How much does it cost to study in Canada from Bangladesh

How much does it cost to study in Canada from Bangladesh

Canada is the most desired study destination for international students. Every year, many students attempt to get Canadian student visas. Many international students, especially Bangladeshi students want to know the estimated cost to study in Canada. So here is the general information on how much it costs to study in Canada from Bangladesh.

Cost to study in Canada

When you want to study in Canada, it’s not like you need to pay only the tuition fees and living expenses. Yes, definitely these two are the major costs and need a fat amount of money. But if you only prepare your budget regarding these two costs, you will be in trouble. Before these two, other major costs that you have to bear to follow the process are:

Before getting offer letter

Here are some steps you must follow before applying to a Canadian university and getting the offer letter. Without these steps, it is not possible to apply to a Canadian university. Here, you will get to learn about the cost to study in Canada before getting an offer letter from Bangladesh.

IELTS registration Fee

So, planning to study in Canada? Have you taken the IELTS or other equivalent test? Without taking an English language test, studying in Canada would be like building a castle in the air. And among the English language tests, IELTS is the one that is widely acceptable. So, to execute the plan of studying in Canada, you have to bear the cost of IELTS registration, which is approximately 20000 in Bangladesh. It is advisable to do registration and take the IELTS test as early as possible. When you have cleared the IELTS test and get the desired score, you can follow the other processes easily.

University application 

Now, when you have English language proficiency and are academically also set, then it’s high time to apply to the Canadian University. How many universities you need to apply to will depend on the programme you are applying. For undergraduate, you need to apply to at least 2-3 universities according to your choice. And for postgraduate, you must apply to 3-4 universities.

However, by keeping aside the university number to apply, let’s focus on the application fee. Canadian university applicant costs vary from university to university. But the approximated cost is $ 100- $150 CAD. While applying from Bangladesh, you need to spend a minimum of 8000-12000 Tk per university application. Let’s suppose you have applied to 3 universities. Then the cost will be 24000-35000 thousand. 

After getting offer letter

So, let’s assume you have got the offer letter. Congratulations!. Now some more cost of studying in Canada starts. After getting the offer letter, the next step is to process the visa application that should be started as early as possible. As the visa procedures are very stressful, the more sooner you start, the better.

Police clearance certificate cost

For a visa, at first you have to apply for the police clearance certificate. If you are a resident of Dhaka, you may need less time to get it than the resident outside of Dhaka. You may need to spend BDT 500 for this.

Cost of sending hardcopy of transcripts and certificates to study in Canada

You have to send the hard copy of the academic transcript and certificate. You may need to spend around BDT 3000 regarding it. This cost is for withdrawing the hardcopy of transcripts and certificates and sending them through DHL to the Canadian university. 

Fund Explanation:

Lawyer fee 

The lawyer fee is the most complicated document. Before knowing about the fees range, let’s know how a lawyer can help you. The main work of the lawyer is to make an affidavit by reviewing all your property and bank statements. Do you know what an affidavit is? So an affidavit is a commitment letter where the parents or guardian gives a commitment that if his/her child faces any financial crisis in Canada, they have the ability to provide all sorts of financial support.

The ability will be shown through the bank statement created by the lawyer or notary register. Besides, if you have any name discrepancy or need to translate any documents in English, the lawyer can help you in this regard. To do it, you have to pay a fee to the lawyer which is around BDT 5000. However, this is the general. The cost can be high or low.

CA Evaluation report cost

Though the CA Evaluation report is not a mandatory document, having it has many benefits when you are applying as an international student from Bangladesh. So what is the CA evaluation report? Through the CA evaluation report, the Chartered accountant will evaluate all your property and estimate a range about how much property you have. If you have money in the bank, it is very easy to show. But when you have real-estate investment, the CA evaluator will count all your assets that are not liquid and make an estimate of the total property value.

They will provide you with money where it will be shown how much money you have. Besides, when you show your CA evaluation report where you have a good amount of property, you can argue with the Canadian immigration authority that you have sufficient property in your home country and you will be back to your country after completing education in Canada. It will help you to get the visa easily. The cost of the CA evaluation report is between BDT 8000-10000. It can vary from time to time and according to your property.

Tax clearance documents cost

When you apply to an international country, to show that your money has come from a legitimate source, you have to show the tax clearance certificate and tax assessment papers. If you do not have this, you can take it from the tax office. The cost is not definite. But generally it may take around BDT 5000. However, it can be more or less.

While making visa application

When you make a visa application, you have to deal with some major costs. These costs are related to medical, visa application fees, and the biometric fees. Let’s learn about them properly-

Medical Cost to study in Canada

While making a visa application, it would be better if you do an upfront medical test. You can do it randomly from any place. Go through the CIC Canada Immigration website, find out the designated medical center to do the test. To do the test, it will cost around BDT 7500. The cost is not fixed. It can fluctuate.

Visa application submission cost

For visa application submission and biometric, an international student needs to pay $235 CAD. If you break down the fees, it would be like for a study permit, a student needs to pay $150 and $ 85 for biometric. On today\’s date, it will be worth around $17798. Besides, you may need to pay the visa consultancy fee also. As the dollar rate is changing continuously, its cost can be high or low with time. You can pay the fees through credit card.

Cost to study in Canada after getting the visa

So, you have got your visa to study in Canada. Congratulations. After getting the visa, I now start the arrangement of departure. You have to bear the plane fare, shopping cost. Besides, you must bring some money with you while arriving in Canada. 

Plane fare

After getting a visa, you have to arrange the plane fare. Usually the plane fare depends on the time or season, and how fast you arrange the plane ticket. There is no specific rate of plane fare. But approximately it can be 1,50,000 to 2,25,000. However, it can be more or less.


Shopping is a very personal thing. It varies from person to person. So for this, you have to fix some amount according to your necessities.

Cash in hand

When you arrive in Canada, you must bring some cash with you. It is very important because you cannot find a job instantly after arriving in the UK. Besides, if you do not get or take the on campus accommodation, you need to bear the accommodation cost too. Besides, transportation costs also matter. So it is advisable to bring at least 3-4 months’ cost with you.

Tuition fees and living costs to study in Canada- what should be the bank statement?

To study in Canada, in your bank statement, you have to show the tuition fees and living cost. Each university and programme has different tuition fees. Besides, In Canada, there are some regions where the living cost is higher than the other states. As a Bangladeshi student, you have to show a minimum 30-35 hundred thousand in the bank. However, if you can show more money it would be better.

You have to show the bank statement of 1 year tuition fees and living costs. Through your bank statement, you have to show the authority that your asset is more than your liability. A proper presentation and explanation will be enough to provide you with the visa.

So, if you want to study in Canada from Bangladesh, the experience counselors of AIMS Education can show you the best way to find the best university, course, and location.


How much money do I need to show to study in Canada?

Ans: As per Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees for undergraduate programmes in Canada is CA $29714 and the cost of postgraduate programmes is higher than this. These estimates are general ideas. Besides, the living cost also varies from region to region.
To know about the cost to study in Canada, go through the university website and learn about your chosen program’s tuition fees and living costs for 1 year. That’s how you will know how much you need to pay to get Canadian education. Mostly, the international student is required to pay the tuition fees of one semester.

Why should you study in Canada?

Ans:  The most important reason for studying in Canada is the high standard living and academic facilities.

What are the conditions of obtaining a student visa in Canada?

Ans: The condition of obtaining a student visa in Canada is the right documentation, English proficiency, academic standard, and proper financial statement.

Is Ielts required to study in Canada?

Ans: If you want to study at the top universities in Canada, you must have an IELTS score. However, now some Canadian universities or institutions enroll students without this requirements.

Is it required to get health insurance in Canada?

Ans: Getting health insurance is highly required in Canada as international students are not covered by the Government health insurance scheme.

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