Top 10 Reasons to Study in the UK

Top 10 Reasons to Study in the UK

When a student intends to study abroad, the UK is one of the few countries that always comes first to mind. Yet, as studying abroad is the most important decision in a person’s life, the choice could be crucial. Here are the top 10 reasons to studying in the UK for international students are given. We hope your inquisition and confusion will drive away after learning about them.

But before finding out the reason for studying in the UK, it will be more convenient for the students to learn about the education system. Let’s know about the outstanding education system of the UK.

Education System in the UK

The British education system is divided into 4 parts. They are- Primary education, Secondary education, Further education, and Higher education. Primary education begins at the age of 5 and continues to the age of 11. Secondary education starts in the UK at year 11 and continues to the age of 16. 

After completing primary and secondary education, students have the option to take further education. After completing GCSE, he can chase A-level, Btech or the same qualification to extend degrees and gain work opportunities. The last part is Higher education. There are many top universities available in the UK that provide higher education for local and international students.

Now, as we know about the education system in the UK, let’s learn about the top 10 reasons to study in the UK.

Top-class prestigious, and renowned universities.

If you go through the world university ranking or university league table, you will find many top-ranked universities belonging to the UK. According to the QS World University Ranking 2023, the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London, and The University of Edinburgh are in the top 15. In the UK, a student can find more than 100+ UK universities. Among them, an international student can choose the best one to study. This is one of the top reasons to study in the UK.

High-quality and real-life-based education and qualification.

International students want to study abroad to get a high-quality education. Another reason to study in the UK is the world-renowned universities that provide top-class education. Taking a degree from a world-class teacher who will help you to refine your critical and creative thinking to be successful in your academic and career life. Your education won’t be limited to theory-based learning. Besides, there are many opportunities available while studying in the UK to gain real-life work experience.

International students are warmly welcomed and can experience a unique culture.

Studying abroad will be a soothing experience for students if they feel comfortable in a foreign country. The UK welcomed international students warm-heartedly. UK university campus is a contemporary home to international students. Even a recent survey shows that the UK is overwhelmingly positive for international students. Besides, in the UK, a student will find different types of cultures which are increasingly diverse. Besides, you will find different types of foods to explore. You cannot set aside this reason while deciding to study in the UK.

Work opportunities for students

Many students step backwards on their decision to study abroad. This is because studying in another country means one has to bear the expense of education and living costs there. And in a foreign land, it’s not an easy job to find an incoming source. However, one of the top reasons to study in the UK is the post-study work opportunities they give to the students. After completing education in the UK, a student can stay for two years there and work. Besides, while studying, a student can work up to 20 hours per week. During holidays or semester gaps, a student can work as much as they want or a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Shorter Degrees.

If you want to complete your education and take a degree soon, then the UK should be your top choice. In the UK, except in Scotland, it takes 3 years to complete a degree. It is the reason why many aspiring students abroad choose the UK. You can take a degree here quicker than in Canada and the USA. Thus these shorter degrees help you to save money on living costs and tuition fees.

Free Healthcare benefits.

If you get a UK education for more than 6 months, you can get free NHS healthcare services there. It gives you the privilege of getting free medical facilities during your time there. All you need to do is register when you arrive in the UK. This is another beneficial reason to choose UK education.

Enhance your career with a high rate of employability.

The best reason to study in the UK is the work proficiency it gives to the students. Besides, employers like people with a UK degree. So after completing your education, you can easily get a job. Besides, education here is not only theory-based but also work-based. Many UK degrees offer work placement opportunities. So you will be industry-ready before entering into a job sector.

The best country to learn English.

The UK is such a country where the medium of communication is English. So when you study in a country like this, you will be proficient in English. Your speaking, writing, and reading capability will be highly enriched. As English is an international language, your fluency will make you a high standard and increase your value and priority in an employer’s eye. Isn’t it a good reason to choose the UK?

Financial benefits and scholarships.

The UK offers many scholarship opportunities to international students. There can be university-given scholarships or merit scholarships. Besides, there are many grants and student loans also available. Moreover, as this country provides education in a short period of time, a student can complete a degree soon and save additional money. While studying there, a student can work part-time to earn money. And after completing education, 2 years of post-study work permission is also available.

In short, there are innumerable benefits of UK education. Besides, there are a bunch of reasons to choose the UK as a study destination. A student can barely find one or two reasons why not studying here. Another remarkable reason to study here is the facilities it has given to the dependents. A student can bring dependents to study here. And a dependent can work and study full time in the UK.

If you are interested in getting a British education, AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, can help you. AIMS Education has a direct partnership with many top-rated UK universities. Besides, we don’t take any service charges from students while processing their UK visas.

Q. How many hours can a student work in the United Kingdom?

Ans: During university term time, a student can work up to 20 hours per week. During the semester break or holidays, one can work full time or up to 40 hours per week there.

Q. What are the benefits of studying in the UK?

Ans: There are innumerable benefits of studying here, such as excellent teaching quality, industry-related education, post-study work permission, and many more. These are the top reason to get a UK education.

Q. Can I take a UK education without IELTS?

Ans: Yes, you can study in the United Kingdom without IELTS. If you have over 70% score in English in your high school ( XI-XII), then you can study at many of the UK universities without any English proficiency test. However, without IELTS, there are other English tests available such as OIETC, Duolingo, PTE etc. If you are a recent graduate and have MOI certificates, you can study here without any tests.

Q. What is CAS?

Ans: CAS stands for Confirmation of Acceptance for studies. If you get a CAS, it means the university is enrolling you as a student.

Q. How much old fund is required to apply for a visa for UK education?

Ans: To apply for a visa, a 28-days old fund is required. The fund should be the exact amount to cover 1 year of education and living costs.

Q. Is it hard to get a UK student visa?

Ans: If you match all the requirements properly and do not have any criminal records, then you can easily get a UK student visa.

Q. Can I study in the UK with a study gap?

Ans: Yes, you can study with a study gap. For a bachelor’s degree, 2 years of study gaps are acceptable. And for a Master’s degree, 5-7 years of gaps are easily acceptable by most UK universities. If your gap is more than that for a bachelor’s, you can still study by doing a foundation degree.

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