Student Visa Requirements to Study in Malaysia

Student Visa Requirements to Study in Malaysia

Do you want to know the student visa requirements to study in Malaysia for international students? Malaysia has emerged as a prominent educational hub, attracting international students due to its quality education, diverse culture, and affordable living costs. Navigating the student visa requirements is crucial for a smooth transition to studying in this Southeast Asian country. This guidance will help you understand the Malaysian student visa requirements for international students. So, let’s discuss it. 

Why study in Malaysia?

Studying in Malaysia offers a plethora of advantages, making it an attractive destination for international students. Here are some compelling reasons why Malaysia stands out as an excellent choice for higher education:

  • Diverse Academic Opportunities
  • Affordability of education and Living cost
  • Globally Recognized Qualifications
  • Cultural Diversity and Lifestyle
  • Safety and Welcoming Environment
  • Opportunity for Work Experience
  • Strategic Location and Connectivity

Types of Student Visas in Malaysia

In Malaysia, the primary type of visa for international students is the Student Pass, also known as a Student Visa. However, there are variations and additional categories related to visas that students might encounter:

  • Student Pass (Visa with Reference): Issued to international students enrolled in full-time courses in Malaysian institutions.
  • Visa Approval Letter (VAL): Before arriving in Malaysia, students might need a Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from the Immigration Department.
  • Multiple-Entry Visa: International students may apply for a multiple-entry visa for easier travel in and out of Malaysia during their course duration.
  • Dependent Pass: Available for spouses, children, or parents of international students studying in Malaysia.
  • Long-Term Social Visit Pass: Students engaging in non-study-related activities or seeking to stay in Malaysia for a more extended period might apply for this pass.

Malaysian student visa requirements for international students

As an international student, you must meet some requirements to get a student visa in Malaysia. Here are the Malaysian student visa requirements for international students.

  • Admission to an Institution
  • Acceptance Letter
  • Financial Proof
  • Health Insurance
  • Medical Examination
  • Passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Passport Photos
  • Security Clearance

Eligibility criteria for the student visa requirements in Malaysia

The eligibility criteria for Malaysian student visas, also known as Student Passes, are essential for international students planning to study in Malaysia. Here are the key student visa requirements to study in Malaysia:

Admission to an Accredited Institution

  • Offer Letter from an Institution: Obtain a formal acceptance letter from a recognized Malaysian educational institution.
  • Course Enrollment: Enroll in a full-time course (degree, diploma, language course, etc.) offered by an accredited Malaysian institution.

Financial Capability

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds: Demonstrate the ability to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs while studying in Malaysia.
  • Bank Statements or Sponsorship Letters: Provide evidence of financial stability through personal or sponsor bank statements.

Medical Examination

  • Medical Check-up: Undergo a medical examination at a recognized clinic or hospital approved by the Malaysian government.
  • Health Insurance: Possess comprehensive health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay in Malaysia.

Language Proficiency

  • Language Requirements: Some institutions may require proof of proficiency in English or Malay through standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or others.


  • Security Background Check: Applicants must not have any criminal record and may need to provide a police clearance certificate.

Mandatory documents for Malaysian student visa requirements for international students

The mandatory documents for a Malaysian student visa  requirements for international students typically include:

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport
  • Passport-Sized Photographs
  • Financial Documents
  • Health Report
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Academic Certificates
  • Health Insurance

Financial requirements for a Malaysian student visa

It is the most common question of international students what are the financial requirements for a Malaysian student visa? So, here we go. You will need to show your one-year tuition fee and one-year living costs in your bank account for three months. 

As an international student, you have to apply for a student visa to study in Malaysia. Visa application fees differ from country to country. But the standard amount of fee ranges between RM 20 – RM 30. Health insurance coverage is offered at a very competitive annual premium of RM 900 per student. The annual premium is applicable for all actively enrolled students under the age of 65

Malaysia student visa processing time for international students

The processing time for a Malaysian student visa, known as a Student Pass, can vary based on several factors, including the institution, country of application, and individual circumstances. Here’s a general overview:

Visa Approval Letter (VAL)

  • Issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  • Processing Time: Approximately 14-30 days, but it can vary.

Student Pass (Visa with Reference)

  • After receiving the VAL, students need to apply for the Student Pass in their home country or nearest Malaysian embassy/consulate.
  • Processing Time: Usually takes around 7-14 working days, but again, this can vary.

Final words

Understanding the intricacies of Malaysian student visa requirements is pivotal for international students aspiring to study in this vibrant nation. By adhering to the guidelines and adequately preparing for the application process, students can embark on a fulfilling academic journey in Malaysia. If you have more questions about Malaysian student visa requirements you can always contact AIMS Education


Is IELTS required for a Malaysia student visa?

Ans: To get a student visa in Malaysia you must have to prove your English proficiency by IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 

What are the popular fields of study for international students in Malaysia?

Ans: International students commonly pursue courses in engineering, medicine, business, information technology, and hospitality management in Malaysian universities.

How long does the Malaysian visa application process take?

Ans: The visa application process may vary from country to country but generally takes around 4-6 weeks for approval after submitting all necessary documents.

Can an international student work while studying in Malaysia?

Ans: Yes, international students with a valid Student Pass are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week during semester breaks or holidays.

What are the Malaysian student visa requirements for international students?

Ans: Here are the Malaysian student visa requirements for international students.

1. Admission to an Institution
2. Acceptance Letter
3. Financial Proof
4. Health Insurance
5. Medical Examination
6. Passport
7. Visa Application Form
8. Passport Photos
9. Security Clearance

Are there any scholarships available for international students in Malaysia?

Ans: Several Malaysian universities offer scholarships and financial aid to international students, based on academic merit or

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