More than 1 Million Students have Got Canada student visa in 2023!

In 2023, the number of international students with active study permits in Canada rose to a 27% increase over 2022. The growing number of international students having Canada student visa rose to 1,028,850, according to just-released data from IRCC. Canada student visa is issued for programs of at least six months’ duration, and most of those permits are held by post-secondary students enrolled in colleges and universities.

Highlights of the growth in Canada student visa 2023

  • Study permits in Canada are 8% higher than the 950,000 students the government had anticipated for 2023
  • The growth rate follows 30% growth in 2022
  • This means that Canadian institutions are currently hosting students similar to the US. 

International Student Distributing System in Canada

Canada’s most populous province Ontario, has long held the largest volume of international students in Canada. In 2021, Ontario hosted 49% of the total, while in 2023, it grew to 51%. On the other hand, the second and third-largest student enrolls in British Columbia and Quebec have lost their shares in 2023. The Canadian government also announced a two-year cap on Canada student visa thinking that this cap would drop the overall approved study permits by 35% in 2024 and the cap would be allocated based on the population of each province. 

Why is Canada intent on decreasing the number of Canada student visa?

Due to the increased number of Canada student visa, Canada is experiencing high population growth. The growth is being driven by non-permanent residents – i.e., international students and foreign workers. International students in Canada now represent 2.5% of all residents in the country. Between 2021/22 and 2022/23, the number of non-permanent residents (students and temporary foreign workers) in Canada increased by 256% despite a 6% decrease in net migration. The volume of new international students is contributing to a situation in which there is far more demand for affordable housing than supply in Canada. So, the Canadian government has decided to implement a two-year cap on Canada student visa

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