How to study in the UK from Algeria?

How to Study in the UK from Nepal?

A large number of Algerian students get admission to the UK universities every year. Even the ratio of Algerian students studying in the UK is relatively high. Students aspiring for standard and higher education often choose the UK as the study destination. Let’s know how to study in the UK from Algeria.

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    Benefits to study in the UK from Algeria.

    Student’s often choose the United Kingdom because it provides unlimited benefits. As an international student, you will never regret choosing the UK as the study destination because of the plentiful advantages. Here we will know some of the benefits it provides to the students of Algeria.

    • World class universities are in the UK.
    • An incredibly diverse country
    • Short duration degree
    • Part-time work opportunities.
    • Post study work opportunities
    • Favorable weather conditions.
    • Top quality education
    • Various study options
    • Free medical treatment.
    • Industry related education

    Admission Process to study in the UK from Algeria.

    As an international student you have to go through a step-by-step admissions process to apply to a UK university. Generally, the process starts from proper research to getting a student visa. Let’s know about the admission process to study in the UK from Algeria.

    • Research on the universities and the courses. You should check the location, ranking, and facilities offered by the university.
    • Now by checking the entry requirements, fee, scholarships, CAS deposit and the installment plan, shortlist some universities and courses.
    • Finalize the few options and apply directly. If you find any difficulties, you can take the help of the experience agent and counselors of AIMS Education.
    • Get a conditional or the unconditional offer letter.
    • Pay the minimum (CAS) deposit.
    • For the CAS, provide the proof of funds and TB test certificate. Before getting a CAS, you may need to pass the Pre-CAS interview.
    • Apply for the visa once CAS is issued.
    • Get the visa and plan your travel.

    Entry requirements to study in the UK from Algeria.

    When you apply to a UK university from Algeria, you will need to match your academic and English language qualifications to the UK university’s entry requirements. However, different courses have different entry requirements. To study in the UK as an Algerian student, you must follow these general entry requirements.

    Undergraduate Courses

    Normally an Algerian student can study in the UK with the following qualifications. However, some programs will have slightly different requirements both in terms and overall points.


    • Diplôme de Technicien Superieur.
    • Baccalaureat de L’Enseignement Secondaire

    Postgraduate Courses

    The applicant for the taught programme usually needs a degree equivalent to a UK first degree in a relevant subject area. Usually, the UK accepts students who have a good grades in the following-


    Licence or Diplome.

    English language requirements to study in the UK from Algeria.

    • UKVI IELTS. Most of the courses require a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent with no band less than 5.5. Or IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 5.5 (some courses may require more) for undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
    • IFP 3 termsIELTS UKVI overall 4.5 and no less than 4.0 in any band.
    • IFP 2 terms: IELTS UKVI overall 5.0 and no less than 4.5 in any band.
    • International Year 1: Overall 5.5 and no less than 5.5 in any band.
    • Pre-Master: Overall 5.5 and no less than 5.5 in any band.

    Other English Language qualifications to study in the UK from Algeria

    • PTE Academic
    • Cambridge Advanced English
    • Trinity ISE or many more.

    Course options to study in the UK from Algeria.

    There are various course options available in the United Kingdom. Among them, a student can choose the one according to their requirements and choice. Such as:

    • Undergraduate
    • Postgraduate
    • 2 year Accelerated Degree
    • PhD/Research Degree
    • Integrated Masters.

    However, if you need a Pre-university education, you can take-

    • Foundation or Pathway.
    • Pre-masters
    • Pre-sessional English courses 

    Visa application steps to study in the UK from Algeria.

    Usually, a student can apply for the visa after getting a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. When you are confirmed by a British university, you are ready to apply for a visa. Let’s know the visa application steps to study in the UK from Algeria.

    • Choose the right visa for your trip.
    • Get started with your visa application.
    • Find out the amount you need to pay
    • Choose the visa application centers and make an appointment.
    • Upload all the supporting documents for free.
    • Visit the visa application center.
    • Track your application.
    • Collect your passport

    Essential application documents to study in the UK from Algeria.

    You are all set to apply for a visa! Acquiring a British degree is the final step to your dream. When making an application, you must provide some necessary documents to study in the UK from Algeria. The documents are-

    • Passport
    • All academic certificates and transcripts.
    • English proficiency documents.
    • CV
    • Reference letter
    • Personal statement
    • Portfolio ( For the course of Art and Design)

    ( If any documents are not in English, it must be translated by an official translator).

    Eligibility of a student visa to study in the UK from Algeria.

    As an Algerian student, you must have the following eligibility to apply for a student visa. Missing one of these following eligibility criteria can create problems in visa application.

    • Have an unconditional offer letter from the licensed sponsor.
    • Should be English language proficient.
    • Ample money to support yourself and your dependents in the UK.
    • Parental consent if you are under 18.

    Don’t worry if you are 16 or 17. If you want to study at a British independent school, you may need a Child Student Visa instead. 

    Visa documents you must provide to study in the UK from Algeria.

    With visa application, you must provide some necessary documents. However, The earliest you can apply for a visa from outside of the United Kingdom is 6 months before you start your course. Usually, you will get a decision within 3 weeks on your visa application.

    • An international passport.
    • Bank statement that confirms you have enough money to bear the tuition fees and living expenses.
    • Sponsorship undertaking, if someone is acting as a sponsor for your course.
    • A CAS reference number and documents that are needed to apply for a CAS.
    • A valid ATAS certificate if required.
    • Healthcare surcharge fee as a part of the application.
    • A certified translation of any documents if they are not in English.
    • CV and work reference ( if they have more than 3 years study gaps).
    • Tuberculosis test report if you are coming to the UK for more than 6 months.
    • If you are under 18, provide parental consent.
    • Provide proof of relationship if you are under 18.

    You may need to submit some additional documents if you are-

    • Not a citizen of the country you are applying from.
    • Under the age of 18.
    • Want to bring dependents with you.

    UK visa application centers to study in the UK from Algeria.

    When you apply for a British student visa from Algeria, you will get 2 visa application centers there. They are:

    • Algiers ( FTU)
    • Oran (MUP)

    The visa application center should be the same as your appointment.

    Priority visa services to study in the UK from Algeria.

    As the UKVI is experiencing significant demand for visas, your student visa application may take longer to process. In this case, you may apply for the priority visa service. Right now, Priority visa service is available for Algerian students to study in the UK. But to get this visa, you may need to pay some extra fees. With this visa service, you can get a visa within 5 working days.

    Study gap acceptance rate to study in the UK from Algeria.

    Don’t worry about the study gap. The United Kingdom is quite flexible regarding this. For a Bachelor degree, 2-3 years of study gaps are easily acceptable. And for the master’s degree, 5-7 years of gap don’t create any problems. However, if you have more study gaps than this with a solid justification, you can study in the UK easily.

    Scholarship availability to study in the UK from Algeria.

    The best thing about the United Kingdom is that it provides a plethora of scholarship opportunities for Algerian students. Getting a scholarship is itself a prestigious thing. Along with that, it also eases the cost of studying in a foreign country. Besides, unlike a loan, you won’t need to pay the scholarship amount back.  So the scholarships an Algerian student can find in the UK are:

    • British Council Scholarships.
    • Chevening Scholarships.
    • Fulbright Partnership Awards.
    • Commonwealth Scholarships
    • Talented Athlete entry scheme.

    Employment options to study in the UK from Algeria.

    An international student can work 20 hours per week while studying in the UK. Besides, during the semester break, a student can work full-time. Working while studying will help a student to gain more work experience which will help them in the long run. The benefits haven’t finished yet. After completing a degree, a student will get 2-3 years of post study work permission. To get this, a student must apply for the graduate route visa while staying in the UK.

    Graduate Route Visa eligibility to study in the UK from Algeria.

    To apply for the graduate route visa in the UK from Algeria, a student must have some required eligibility. 

    • You must be in the United Kingdom
    • Your current visa should be the general student visa.
    • For a minimum period of time, you must have a Bachelor, Masters, or other qualifying degree.

    To apply for a graduate route visa, you must need one of the following courses.

    • A British undergraduate degree.
    • A British postgraduate degree.
    • A British PhD or Doctoral degree.

    You can also apply if you have completed one of the following-

    • a law conversion course approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority
    • the Legal Practice Course in England and Wales, the Solicitors Course in Northern Ireland, or a Diploma in Professional Legal Practice in Scotland
    • the Bar Practice Course in England and Wales, or the Bar Course in Northern Ireland
    • a foundation programme in medicine or dentistry
    • a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
    • a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE

    Regulations on a graduate route visa.

    Many international students want to study in the UK because it provides a great opportunity with a graduate route visa. But you cannot do everything with this graduate route visa. There are some permissions and prohibitions regarding the graduate route visa. Such as-

    With a graduate route visa you can-

    • Work in most jobs.
    • Look for work.
    • Be self employed.
    • Staying with the dependents.
    • Do voluntary work.
    • Travel other countries and return to the United Kingdom

    With a graduate route visa you cannot-

    • apply for the state pension or public fund.
    • Work as a professional sports person.
    • Study at an academy or a local authority-funded school ( also known as a maintained school)

    Can I apply for a student visa without any bank statement to study in the UK from Algeria?

    Yes, if you can submit an education loan letter from a recognized financial institution confirming the education loan, you can apply for the visa with that loan letter. According to the Immigration Rules, here is the evidence of financial sponsorship or student loans for students.

    1. An applicant relying on a student loan under must  show evidence of the student loan by providing a student loan letter from the lender which must:

    (a) be dated no more than 6 months before the date of application; and

    (b) confirm the loan is a student loan provided to the applicant by either the relevant government or a government sponsored student loan company or an academic or educational loans scheme; and

    (c) confirm there are no conditions on release of the loan funds other than a successful application to study in the Great Britain as a Student or Child Student; and

    (d) confirm the amount of the loan; and

    (e) confirm the loan is to the applicant; and

    (f) confirm the funds will be:

    (i) before traveling to the UK; the fund should be available to the applicant, or

    (ii) before the applicant travels to the United Kingdom, paid it directly to the student sponsor with any living cost portion of the loan being made available to the applicant by the time they arrive in the UK; or

    (iii) if the loan is provided by the applicant’s national government, it should be available before the applicant begins their course ; and

    (g) confirm the lender meets the requirement at FIN 8.3(c).

    Accommodation facilities to study in the UK from Algeria.

    Students often get worried about accommodation when they approach to study in a foreign land. But a student can easily adapt in the UK as it provides many accommodation facilities to the international students. For the first year students, it provides guaranteed accommodation facilities. Besides, there are many private rentals also available in the UK if you are uncomfortable staying in the halls of residence or student’s dormitories.

    If you are looking for a private rental in the United Kingdom, you can contact AIMS Education-a student consultancy firm. AIMS Education has a direct partnership with amberstudent-a private accommodation agency in the UK. We can help you to have the best accommodation according to your choice

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    Ans: An Algerian student must require 70 points to obtain a student visa in the United Kingdom. These points are divided into 3 categories. Such as:
    ● CAS-50.
    ● English-10
    ● Financial documents-10.

    Ans: You should follow some tips to pass the credibility interview to study in the UK from Algeria. Let’s know about the tips-
    ● Make a good impression.
    ● Communicate clearly.
    ● Speak fluently in English.
    ● Provide good information about your school and program.
    ● Prove you have intention to return to your home country after completing a degree.
    ● Be genuine.
    ● Stay positive
    ● Keep your answers clear and precise.

    Ans: 1. Course fees for the first year and up to 9 months of living expenses.
    Living expense for London-based university- {(13349)=12006}
    Living expense for outside of London- {(10239)=9207}

    For example, if your course fee is £14000 and you have paid £4000. To study at a London-based university, the total amount you need to show is £22006.

    Ans: If your application is successful, you will get either:
    ● A biometric residence permit- if you gave your biometric information at a visa application center.
    ● A digital immigration status which you can view and prove online-if you used the ‘UK Immigration: ID check app.

    Ans: Yes, for the Algerian students, a tuberculosis test report is mandatory for a UK visa application. You must be tested by a clinic that is approved by the Home Office.

    Ans: It usually takes 3 weeks to get a decision on a UK student visa.

    Ans: The popular courses the students choose in British universities are Business, Economics, Management, Law, Sociology, Psychology, English Literature, Engineering, Medicine, and many more.

    ● Account holder name.
    ● Account number.
    ● Closing and opening balance.
    ● Issue date.
    ● Start and end date.
    ● Currency name.
    ● Bank stamp.
    (The amount should be a minimum of 28 days, not older than 30 days on the day of visa application.)

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