Grab Your Opportunity to Study MRes at Northumbria University with Dependants

Grab Your Opportunity to Study MRes at Northumbria University with Dependants

Do you want to study MRes in the UK? If yes, here are some great announcements for you. As per the UKVI policy, students applying for masters by research, MPhil, Ph.D., and DBA will be able to apply for dependents. There are a lot of universities in the UK that offer research programs for international students. This guidance will help you to know everything about studying MRes at Northumbria University with dependents. So, if you are planning to Study MRes at Northumbria University this guidance will help you a lot. 

Why should you study MRes at Northumbria University?

Want to study MRes in the UK? Then Northumbria University can be the best option for you. Let’s explore the reason why you should choose Northumbria University for studying research.

  • If you really want to learn how to do research, an MRes is perfect. It’s great if you’re thinking about doing a PhD later on. 
  • While an MA or MSc has a project, an MRes gives you a lot more practice with research. It also teaches you a lot more about research, so when you start a PhD, you’re ready to go.
  • On the other hand, you might pick an MRes because you’re not interested in doing a PhD. 
  • Many jobs like it when you know how to do research, but doing a full three-year PhD may be too much. An MRes gives you a shorter, more focused way to learn research skills.

How long does an MRes Program at Northumbria University take?

In general, Northumbria University offers a full-time MRes program. That usually takes one year to complete. Some programs are part-time which usually takes 2 years to complete. 

Popular MRes Programs at Northumbria University

Want to study MRes at Northumbria University? Here are some popular courses for MRes at Northumbria University.

  • History MRes
  • English Literature MRes
  • Design MRes
  • Arts MRes
  • Psychology MRes

Entry Requirements to Study MRes at Northumbria University

Have you checked your eligibility to study MRes at Northumbria University? If not, please go through the eligibility criteria below:

Academic requirements

A minimum of a 2:1 honors degree or equivalent in a relevant field. You have to write about what you want to study so we can find the right person to help you.

English requirements

If you’re from another country, you need to have at least a score of 6.5 overall in the IELTS test for academic purposes, with at least 6 in each part.

Cost to study MRes at Northumbria University

As an international student, you may always think about the cost of studying a research program abroad. Here is the cost to study MRes at Northumbria University. The MRes program at Northumbria University usually costs £18,250 for international students. 

Wrap up

When you’re doing an MRes, you’ll have some classes like those in an MA or MSc. But most of your time will be spent on big research projects, kind of like what you do for a PhD. Many international students are now very keen to study MRes or DBA abroad. Here we’ve mentioned every criterion for studying MRes at Northumbria University. So, if you want to study a research program in the UK you can always contact AIMS Education

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