Top 10 Reasons to study in London

Top 10 Reasons to study in London

When a student intends to study in the UK, the first place that comes to their mind is London. London is one of the best cities in the United Kingdom and also the capital of England. You will find world-class learning opportunities from top ranked universities in the world here. Each year London welcomes a lot of students from all over the world so it is also known as top student cities in the UK. Here are top 10 reasons to study in London and we hope that all your inquiry and confusion will swipe away after reading this article.

Before learning about the reasons for studying in London it will be more convenient to know the history of London first. So, let’s know the rich history of London.

History of London

The history of London will always fascinate you and you will be entertained endlessly in London. The city is filled with many historical sites from monuments, museums and royal palaces. There are many things to discover in London from the queens and kings story to visiting the landmarks of the city.

The city of London is situated on the bank of the river Thames. It was founded by the Romans. The Romans named the city Londinium in the third century. When the city had a population of only 50000. 

In the 19th Century, the city suffered numerous viking attacks.In 1067, the city established its existing rights, laws and privileges by the newly crowned king of England.

The UK’s departure from the European Union is the most important event in London’s history. However you can explore the history of London by visiting the “Tower of London”, “Hampton Court”, “The Shakespeare Globe Theatre”, “Churchill War Rooms” and so many other things in London. The rich history of London can also be a reason to study in London.

Top 10 Reasons why study in London

London is the capital of England and is an unique, friendly and welcoming place for the international students. Studying in London will be a life changing experience for you. Here we are  giving top 10 reasons for why you should study in London.

Top Class and Renowned University

If you go through the world university ranking or university league table you will find many universities in the UK which are basically based in London. According to the QS World University ranking 2023 University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University college London ranked top among 92 universities in the world. London offers world-class education from many more renowned universities for international students with a very affordable price. So, if you are still deciding on which city will be best for you to study in the UK, you will always find London best among any other cities in the UK.

Outstanding Educational Opportunities in London

London is known as a world-class center for academic excellence as the education system in London is recognised world-wide. Four of the world’s top 40 universities are situated here and the city is a home to world-leading research, medicine and many more. You will meet a lot of professionals in your lecture who will provide you advice and guidance on to the next stage of your career. Education in London will enrich your knowledge to the extent that will help you to discover yourself at the next level of learning. It can be the most important reason to study in London.

Explore the UK and Rest of the Europe 

London is rich in many historical sights and diverse culture. Besides, students can easily and inexpensively travel to other European countries for education and other purposes. You can enjoy the whole UK life, culture, food and entertainment while studying in London. 

Study in a Diverse and Cultural City

London is a friendly and welcoming city for people from around the world. Each year many international students come to London for higher study or to do English courses. A mix of vibrant cities, gentle countryside and a range of diverse cultures will prompt you to study in London.

Best City to Learn English

If you study in London, you will get the best opportunity to learn English. Each year around 5,00,000 students come here to do English courses. The primary language of London is English so you can get the opportunity of learning English from anywhere in the city when you will study in London.

Enjoy London’s Nightlife

London is the best place for a buzzing student social life. Being a capital city, it is famed for its non-stop nightlife. There are plenty of fun things to do in London at night. If you study in London, you can enjoy evenings of comedy, theater, music or a night out in the city. 

Many More free Things to Do

London is an expensive city. But you can save a lot of money by embracing  some free activities such as there are almost 200 museums in this city and most of them offer free entry to the public. Some of the world’s most recognised paintings can be found in London too. Markets are also free to explore in London. If you are a bookworm you will find plenty of small libraries here and surprisingly you can access them for free. Although London is a busy and expensive city you will find tons of free things to do here that will add an extra enjoyment of your life. 

Healthcare and Safety Benefits

Studying in London will offer you a safe and secure atmosphere if you have access to the NHS. It is the best healthcare system in the world offering you safe and modern treatment. If you have a student visa you will need to pay a fee per year to gain access to the NHS. London universities take student safety and mental health seriously so, if you study in London you won’t have to worry about your safety and security.

Best Place to Start Your Career

Universities of London offer numerous career support to the students. If you study in London you will meet a lot of professionals in your class who will help you with the necessary guidance and advice you will need on your next stage of career. They will help you to prepare your CV as best as possible and also provide proper guidelines for interview preparation. You will never get such exclusive support from any of the best cities like New York. So, this can be a beneficial part to study in London.

Job Opportunities for the International Students

As an international student you will get a 20 hours work permit in a week during your term time. London is one of the best cities in the UK offering plenty of part time and full time jobs for the people as well as the students. So, if you study in London you won’t have to worry about finding a job.

Final Words

London is one of the top cities in the UK with many more historical sights. World-class education and living opportunities, multicultural and vibrant city, and top class job opportunities always prompts international students to study in London. So, if you are looking for the best universities in London, don’t worry AIMS Education is always here to help you. AIMS Education is one of the renowned student consultancy firms that has direct partnership with many more top ranked universities in London. So, contact AIMS Education without any delay and grab the opportunity to study in London without any service charge.


Why should I study in London?

Ans: London is one of the best cities in the United Kingdom. You can enjoy world-class learning opportunities, food and entertainment and also you will be able to discover the dynamic city and the rest of Europe if you study in London.

How much is the cost to study in London?

Ans: Generally tuition fees and living cost is higher in London than the other states in the UK. Your approximate living cost in London will be £1334 per month. The approximate tuition fee in London is £10000 but it depends on the university you will study.

Is London an expensive place to study?

Ans: The average cost of undergraduate program in London is ranging from £10000 – £20000 per annum. MBA and  Medical degrees are more expensive.

Does London have good education?

Ans: London offers over 30000 courses and also produced 70 Nobel Prizes Laureates. Students in London can have access to world-class education. So, studying in London means following some impressive footsteps.

What is the name of the highest university in London?

Ans: According to QS World University Ranking 2022 the Imperial College London ranked 7th in the world and it is also ranked top in London among 16 universities.

How can an international student get a job in London?

Ans:  Being the capital of England, finding a job is easier than other cities if you study in London.You will find a job in London by following some steps. Such as-
• Prepare your CV as good as possible
• Start applying before starting your academic year
• Do volunteer to gain skill
•Use recruitment agencies and tools for applying
• If you get a job in your university you should start there.

How much money can an international student earn in London?

Ans: If you study in London you will get a 20 hours work permit according to the rules of UKVI. According to National Living Wage, a worker for 23 or over can earn £9.50 per hour. For 21-22 can earn £9.18 per hour and for 18-20 can earn £6.83 per hour.

Is school education free in London?

Ans: State schools are funded by the government so they are free for the students. But Some independent schools charge fees to the student.

Why London is best for education?

Ans: The educational system in London is renowned world-wide. If you study in London you may find many excellent schools and universities in London are more affordable than many other cities like New York.

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