The Biggest AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Dhaka

The Biggest AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Dhaka

The Biggest AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Dhaka

Studying in the UK is the dream of many abroad study aspiring students. It is because the UK is providing tremendous opportunities to international students. Even a student can study in the UK with a huge study gap or unsatisfactory results. Besides, it has world-class universities with quality teaching. 

There are unbounded benefits of attending our biggest AIMS UK Education Expo 2022 in Dhaka. We are arranging this expo for the students who think studying abroad is a complicated process and need a reliable source to drive away these complexities.

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    Why should you visit the AIMS UK education expo 2022?

    Before knowing why to visit the biggest AIMS UK education 2022 in Dhaka, we should know when this outstanding expo will take place. So, our grandest expo will be held on July 30th at Hotel Sarina from 11 am to 5 pm. At this expo, you will get the answer to all your inquisition on UK education and can find a university that will be your best fit.

    Benefits of participating in AIMS UK education Expo 2022

    You might be interested to know what will make the difference if you participate in AIMS UK Education Expo 2022, right? And you may wonder why we are organising this magnificent expo. So the answer is that, on the web, you will get the general information. But attending our expo, you will get directly authentic and in-detail information from the 100+ UK university representatives. Besides, the expo is the best opportunity to check your qualification and know how much percentage of scholarships you can get.

    Let’s know the benefits of participating AIMS UK education expo 2022 in Dhaka. This is a highly requested expo from the UK- study aspiring students in Dhaka. As we have experienced a huge response from our previous expo, we hope it will be more successful. 

    • Meet the university representatives directly

    At this expo, you will get the chance to meet the university representative directly. As we invite the prestigious representatives from the 100+ UK universities, you will get information in detail regarding university, courses, scholarships, accommodation, tuition fees, living costs, etc. Moreover, you will get honest advice from the representatives and counsellors on the university and course selection.

    • Learn about the location and universities

    Location and the university are the most important things for an international student. Location is important because when you live inside London, it will charge you more. Besides, when you stay outside of London, it will cost you comparatively less. Another crucial task is to choose the university. Before choosing a university, a student often thinks about some key facts such as tuition fees, university rank, location, scholarships, the course he wants to take etc. When you attend our AIMS UK education expo 2022 in Dhaka, you will get the most updated and authentic information regarding them.

    • Match your eligibility to the entry requirements

    Enrolling in a UK university must match your eligibility to the university’s entry requirements. The entry requirement of a university usually includes some essential things like the English language proficiency, academic result, course availability, study gap, intake etc. So to know them elaborately and precisely, our AIMS UK education expo 2022 is the best platform for you.

    • Learn about the study gap.

    Due to their study gap, many overseas aspiring students often get uninspired to relive their dream of studying in the UK. Besides, students who have unsatisfactory results also lose their hope of taking a UK degree. But in reality, the UK is such a country where a student can study with a huge study gap. There are many ways to cover up the study gap or poor results. Such as foundation, pre-masters, pre-sessional English etc. Now tell me, how come will you know about the appropriate solution for you? Here I am to show you the way. Visit our AIMS UK education expo 2022. It’s the bundle of your all answer.

    • Take suggestions from the expert on your eligibility.

    Do you think anyone can provide you with the most accurate information on UK education than the people who represent the universities? No matter your qualifications, you will get accurate suggestions ( mostly positive ones) from our delegates from more than 100+ UK universities.

    • know about the scholarships

    Isn’t the financial worries affect you the most when deciding to study abroad? With tuition fees, there is also the tension of living costs. Only a well-percentage of scholarships can resolve this perplexing situation. A student can apply for many scholarships in the UK. Besides, while applying through AIMS Education, you will get a standard amount of scholarship from us. Moreover, the UK representatives can also offer you a handsome scholarship. So visit our AIMS UK education expo 2022 in Dhaka.

    • Get to know an estimated cost of UK education.

    Knowing the overall cost while studying in the UK is very important. It will help you to make financial arrangements. So by participating in the expo, you can get a thorough idea of the total cost, including the tuition and living costs. 

    • Learn about UK’s accommodation system.

    The matter of accommodation is another big problem for international students. When you visit our expo, you will get the chance to interact with the university representatives directly. From them, you will know what type of accommodation their university provides. Besides, if you want to take a private accommodation in the UK, the good news is that we have a partnership with amberstudent- a private accommodation supplier in the UK. So to know about the accommodation system and its cost, visit our AIMS UK Education expo 2022.

    • Learning about the earning method in the UK

    For an international student, earning while studying is very important to manage costs in the UK. Usually, a student can work 20 hours per week. Besides, a student can get a job inside the university also. Our honourable representatives will inform you about the work opportunities in the UK.

    • Spot assessment

    If you participate in our AIMS UK education expo 2022, you can assess all your academic documents on the spot. They will not only assess your documents but also suggest courses if you have less eligibility. Our delegates will hear your future plan and offer you courses that match your plan.

    • Spot application

    If all your eligibility matches the entry criteria of your selected university, the university representatives can make a spot application for you. So come to our AIMS UK education expo with all the necessary documents.

    How much do I need to pay to attend this expo?

    Many students avoid participating in an expo because they think it requires paying the entry fees. So for your information, we are delightfully declaring that our expo is free of cost. Besides, join our AIMS UK education expo and get attractive gifts from us.

    How will the representative communicate with you?

    By participating in our expo, you will get a chance to interact with the 100+ university representatives from the UK directly. They will directly answer all your question.

    What if you missed the expo?

    Participating in our biggest AIMS UK education expo 2022 will be the best decision for your academic and career life. But what if you missed the chance to visit our expo. Don’t worry. We have experienced and expert counsellors. You can undoubtedly get authentic information and help from them also.

    How much service charge do I have to pay to AIMS Education for processing in the UK?

    We have direct and thorough partnerships with 100+ UK universities. So, we don’t take any service charges from the student by processing their files. 

    So, don’t miss our biggest AIMS UK education expo 2022 in Dhaka. From 11 am to 5 pm, we will be there full time. Come anytime with all the necessary documents.


    Ans: An education expo is a great platform where all the university representatives gather together under the same umbrella to help students with authentic information and guideline.

    Ans: The UK offers multiple opportunities for international students. The best thing about the UK is that it offers shorter degrees, quality education, PSW opportunities etc.

    Ans: Besides IELTS, other English proficiency tests are available to study in the UK. Such as Duolingo, OIETC, PTE, Internal test, TOEFL, etc. However, some UK universities also accept MOI. So, visit our expo to know about the English proficiency test.

    A. University of Portsmouth
    B. The University of South Wales,
    C. University of Suffolk
    D. University of Creative Arts
    E. University of Brighton

    A. Bangor University
    B. Birmingham City University
    C. De Montfort University
    D. London South Bank University
    E. Robert Gordon University
    F. Staffordshire University
    G. University of Birmingham
    H. University of Chester
    I. University of Hertfordshire
    J. University of Leeds
    K. University of Westminster
    L. the University of the West of England

    Ans: Yes, there are many universities in the UK that accept Duolingo as an English language proficiency test.

    Ans: Yes, you can bring your spouse/ civil partner or child to the UK as your dependents. They can work and study there with you.

    Ans: There is no entry fee to participate in the AIMS UK education expo 2022.

    Ans: Yes, AIMS Education has a direct partnership with many UK universities. Such as-

    1. Ulster London and Birmingham
    2. Northumbria University London
    3. Northumbria University’s main campus
    4. Canterbury Christ Church University
    5. University of South Wales
    6. Durham University
    7. Robert Gordon University
    8. University for the Creative Arts
    9. University of Gloucestershire
    10.University of Huddersfield London
    11. Hult International Business School
    12. Swansea University
    13. De Montfort University

    Ans: AIMS UK education expo 2022 will take place on July 30th at Hotel Sarina from 11 am to 5 pm.

    Ans: Yes, you should bring all your academic documents to the expo to check your eligibility.

    Ans: There is no registration fee to join Dhaka’s biggest AIMS UK education expo 2022.

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