Study Social Work Courses in the UK

Study Social Work Courses in the UK

Social work is a subject from which the students get training to devote themselves and help vulnerable people through challenges they face in their everyday life. A social work degree is very important to make significant changes in a society. Nowadays, many international students want to take this degree to create a strong positive impact in society. Let’s know about social work courses in the UK.

About Social work course

Social work is a course that will enable you to practice as a social worker. Social work involves a flexible approach to meeting the needs of individuals, groups or communities. This social work degree is concerned with developing a range of skills to meet the National Professional Standards for Social Work. Student learning is informed by research-informed evidence related to law, theory and social work knowledge, skills and values ​​and related to experiences gained through social work practice learning opportunities.

Top reasons to study a social work course in the UK

There are many reasons you should take a social work course in the UK. Such as:

  • You can study some of the best UK universities that provide the top quality education
  • The admission criteria is not too rigid or hard as there is a strong need for social workers in the UK
  • Job opportunities are immense in this sector and the employers will give you more priority when you have this degree from UK
  • You will get valuable transferable skills
  • The demand of social workers are high
  • The learning facilities you will get from the university are authentic and delivered by the experienced
  • As the subject is quite demanding in the UK, you will find many job or internship opportunities during your study
  • There are many social work internships and placement opportunities available.

Career opportunities in social work in the UK

Jobs in social work are very interesting. And as an international student, you will get various internships and job opportunities in the UK. Social work graduates can find employment in various sectors in charity both in the public and private sector. Depending on the specialization in your course, you will get jobs in this sector. Usually, social workers work with adults, people with learning disabilities, homeless people, orphans, and abused people. Here are some best career in social work-

  • Medical social worker
  • Social science researcher
  • Community service manager
  • Health service administrator
  • Mental health technician/counselor
  • Speech therapist
  • Family counselor
  • School social worker
  • Child and family therapists and many more.

Entry requirement to study social work course in the UK

For Undergraduate Students:

Here is the general entry requirement for the undergraduate degree. Each university has country-based entry requirements too. Besides, entry requirements may vary from country to country.

A Levels
CDD/BBB/BBC ( the university and colleges most commonly ask for BBC)
BTECLevel 3 Extended Diploma-DMM
Access15 distinction and 30 Merits
International Baccalaureate29/30 points
UCAS Point104-120
GCSEGrade requirement 9-4/A*-C including English language and Mathematics.

English language requirement:

IELTS 7.0 with no component below 5.5. Other English language requirements are also acceptable.

For Postgraduate Students:

Honors degree 2:1 or above in any discipline.

2:2 degree classification may be considered on an individual basis with work experience.

English language requirement:

IELTS 7.0 with no component below 5.5. Other English language requirements are also acceptable.

Which universities provide social work courses in the UK?

There are many UK universities that provide social work courses in the UK. The number of universities is quite long. Here I have listed some popular but affordable UK universities that provide this course with the tuition fees. However, the tuition fees are subject to change. So it will be better to check the website for the up to date information.

Undergraduate Course

Postgraduate course

Cost to study social work in the UK

Undergraduate: The general range is £14000-£21000

Postgraduate: The general range is £14500-£33000

Besides, living costs are also a concern for international students while studying in the UK. While making a budget, it also should be kept in mind. Studying inside of London will require £1334 per month (up to 9 months), and £1023 per month for outside of London.

What are the common social work skills?

These are the common social work skills a social worker must have. Such as:

  • Listening and communication
  • Understanding and sensitivity
  • Strong patience and ability to handle tough situations
  • The ability to accept criticism and handle work pressure.
  • Resilience
  • Problem solving skills
  • Time management skills
  • Research skills
  • Multi tasking skills
  • Analytical skills

How can I become a social worker after the completion of a social work course in the UK?

Social work is a highly demanding job in the UK. The social worker is a protected job title in the UK. It means you must get some certain training to become a social worker. To find a job in the social work sector, a candidate will need either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. However, your degree will need to be approved by one of the four regulators depending on the region you work or study. Such as:

  • England- Social Work England
  • Wales- Social Care Wales
  • Northern Ireland- Northern Ireland Social Care Council
  • Scotland-Scottish Social Services Council

Final Word

So, in short, if you want to be in demand in the job sector, then studying social work in the UK could be the best decision you have ever made. If you need any help regarding this course, AIMS Education-a student consultancy firm can help you in a great way. Our expert counselors can show you the right university to take this course.


What are the reasons for studying social work in the UK?

Ans: The main reason for studying social work in the UK is the quality education it provides to the international students. There are many reasons too for choosing this course. Such as: the demand for social workers is very high, top UK universities and colleges offer these courses, tuition fees are quite affordable, and job opportunities are huge.

Do I need IELTS to study social work in the UK?

Ans: An IELTS is a standard English language test. But it is not only an option. There are other English language qualifications also acceptable. Such as PTE, TOEFL IBT, Passward, Cambridge Advanced English, and many more.

Is a social work course difficult?

Ans: Yes, academically it is hard in comparison to other degrees. You will find many challenging assignments. If you are passionate and have a strong mental ability, you will benefit from this course. However, you also may curse your decision to choose the course if you are not passionate enough.

Do I need mathematical proficiency in Social work?

Ans: If you have minimum knowledge in mathematics, you can study social work. You don’t need to have strong mathematical proficiency to choose this course.

Which field is best for social work?

Ans: Community social work, mental health, administration and management, health care, legal and criminal justice are some best fields of social work. However, the sector you have more passion for can be the best field to show your expertise.

Is it worth studying social work?

Ans: Definitely it is worth studying. Nowadays, social issues are arising and many societies are in need of help for restoration. So if you have a humanitarian soul and are passionate about working for social well-being, then you will succeed in studying this course.

What are the 3 key skills of social work?

Ans: Patience, understanding, and communication are three skills of social work in the UK.

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