The UK Wins Top Trade Awards for Education Business

The UK Wins Top Trade Awards for Education Business

Breaking! This year, 252 in the UK were recognised by the King’s Awards for Enterprise international trade category. Among them, three higher education institutions have been honoured with the most prestigious award for UK businesses – the King’s Awards for Enterprise.


  • The UK wins top trade awards this year for education business
  • 252 UK organisations were recognised by the King’s award
  • Times Higher Education, Oxford Royale Academy and the University of Hertfordshire have been honoured with the most prestigious award for UK businesses

International trade awards in the UK 

On May 6th, three educational institutions in the UK won trade awards called the “King’s Award”. 

Paul Howarth, the CEO, said receiving the “prestigious award” was “a major career highlight for me and a wonderful validation of the great work THE does for higher education, one of the world’s most crucial sectors.” THE was honoured in the international trade category for showing quick growth as a global provider of higher education data, insights, and services. THE’s offerings include university rankings, data products, global events, and consultancy, serving clients in 85 countries. It is one of just 252 organisations in the UK to be recognized by this royal initiative.

Oxford Royale calls itself a top provider of high-quality summer school programs. The award, given for international trade, honours a company that attracts students from more than 175 countries. George Humphreys, the CEO of Oxford Royale, said he was very thankful for the recognition.

The University of Hertfordshire won an award in the international trade category. It is one of the top recruiters of international students among universities established after 1992. This year, it was the only university to receive a King’s Award for Enterprise.

Despite global challenges like the pandemic, Herts has increased its international sales by 330% over the past six years.

Final words

This award is very encouraging and shows that people outside our field recognize the great value and need for our international community,” said Professor Quintin McKellar, Vice Chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire. It’s wonderful to see that our education is highly respected worldwide, making it a great export product and that we are one of the top places to study. This is something to celebrate. For more updates please stay tuned to AIMS Education

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