Upcoming Intakes To Study In Australia 2024-2025

If you are looking for a quality education that will take you to the next level of success, then you should study in Australia. There are three intakes to study in Australia, such as February, July, and November. As an international student, you should always keep updated knowledge about the upcoming intakes to study in Australia. It is mandatory for you because different intake has different offerings. Let’s explore the upcoming intakes to study in Australia in 2024-2025.

Why Study In Australia?

The most remarkable reason for studying in Australia is its world-class top universities that provide an exceptional level of education. 5 Australian universities are in the world’s top 50 and 7 universities are in the list of 100 in the QS World University Ranking 2023. According to Times Higher Education  2024, Australia has 37 top universities. And 7 of them are in the prestigious top 100, meaning there is no shortage of choice. Besides, getting a student visa is comparatively easier than the other countries. To study in Australia, a student must follow an intake. Let’s know about the upcoming intakes to study in Australia in 2024-2025.

Overview of the Upcoming intakes to study in Australia

Usually, there are 3 intakes to study in Australia- February, July, and November. Among them, February is known as the main/primary intake. July is the secondary intake to study in Australia. November is the least preferred intake in Australia. Specifically, most of the international students get a chance to enrol in an Australian university through January and July intake. However, in the September or November intake, the most limited universities and courses are available.

July intake in Australia 2024

During Australia’s July intake, which is also called the T2 intake, you can apply for undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, and research programs. However, not all courses and majors are available during this intake. It’s considered the secondary intake in Australia. July is one of the best intakes to study in Australia.

Benefits of July intake in Australia

Unlike the February intake, you’ll find fewer opportunities in the July intake in Australia. Let’s explore the benefits of studying in Australia for the July 2024 intake.

  • It helps students who want to plan their studies or miss the February deadline. 
  • Some universities and groups offer scholarships and help for the July start. 
  • The July start matches the winter break from June to July. 
  • This break lets students work part-time and learn about the industry. 
  • It also lines up well with the end of the Indian university year, which is a big plus for Indian students.

November intake in Australia 2024

The third intake in Australia, called T3 or November intake, is not very popular. It’s less liked because there are fewer choices for universities, smaller classes, and not many courses available. However, it can be a good time to apply for extra courses to enhance your skills or get certifications.

Benefits of November intake in Australia

  • Best opportunity for those who have missed the February and July intake.
  • Lesser competition 

February intake in Australia 2025

The February intake in Australia is the most important and popular time for starting courses, also called semester 1 intake. International students can join courses during this time. Finishing your course in the second half of the year lets students match with busy hiring times and maybe find internships or job chances.

Benefits of February intake in Australia

February is the primary intake in Australia. Let’s explore the benefits of February intake in Australia. 

  • Lots of universities give money help and scholarships to students who start studying in February intake. 
  • These scholarships can be for doing well in school or for needing financial help.
  • In the February intake in Australia, there are many programs to help students get used to university and meet new people. 
  • This is a chance for students to make friends.
  • It helps students from other countries to apply for visas at the right time so they can start studying when the semester begins. 
  • This makes it easier to go from applying to starting classes smoothly.

Australian intake start dates and deadlines for international students

Learning about the starting times and deadlines for Australian intakes is very important for international students. It will help international students to prepare earlier. Let’s know about the intakes in detail-

Intakes in AustraliaDeadline for Australian intakesDuration
July IntakeApril to MayLate July or Early August to November
November IntakeSeptemberLate November to January
February IntakeOctober to November (Previous year)February or Early March to Late May or Early June

Application guidelines for the upcoming intakes to study in Australia

PreparationsJuly IntakeNovember IntakeFebruary Intake
Proper ResearchIt would be better if you start preparing 10-11 months prior. Most preferably September of the previous yearAround November-December. (10-11 months before the semester date)Research 10 to 11 months before April to June
Shortlist and compare universities for applicationBetween November-DecemberBetween January to FebruaryBetween July-August
Prepare for the English testBetween December-FebruaryBetween March-AprilBetween September-October
Start making university applicationBetween February to MarchBetween May to JuneBetween October-Novemberr
Get ready for the interview processBetween March to AprilBetween July to AugustBetween November to December
Apply for a student visa in AustraliaBetween May- JulyBetween September-OctoberBetween December to January
Make a good travel planBetween June-JulyBetween November-DecemberBetween January-February

Documents requirements for the application process during the intakes to study in Australia

When students want to study in Australia through an intake, they must match the application requirements. Here are the necessary documents requirements for an Australian study intake. 

  • English language proficiency test score.
  • Financial documents
  • Personal statement
  • Academic certificates
  • Passport
  • SAT/GRE/GMAT test score if required
  • Immigration documents
  • Complete application form
  • Letter of recommendation
  • CV
  • Employment experience certificate( if needed)

Steps to enrol in the upcoming intakes to study in Australia 2024-2025

If you want to apply for the upcoming intakes to study in Australia, you must follow some steps to successfully enrol. Here are the steps you can follow to apply for the upcoming intakes to study in Australia. Such as:

  • Research and shortlist some universities 
  • Appear for the required exams
  • Start making applications to the universities
  • Get the CoE
  • Apply for the Australian student visa
  • Arrange your tickets for the departure

How To Choose An Appropriate Intake To Study In Australia 2024-2025 

Students become a little bit confused or puzzled when they need to choose an intake to study abroad in Australia. While deciding on intake, a student should consider many things such as University and course availability, academic results, English language test scores, job opportunities, and many more. In the February intake, any kind of major or courses are available. This intake is full of a variety of courses. Besides, in the July intake, a student will find fewer courses compared to the previous intake in Australia. There is another intake named the September intake. The percentage of finding courses in this intake is relatively very low.

Final words

So if you want to know about the upcoming intakes to study in Australia in 2024-2025, AIMS Education can be a great route to start your journey. We have proficient counsellors who are very helpful as well as experienced.


Which intake is the best and mostly accepted by the international students in Australia?

February intake is the best and mostly accepted by the international students in Australia. It is also called the primary intake to study in Australia.

Can I study in Australia after completing my Higher Secondary Examination?

Yes, after completing the higher secondary examination, a student can take higher education in Australia.

How many intakes are there in Australia?

Usually, there are 3 intakes to study in Australia. They are the February, July, and November intakes.

Is GRE/GMAT Mandatory To Apply For The upcoming Intakes To Study In Australia 2024-2025?

No GRE/GMAT is not mandatory to apply for the July 2024 intake to study in Australia. However, if your course or the university requires it, you may take the test.

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