The Biggest AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Sylhet

uk education expo 2022 sylhet

Are you researching countries to study abroad? I know before finalising the study destination, you want to know which country can meet all your requirements. Then, why don’t you start your search from the UK? To illuminate your knowledge and show you the privileges of studying in the UK, AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm will host AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Sylhet on 6th August 2022 at Hotel Grand Palace Sylhet. The expo will be held from 11 am to 5 pm. Let’s find out in detail about it.

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    What’s the Speciality of this expo?

    At the AIMS UK Education Expo 2022, All the representatives of 100+ UK universities will come together. They will be there to provide authentic information regarding UK education. At this expo, you can come with all your academic documents and access them on spot by the representatives of the UK.

    How can you be benefitted from this expo?

    We always know the enthusiasm of the Sylhet people to study in the UK. They want to know about UK education, tuition fees range, course choice, and accommodation system. Let’s in short know the benefits of attending this expo.

    • You can meet the 100+ UK university representatives directly.
    • You can get your eligibility check.
    • You can learn about the living costs in the UK that vary from location to location.
    • You can talk to representatives and our experts about the different universities in the UK.
    • You will have an idea of the low, medium, and high-range universities in the UK.
    • If you have a study gap, you will know how long study gaps are accepted in the UK and which universities are accepting study gaps and for how many years.
    • You will know about the English language requirements you need to enrol in a UK university. However, you can also know what are the options available except IELTS to study in the UK.
    • If somehow your study gap or other limitation doesn’t allow you to take a direct enrolment to UK universities, the experts will show you other options to obtain the eligibility. For example, after SSC/ HSC, if you have more gap years, you may need to take a UK-qualified degree-OTHM level 3, to qualify for a bachelor’s degree in the UK.
    • You will learn about the scholarships and can get up to 50% scholarships by attending this expo.
    • The representatives will help you to find out the best university that suits your eligibility and is matched to your career plan.
    • The AIMS UK education expo 2022 is a great chance to find out the courses that have a higher percentage of acceptance by employers after completing a degree in it.
    • You will know how the UK can be a great study destination for you.
    • You will get a chance to make a spot application to the UK university through the AIMS UK Education expo 2022.

    What are the conditions to join the AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Sylhet?

    We haven’t applied any conditions to join this biggest expo. But you have to maintain some things like the time and date, bringing documents etc. Moreover, at this expo, you can bring your friends and family.

    What is the entry fee to attend AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Sylhet?

    As it is an educational expo, we make it completely free for the students. You need not pay any entry fees to join this expo. Our main purpose is to illuminate a student’s knowledge of UK education and give them the best according to their requirements.

    Things that you can learn from the AIMS UK Education expo?

    The grandest AIMS UK Education expo can teach you many things. As a student, you will get a thorough knowledge about the whole process to study in the UK. Let’s know about them.

    • You will learn about the application process and which documents you need to submit.
    • What to do after getting an offer letter
    • How to prepare for the Pre-CAS interview and how to make the CAS payment.
    • What is the bank statement? How much should I deposit in the bank and for how long?
    • How to process the visa.

    The representatives will give you an in-detail knowledge of it. And the counsellors of AIMS Education will help you to implement the knowledge into work

    How AIMS Education will count me as a student?

    When a student attends our AIMS UK Education Expo, and talks to the representatives, on basis of their interest to study in the UK, it will be transferred to us. After the expo, we will turn the interested students into a lead. Then we communicate with them over the phone and invite them to our office. If they have any specific course, location, or university choice,  we will start work on it. If not, we will first listen to their requirements and check out their eligibility, after that we will search universities for them and suggest them to pick the best one. 

    In short, our expert counsellors will suggest to them the best things and also show the solution to every obstacle.

    What about the pathway or foundation program?

    Our AIMS UK Education Expo is not only designed for fresh graduates, or who have outstanding results. Rather, our expo is also for the students who have study gaps, unsatisfactory results, or less English language proficiency. In short, students who do not meet the direct entry requirements to study for Bachelor’s or Master’s can take the pathway or foundation program.

     In our UK education expo 2022, you will find institutions like Study Group, Navitas, OIEG ( Oxford international Education Group), QA Higher Education, Cambridge Education Group etc. In these institutions, you can find courses like the International Foundation Program, International Year 1, Premasters, and many more.

    FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans: An education expo is a platform that invites various university representatives together to show students the right direction and discuss the information about the UK education, grading system, location, accommodation, application and visa processing etc.

    Ans: The expo will be held on 6th August 2022 from 11 am to 5 pm at Hotel Grand Palace, Sylhet.

    Ans: The expo will help you to know about the UK universities, courses, intakes, tuition fees, scholarships, and many more. Besides, through this expo, you can check your eligibility, and make a spot application to the UK universities.

    Ans: At the expo, you will get to know about 100+ UK universities from the university representatives.

    Ans: At this expo, you can bring all your academic documents, English proficiency test certificates( if you have any) etc. These documents will be needed so that the representatives can match your eligibility to the entry requirements of the university you want to study at.

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