UK Student Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students

UK Student Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Students 2024

The government of the UK provides an opportunity for international students to study in the UK. So, as a prerequisite for studying in the UK you must need a student visa from the government of the UK. 

Generally, the visa you need to study depends on your age and your course. But you should know the student visa requirements of the UK. So, to help you out, here we are giving types of visa and their requirements for the Bangladeshi students.

Types of Visa

Visa TypeThe eligible person
General student visaStudents who’s aged 16 or over and have an offer to study in a UK institution.
Short-term study visaStudents who have an offer to study in a short course in the UK. Like English language courses.

Eligibility Criteria for UK student visa requirements for Bangladeshi students

Before knowing the UK student visa requirements, you must know the eligibility criteria of getting a student visa from the UK. So, here we are giving the eligibility criteria for Bangladeshi students for having a student visa from the UK.

  • Have an unconditional offer letter of a selected university and a selected course
  • English language proficiency
  • Financial statement
  • For a short-term study visa, you must have to show the intention of leaving the UK within 30 days of your course completion.

Documents required for UK student visa for Bangladeshi students

As a Bangladeshi student, if you are applying for a student visa in the UK, you’ll need the following documents-

  • Current passport and other valid travel documentation
  • Proof of financial statement
  • CAS reference number and documents to obtain a CAS
  • Tuberculosis test certificate
  • English language certificate
  • All academic certificates
  • Documents checklist
  • Recommendation letter
  • Experience letter

Some additional documents you may also need if you are under 18 or if you are not the residents from where you are applying to or have your family with you. 

You must remember that as a Bangladeshi student, some of your documents may be written in Bangla but all the documents should be in English. So, you must translate all your documents in English before making an application.

English language requirements for UK student visa from Bangladesh

As a Bangladeshi student your native language is not English, so you must have to prove your English language proficiency for getting a student visa form the UK. Accepted IELTS score for Bangladeshi students is given below-

Types of VisaIELTS score
General student visa below degree levelUKVI IELTS 4.0 in each component
General student visa for Degree level or above
UKVI IELTS 5.5 in each component

If you have standard IELTS other than UKVI you must check the university requirements that you will apply for and the course of your choice. You can also give other English proficiency tests as per your preferred university requirements.

 That’s how AIMS Education can help you with UK student visa application

If you are a registered student of AIMS Education and have the offer letter from any of the partner universities of AIMS Education, we will guide you through the entire process of visa application. Our expert counselor will contact you and help you to prepare all the required documents. Our counselor will make sure that you are fully informed about the latest visa requirements and he/she will make a visa application for you so that you can get the visa smoothly.

Final words

The UK government has given the opportunity to the international students to study in the UK. For having a student visa in the UK you will need some requirements and you should follow some steps. So, you can always contact AIMS Education for a hassle free visa application. 


How much bank balance is required for a UK student visa from Bangladesh?

Ans: Student visa in the UK requires two types of bank statements for inside London and outside London. If you live inside London you have to show the expenses of 9 months (£1334*9) £12006 in total. But if you live outside London you have to show the expenses (£1023*9) £9207 in total.

How can I get a UK student visa from Bangladesh?

Ans:  As a Bangladeshi student, if you want to get a student visa form, you usually need a certificate of English language proficiency and the required bank balance according to the location of your university.

How long does it take for a UK student visa in Bangladesh?

Ans: To get a UK student visa from Bangladesh, you should apply 3 months prior to your course starts. And you can expect the decision after 5-60 days after the application.

Do I need IELTS for a UK student visa?

Ans: Every British college and university accepts IELTS. As you are a Bangladeshi student, you should need IELTS to prove your English proficiency.

What are the documents required for a VFS UK student visa?

Ans: You need the required copies of documents such as your current passport which should be valued for at least the next 6 months, an English proficiency certificate, and other required documents.

How much is a visa from Bangladesh to the UK?

Ans: The visa fee from Bangladesh to the UK generally depends on the visa type. Short-term visas may require low cost whereas general student visas require medium cost. And If you want to take your spouse with you it will cost double.

Can I submit a UK student visa online?

Ans:  According to the new rules of the UK government, Bangladeshi students must apply for a student visa online.

How long does it take for a UK student visa to be approved in Bangladesh?

Ans: The validity of a visa starts from the date of issue and not from the date of traveling. Bangladesh High Commission London generally takes 10 working days to issue a visa from the date of taking application.

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