Canada Admission Day in Multan: A Gateway to Global Education Excellence

To foster international collaboration in education and provide Pakistani students with access to world-class academic opportunities, the eagerly anticipated “Canada Admission Day” is going to be held in Multan. The event is organized by AIMS Education and North Island College Canada, aimed to showcase the diverse educational offerings in Canada and guide aspiring students through the admission process. Let’s explore the event in more detail.

Event planner schedule

Event name:Canada Admission Day
Host:AIMS Education
Guest:Sabrina Tabassum, International Recruitment Specialist at North Island College
Date:1st February 2024
Time:11 am – 5 pm
Venue:AIMS Education Multan office

Why should you join our Canada Admission Day event in Multan, Pakistan?

Understanding the importance of a well-prepared application, Canada Admission Day features a workshop focused on guiding students through the intricacies of the Canadian admission process. Here is what are the significant benefits of joining this event.

  • Opportunity to meet the university delegate directly
  • Get information about the university
  • On-spot application service
  • Secure 3500 CAD Scholarship
  • Apply with an overall 6.0 IELTS

What documents do you need to bring to our Canada Admission Day event?

The Canada Admission Day in Multan is not just an event; it is a catalyst for educational transformation, empowering the next generation of Pakistani scholars to reach new heights on the global stage. Here is the document checklist that you should bring to our event.

  • All academic certificates and transcripts
  • Updated CV
  • Current passport
  • Personal statement (if available)
  • Reference letter (if any)

How to join our Canada Admission Day event?

The Canada Admission Day in Multan is going to be a pivotal event, opening doors to global education excellence for Pakistani students. To join this event you just need to click on the registration link. Seats are limited and registration is mandatory. So, register now before the time runs out. 

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