How much does it Cost to Study in Australia?

How much does it Cost to Study in Australia?

Australia is a great place for international students to study abroad. It is one of the three countries where students want to take their higher degree. Many international students want to know how much it costs to Study in Australia. Before that, it would be better to know the benefits of studying in Australia for international students.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

There are many top benefits of studying in Australia. And for this reason, it highly motivated international students to choose Australia as their study destination. Let’s know some key benefits of studying in Australia for the international students. Such as:

  • The best higher education system is found in Australia.
  • The cities and people in Australia are quite safe for international students.
  • Australia has top quality universities in the world
  • The standard of living in Australia is also higher than other countries
  • After graduation, students will get many job opportunities in Australia
  • The weather of Australia is quite favorable for international students. 
  • There are easy access to student visa in Australia

Now that we know the benefits of studying in Australia, let’s know in detail about the cost to Study in Australia.

Tuition fees cost of studying in Australia for international students

Australia offers over 22000 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes for the international students through its 40 universities in which 2 are international universities, one is a specialized private university and the rest are public universities. As an international student, if you find the cost of studying in Australia is relatively high then the good news is that, Australian government offers many scholarship opportunities for international students. Getting the scholarship is really a relief for the international students to minimize the cost to Study in Australia

The expense and tuition fees usually depend on the course, university, and the qualification you take. Each university has different tuition fees. But the estimated cost to study in Australia would be like-

  • Undergraduate Degree- AU$20000- AU$45000
  • Postgraduate Degree- AU$22000- AU$50000
  • Doctoral Degree- AU$20000- AU$420000
  • English Language Studies- $350- $450 as per the course duration
  • Vocational Education and training certificate- $4000-$22000

The fee structure is for the general cost. But it would be more for the high value courses like veterinary or medical degrees. When you want to know about the cost to Study in Australia, it would be better to know about the fee payment structure beforehand. The Australian tuition fees are based on credits or units, not on a particular semester or year. Each credit varies on a student’s course or subject choice. And thus the tuition fees are also calculated. Courses like Humanities or Arts are relatively cheaper than courses like science or medicine. Besides, studying at the postgraduate level will cost more than the undergraduate level.

However, Studying in Australia will offer an international student many scholarship opportunities as well. So, it is a great opportunity for a student to carry the cost.

Bachelor’s degree cost of Studying in Australia

Taking a quality bachelor’s degree in Australia is highly recommended as world class top universities are from this country. There is no fixed cost to study a bachelor\’s degree in Australia. Different courses and universities have different tuition fees. However, the cost of a bachelor’s degree in Australia usually is between 20000 AUD to 450000 AUD per year. As an international student, you will get the benefit of studying a bachelor\’s degree in Australia as it is only 3 years in duration for some courses. However, other courses are 4 years in duration that need equipment, classroom, and labs, etc.

MS degree cost to Study in Australia

If you want to pursue a MS degree in Australia, learning about the tuition fees in advance will be a great benefit. Studying MS in Australia would cost between AUD 20000-AUD 50000 per year. It is a two-year degree programme in Australia.

How much does it cost to study Medicine in Australia?

However, if you want to study medicine in Australia, you need to pay more as it is the most expensive course in Australia. The medicine subject cost to Study in Australia will range from $30000- $80000 per year. The range is quite high as it takes much time to complete a medical degree. Sometimes it takes 6-7 years to complete.

How much does it cost to study MBA in Australia?

Usually, the cost to study for an MBA in Australia will range from AUD 48000- AUD 84648 per year. However, some universities will cost more than this.

Cost of living in Australia for international students

Do you know how much it costs to live in Australia as an international student? As an international student, when you want to study in Australia, you will get many on-campus residence facilities. Besides, you can also get many off-campus facilities where you can share an apartment or room with partners. The living cost usually varies from city to city. According to the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs, international students must prove they have AU$21,041 for living costs per year. If they bring a partner, they’ll need to add AU$7,362  to this figure, and if they have children, they’ll need to show you have an additional AU$3,152  for each child.

Health Insurance Cost to Study in Australia for international students

International students must get OSHC to take formal education in Australia with their dependents. This insurance is needed to cover the visit to the doctor, some hospital treatment, ambulance, and limited pharmaceuticals. The overseas student health cover starts from 500 AUD for students and each dependent 3000 AUD. So, this is the cost a student must keep while studying overseas in Australia.

Student visa cost to study in Australia

When you want to Study in Australia as an international student, you must need a student visa. The student visa will cost AUS $650.

Besides, before going to Australia, a student must complete the English language tests, do medical tests, and get a police clearance certificate. These are the costs that should also include the cost of studying in Australia.


How much money do I need for living costs to study in Australia?

The living cost usually depends on the location you choose to study in Australia.  However, an international student may need approximately 20000 AUD per year. And for living with family, they need to spend more than AUD 45000 per year.

Is Australia costly for international students?

The tuition fees in Australia are quite in range compared to other countries. However, living costs may be higher in some places.

How much bank balance is required to study in Australia?

The amount of bank balance you need to study in Australia usually depends on the tuition fees of a university and the living cost of the location you want to stay. However, your bank statement should cover the full fees, living expenses, visa application fee, health insurance, and flight plus minimum 10% in the account.

How much proof of income should I show to study in Australia?

When you want to study in Australia from Bangladesh, you must show proof of income of minimum $62222 for students and $72592 AUD while applying with a dependent.

What is the age limit to study in Australia?

There is no age limit for studying in Australia. A student can apply at any age. However, If a student is under 18, special conditions will apply in this case.

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