for the UK universities is 3-4 months before the starting date of the course in the UK. UCAS deadlines are generally fixed where the majority of the programme’s deadlines vary. Let’s here provide the tentative deadline for the September 2024 intake in the United Kingdom.

    • June is the deadline for the majority of undergraduate courses.
    • The last date to apply for a UCAS extra is July.
    • Usually UCAS clearing opens in July.
    • The Final deadline is in September.

    However, the deadline for the September 2024 intake in the UK could be different as the application process starts 8-16 months before the starting of the course.

    Popular Universities in the UK you can apply through September 2024 intake.

    In the September intake, all the UK universities are opened with a wide range of courses. You can find normal, medium, and higher range universities in this intake. Here we are mentioning some popular UK universities-

    • Ulster University
    • Northumbria University (London, Newcastle)
    • Canterbury Christ Church University
    • University of South Wales
    • De Montfort University
    • Swansea University
    • Coventry University
    • University College Birmingham
    • Birmingham City University
    • York and St John University
    • Gloucestershire University
    • University of Roehampton
    • London South Bank University
    • Ravensbourne University London
    • University for the Creative Arts
    • Robert Gordon University
    • Hult Business School.
    • University of Birmingham.
    • University of Portsmouth
    • Russell group universities

    Top courses you can choose through September 2024 Intake.

    Here are some top courses you can choose through September 2024 intake in the UK.

    • Business and Management
    • Engineering and Technology
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • Arts
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Natural Science
    • Social Science
    • Sports Science
    • Law
    • Media and Communications
    • Law
    • Economics
    • Computer Science
    • Politics

    So if you want to study in the UK through the September 2024 intake and are confused about where to start or how to process everything, AIMS Education can help you in a great way. We recommend you to visit us and take our experts for help. AIMS Education, a students consultancy firm that helps students to study in the UK, USA, and Canada. We can show you the best way to study in a British university effortlessly.

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans: The September intake is the most popular intake in the UK. Almost all the universities are opened with multiple courses in this intake. The high percentage of international students apply for higher education through this intake.

    Ans: The other name of September intake is the fall intake in the UK. The fall intake generally begins in September and ends in December. Through the September 2023 intake, universities of the UK invite students for all the programmes.

    Ans: Considering the course availability, the September intake is better than the January intake. Compared to the January intake, there are a bunch of more programmes available in the September intake.

    Ans: If you are planning to take a degree in the September 2024 intake, then you must apply at least 3-4 months before the course commencement in the UK university. Sometimes, the application process takes a lot of time. Besides, the more you are late, the less percentage you will have to find your preferred program.

    Ans: Planning to begin your higher studies through the September 2024 intake in the UK? Then you must prepare to apply between December and June. It is because the UCAS portal in the UK will only accept international students’ applications till June 30. So you can take ample time to make an application. But keep in mind that late applications may charge more fees.

    Ans: The UCAS deadline for all applications for September 2024 intake is set by 30th June. Applications received after this date will automatically be entered into the clearing.

    Ans: Almost 80% of international students apply for the UK universities through the September or the fall intake. It is the most important intake for the international students when approximately all the courses are available.

    Ans: Yes, you can get your preferred course in the September 2024 intake in the UK if you apply soon for the course. As the competition is quite high, late application may affect your chance of getting your preferred course.

    Ans: There are many benefits of the September 2024 intake in the UK. Such as:

    ● All courses of Postgraduate and Undergraduate programmes are available in this intake.

    ● Nearly all the universities participate in the admission process.

    ● You will get the chance to apply in the Russell group universities.

    ● Students who are pursuing the final year graduation, they will get sufficient time to prepare the marksheets and certificates and then easily can apply for the September 2024 intake. ● If you do not find your desired course in January or the May intake, you will definitely find the course in the September intake.

    Ans: In the September intake, you will get various scholarships opportunities. Even most of the scholarships offered through this intake.

    Ans: IELTS is not mandatory to study in the UK. If you want to take the IELTS, then you must take the UKVI IELTS to study in the UK. However, there are various English Language Proficiency tests available to take a degree in the UK. So definitely it is possible to study in the UK without IELTS in the September intake.

    Ans: The September intake is available for the international students and it is the main admission intake in the UK. There are wider varieties of programmes and courses of all disciplines available in this intake.

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