Human Resource Management in the UK

Human Resource Management in the UK

Human Resource Management is a program that provides training, instruction and prepares the students to manage an organization’s human assets. Since people are the biggest resource of any organization, managing them is crucial for the smooth function of any organization. And this is the main reason for this course for having the huge demand internationally. 

If you want to study In the UK, this article will be very much helpful to you as every information about HRM including career opportunities are covered here.

Why Study Human Resource Management in the UK?

HRM emphasis on the fact that, HR practitioners can be the champion of ethical HRM, employee welfare, and responsible business. The students of HRM in the UK get the opportunity to examine in depth HRM issues and practices from an organizational context.It helps the students to become a future leader to manage an organization and its manpower. Besides this courseis mostpopular in the UK so the HRM graduates have numerous career prospects in the UK and around the World. 

Universities that offer Human Resources Management in the UK

The UK is a popular study destination for students around the world. Many universities in the UK offer Human Resource Management courses both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Such as-  

Popular Human Resource Management Programs in the UK

Human Resource Management is most hyped in the UK as almost every organization needs an HRM officer to manage people in the organization. Many universities offer HRM programs in different names. Such as- 

  • International Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Psychology
  • International Business and Human Resource Management
  • Management with Human Resources
  • Organizations, Systems and People
  • Human Resources with Employment Law
  • International Business Management with HRM
  • Intercultural Business Communication
  • Global Human Resource Management etc.

So, if you want to study HRM, you can also take one of  these courses because these are the other names of HRM. 

Cost of studying Human Resource Management in the UK

HRM is a course that is mostly offered by almost all UK universities. The cost of studying HRM generally varies from university to university and the level of study. So here we are giving the tuition fees of some universities that offer HRM.

Tuition Fees
Ulster University
Birmingham City UniversityFor UG- £ 13,980
For PG- £ 16,870
Canterbury Christ Church£ 14,500
Roehampton UniversityFor UG- £15,000
For PG- £15,850
University of South WalesFor UG- £13,700
For PG- £14,500
York St John UniversityFor UG- £13,000
For PG- £13,000
Swansea UniversityFor UG- £ 17,750
For PG – £20,000
Coventry UniversityFor UG – £ 16,800
For PG – £18,250
For MBA – £ 20,500
Hertfordshire UniversityFor UG – £ 14,000
For PG – £ 14,750
University of PortsmouthFor UG – £ 16,200
For PG – £ 17,200

Entry requirements for international students to study Human Resource Management in the UK

As an international student you should need two types of requirements such as Academic and English requirements. So to help you out, here we are giving two entry requirements.

Academic Requirements

If you want to study Undergraduate program in HRM in the UK you will need to have a minimum HSC/ A levels pass certificate. 

If you want to study a postgraduate program in HRM in the UK you will need to have a 4 years of bachelor degree with minimum 2:2 or above.

However the academic entry requirements should be based on your country and accepted in the UK. So you should always check the university website to check the entry requirements according to your country.

English Requirement

For undergraduate programs you need to achieve a minimum IELTS score 6.0 with not less than 5.5 and for postgraduate you will need to achieve a minimum IELTS score 6.5 with not less than 6.0. However some universities accept IELTS overall 6.0 for Undergraduate and some may require higher. You can also give other English language tests if those are acceptable in the university of your choice.

Career Prospects of Human Resource Management

HRM is a popular program around the world. HRM graduates can have numerous career opportunities in the UK or in other countries. Almost every company needs a HRM officer to maintain the organization\’s internal environment. Career prospect that a HRM graduate can have are-

  • Human resources assistant
  • Compensation specialist
  • Training coordinator
  • Payroll specialist
  • Employee relations manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Occupational psychologist and so on

Final Words

Human Resource Management has huge demand internationally and it is one of the most hyped courses in the United Kingdom. So if you are worried about the universities that provide the best HRM courses in the UK, you can always contact AIMS Education. AIMS Education is a trusted consultancy firm that will help you to find the best university for your preferred course according to your eligibility and requirement.


What is Human Resource Management in the UK?

Ans: Human Resource Management is a program that provides training, instruction and prepares the students to manage an organization’s human assets.

Is HRM a good career in the UK?

Ans: Yes, because Organizations around the world are thriving for HRM as it plays the most important role in maintaining an organization’s internal environment.

Is Human Resource Management in demand in the UK?

Ans: HRM professionals are getting more importance in the UK because they play a vital role to maximize the profit of any organization. So, HRM is the most hyped course in the UK.

Cost of studying HRM in the UK?

Ans: Almost every university in the UK offers Human Resource Management courses and the cost range is medium to high. You will find many universities in the UK offering HRM with a very affordable budget.

Which institute in the UK is best for HRM?

Ans:  Best universities in the UK that offer HRM with a very affordable budget-
• Ulster University 
• Birmingham City University
• York St John University
• University of South Wales
• Canterbury Christ Church University

Which country is best for HRM?

Ans: Some best countries that offer Human Resource Management-
• United Kingdom
• United States
• Canada
• Australia

Does human resources pay well in the UK?

Ans:  Salaries for HR officer HR manager ranges from £ 25,000 – £ 55,000 depending on the organization.

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