Which Country is best for Bangladeshi Students?

Studying abroad is a crucial decision. It takes lots of effort, courage, and qualification. One cannot take the decision of studying abroad randomly. The struggling part is to make the country choice. There are many top study abroad countries available. But yet, we get most inquiries on which country is best for Bangladeshi students? According to many experienced consultancy firms, among many top countries, the UK is specifically the best country for Bangladeshi students. Getting interested to know why? Well, this article will justify the reasons why to choose the UK over other countries.

Why study the UK? Which is the best country for Bangladeshi students?

Well, there are enormous positive reasons to study in UK from Bangladesh. And, undoubtedly, UK is the best for Bangladeshi students. There are no such advantages a student will not get by studying in the UK from Bangladesh. In short, as an international student, you will not feel uncomfortable or problematic while studying in the United Kingdom. The problems that usually make big issues are the food habit and religion practice. And that’s where the Bangladeshi students get advantage. There are many Bengali communities and restaurants available in the United Kingdom.

Low cost and affordable education for international students

Studying abroad means lots of expenditure. A student has to bear the cost of living and tuition fees. That’s where the UK comes as an advantage. Apart from London, there are many areas available in the UK where the living cost is quite low. Besides, the UK has many universities where studying is quite affordable and after getting the scholarship, the amount becomes low. Moreover, the UK is best for Bangladeshi students as a student can bear the cost by doing many part-time jobs.

Quality education from the world-class top universities

In terms of quality education, there is no competition with the United Kingdom. In the QS world university ranking, there are various top-ranked world universities available from the UK. This is another reason why the UK is best for Bangladeshi students. After getting a British degree, when students try for jobs, the employers will choose them over many candidates as their degree will prove the qualifications.

Multiple universities and courses

A student will definitely get pampered by the university and course choice in the UK. From the Russell group university to the most affordable one, choices of universities are huge. Besides, there are multiple course choices available. Furthermore, in terms of subject, no matter how unique the subject is, a student will definitely find it or a subject related to it in the UK universities. For this reason, it is undeniable that the UK is best for Bangladeshi students.

Easy admission process

The admission process in the UK is quite easy and simple. When a student meets the entry requirements, applying to a UK university is the easiest thing. And after that, a student can get the offer letter within a very short period. Besides, if any student lacks any qualification like the English language requirements or such things, on some condition he can obtain the conditional offer letter. After fulfilling the condition, he will get the unconditional one. So, for the non-English speaking students like Bangladeshi, the UK is the best country to enroll. If the academic and English language qualification is ok, then the UK is best for Bangladeshi students.

Best Study gap acceptable countries

The education system of Bangladesh is completely different from the education system of the UK. Due to session jam, preparations for competitive exams or job exams, unsatisfactory results, many students face a gap between their education. After that, when they want to take a degree abroad, it becomes difficult for them to enroll. But this reason makes the UK the best for Bangladeshi students. The UK is such a country that is quite flexible regarding study gaps.

Best cities to live in

Security is the main concern when a student wants to study abroad. In this case, the cities of the UK are among the best for Bangladeshi students in the world. From religious practice to having halal food, all things a student can find while studying in the UK. Besides, the UK government ensures high quality security to international students.

Part-time work opportunities

Studying abroad means a lot of investment. If a student wants to take a bachelor degree from Bangladesh to the UK, he needs to spend at least 30,00,000-35,00,000. Besides, for a master’s degree, 15,00,000 is the lowest to spend. In this case, a student from a developing country like Bangladesh must need some additional income to bear the cost. Studying only depending on the parent’s money is hardly tough. That’s why the UK government has provided a great opportunity for international students. A student can work 20 hours per week in the UK while studying. Besides, in holidays, one can work full time. This outstanding opportunity makes the UK best for Bangladeshi students.

Post study work opportunities

Only taking a degree is not sufficient to gain eligibility or proficiency. What you have learned needs to be implemented in real life work. This is the real advantage why the UK is best for Bangladeshi students. If you’ve completed a Master’s or bachelor’s degree from the United Kingdom, you will get 2 years of post study work permission there. At this time, you will get the freedom of working full time.

Short duration courses

As I mentioned, studying abroad is expensive. The more time you spend studying in a foreign country, the more money you will need. And that’s where the UK provides the best advantage. Getting a bachelor degree in the UK will take only 3 years whereas other countries need 4 years. This feature makes the UK the best for Bangladeshi students

A great country to practice own religion

For many students, religion plays a big role for their mental refreshment and contentment. Students often get frustrated if they don’t get an environment to practice religion. In many religious festivals they feel left alone. But in the UK, a student won’t get any restriction on religious practice. There are many Bengali communities available in the UK. It makes the UK the best for Bangladeshi students.

Best healthcare system

By providing healthcare insurance, a Bangladeshi student will get all types of healthcare facilities through the NHS. This is another most remarkable reason why the UK is the best for Bangladeshi students.

Reasonable accommodation system

The UK universities provide guaranteed accommodation for the international students through their university dormitory. Besides, there are many private and rented accommodations also available in the UK. That’s why the UK is best for Bangladeshi students.

Multiple scholarship opportunities

Getting a scholarship is not only prestigious but also financially rewarding. The UK provides many scholarships opportunities to international students. From merit based to country based, all types of scholarships are available in the UK and that\’s why it is best for Bangladeshi students.

So, if you want to study in the UK from Bangladesh, you can get any sorts of help through AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm. AIMS Education is directly partnered with many UK universities and can help a student to study in the UK effortlessly.


Can I work while studying in UK?

Yes, you can work while studying in the UK. There are many part-time job opportunities available in the UK for international students.

Can I get post study work opportunities in UK?

After completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the UK, you can get 2 years of post study work opportunities. After completing PhD, you can get 3 years of post study work opportunities.

Why UK is best than other countries?

There are many reasons why the UK is better than other countries. Such as: quality education, top rated universities, part-time work opportunities, PSW opportunities, and many more.

Why should I choose the UK to study abroad?

If you want to have a smooth education along with immense opportunities, you should choose the UK to study abroad.

Can I choose UK to pursue a Bachelor’s degree?

Yes, you can choose the UK to pursue a bachelor degree. There are various subjects available in the United Kingdom.

Can I avail healthcare benefits in the UK?

As an international student, if you have paid the IHS fee while applying for the visa, it will help you to get many healthcare benefits in the UK.

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