What is the Visa Application Process in Denmark

What is the Visa Application Process in Denmark?

Do you want to know the student visa application process in Denmark? Denmark, known for its rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and robust economy, attracts visitors and immigrants from around the globe. Navigating the visa application process in Denmark is crucial for those planning to visit or stay in the country for various purposes, including tourism, work, study, or family reunification. This guidance will help you to understand the student visa application process in Denmark. So, let’s discuss it. 

Types of Visa in Denmark

Denmark offers several types of visas based on the purpose of the visit. Here are the different types of visas in Denmark

  • Schengen Visa: This visa allows short-term stays in Denmark and other Schengen countries for tourism, business, or visiting family/friends.
  • Work Visa: For individuals seeking employment in Denmark, including skilled workers, researchers, or employees of a specific company.
  • Study Visa: For students planning to pursue education in Denmark, requiring admission to a Danish educational institution.
  • Family Reunification Visa: For spouses, children, or other family members of Danish residents or citizens.
  • Residence Permit: For individuals intending to reside in Denmark for an extended period, typically for work, study, or family reunification purposes.

Who is eligible for a student visa in Denmark?

Everyone, except EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens, needs a visa if they want to study in Denmark for over 90 days. You must apply for a Denmark student visa up to six months before your courses start at a Danish embassy or consulate abroad.

Required documents for a student visa application in Denmark

When applying for a student visa in Denmark, you’ll need to gather a set of documents to support your application. The specific requirements may vary based on your country of origin, the educational institution, and the type of program you’re applying for. Before knowing the student visa application process in Denmark you should know the document requirements so that you can prepare them in time.

  • Acceptance Letter from a Danish Educational Institution
  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Valid Passport
  • Passport-Size Photographs
  • Proof of Sufficient Financial Means
  • Health Insurance
  • Clean Criminal Record Certificate
  • Accommodation Confirmation
  • Educational Certificates and Transcripts
  • Language Proficiency Certificate
  • Receipt of Paid Visa Fee

Student visa application process in Denmark

The student visa application process in Denmark involves several steps, and it’s essential to follow them diligently to ensure a smooth application. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Create an ID on the SIRI website

The visa application process in Denmark begins with this. The student must provide all the necessary documents, including their complete name, email address, and passport information, to create this ID.

Pay the visa application fee

You cannot move on with the visa application application process in Denmark without paying the application fee. The application fee is $90.

Gather the required documentation

All required documentation must be gathered and uploaded by each international student. Among the documents are an acceptance letter, a passport, academic transcripts, a certificate of English proficiency certificates, etc.

Complete the application form

There is an online application ST1 form. Both the university or educational institution and the student must complete the application form

Submit the visa application

Submit the application either online or at the Danish consulate/embassy in your home country. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the application and attached documents to avoid delays in the visa application process in Denmark.

Register your biometrics at a Danish diplomatic mission

Students are required to upload a variety of biometric data, such as pictures, fingerprints, signatures, etc. It’s a mandatory step in the visa application process in Denmark.

Receive an answer

Once processed, applicants will receive a decision on their visa application through email. Approved applicants will receive a visa sticker on their passport or a residence permit card.

Student visa application processing time in Denmark

The processing time for a student visa application in Denmark can vary based on several factors, including the time of year, the volume of applications, your country of application, and the specific embassy or consulate handling your case. However, there are general estimations provided by the Danish authorities:

  • Short-Term Visas (Schengen Visa): Typically, Schengen visas for short-term stays (up to 90 days) are processed within 15 calendar days from the date of the application. However, this can vary depending on the situation.
  • Long-Term Visas (Residence Permits): For longer stays, such as student visas or residence permits, the processing time might be longer. It often ranges from 1 to 3 months. Some applications might take longer due to additional processing requirements or individual circumstances.

Final words

This guide aims to provide comprehensive insights into the visa application process in Denmark, offering clarity on various visa types and answering common queries to assist applicants in their journey to visit or reside in this beautiful Scandinavian country. For the most accurate and updated information, always contact AIMS Education.


How far in advance should I apply for a Danish visa?

Ans: It’s recommended to apply at least 6 months before the intended travel date. However, applying earlier, preferably a few months in advance, is advisable to account for any unforeseen delays.

Can I extend my visa to Denmark?

Ans: Extensions are possible for certain visa types, but it’s crucial to apply before the current visa expires. Contact SIRI or the nearest Danish Immigration Service office for detailed information and requirements.

What are the common reasons for visa rejections in Denmark?

Ans: Visa rejections can occur due to insufficient documentation, incorrect information, insufficient funds, lack of travel insurance, or failure to meet specific visa requirements. It’s essential to thoroughly review and fulfill all criteria.

Can I work with a tourist visa in Denmark?

Ans: No, a tourist visa (Schengen visa) does not permit employment in Denmark. A separate work visa or residence permit is required for employment purposes.

Are there age restrictions for visa applications?

Ans: There are no specific age restrictions for visa applications. However, minors may require additional documentation, such as parental consent, depending on the circumstances.

How can I track my visa application status?

Ans: Applicants can track the status of their visa application through the online portal or by contacting the visa application center or embassy where the application was submitted.

What is the student visa application process in Denmark?

Ans: let’s understand the student visa application process in Denmark:

Create an ID on the SIRI website
Pay the visa application fee
Gather the required documentation
Complete the application form
Submit the visa application
Register your biometrics
Receive an answer

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