UK Student Visa Rejection reasons

UK Student Visa Rejection reasons

Are you interested in studying in the UK but afraid of visa rejection? Want to know the UK student visa rejection reason? Students get worried about visa rejection, and that’s why they often ignore the extensive visa process. I know what’s going on in your mind. Don’t worry. We are here to help you so that you can successfully get a visa and study in the UK.

Follow the given information and tips here to know the reason for UK student visa rejection and successfully obtain your student visa to study in the UK.

Let\’s know some common UK student visa rejection reasons

Give proper attention to the guideline before applying for a visa. Learn everything properly, and most importantly, cross-check the application paper before submitting it finally. Most of the students make mistakes in the application. Here are some common application errors that will be the reason for UK student visa rejection.

  • Submitting photocopies of the original documents. You may provide the scan copies of your original documents. Besides, you must carry the original copies in the visa interview with you.
  • Your visa might get rejected if you provide incomplete documents.
  • You can get rejected through the credibility interview if the authority found lackings in you.
  • It is strongly recommended that you have to keep the required financial amount in your bank for 28 consecutive days. It will be better if you keep the amount for 30 days. But it shouldn’t be more than 31 days. If you withdraw your money before the time, it will make your visa rejected.
  • If you don’t maintain the visa condition.
  • If you have any past criminal records.

Some important steps to follow so that your visa won’t get rejected

To avoid the UK student visa rejection, you must follow some important steps. If you follow the rule properly and have all the authentic documents, your visa will never be rejected. So here are the solution to avoid UK student visa rejection.

Apply for the visa shortly

It would be better to apply for a student visa shortly to avoid student visa rejection. As an international student outside of the UK, you can apply for a student visa 6 months earlier. But keep in mind to pick the accurate time. If you are planning to apply for a student visa in the summer, remember that this is the business time of the year.

Provide all accurate information

In the application form, providing all the accurate information is a must. If you intend to have a student visa in the UK, the application form is the most important part for you. Many people make mistakes in the application form that leads to visa rejection. If you are the first-timers, you might get puzzled and misinterpret the question. As the probability of making an error is high, take time and observe every question closely before filling in answers to avoid mistakes. The most important thing is to be confident.

Make sure to provide documents on your criminal record

The home office is very strict in document inspection. If you have any criminal record, mention it. If you forget to mention the criminal records, it may lead you to visa rejection. Besides, you have to provide the original or scanned copy of the criminal record certificate.

You must have adequate funds in your bank

To get a student visa in the UK, you must have sufficient funds in your bank. Most UK visas got rejected because of the insufficient fund in the bank. As an applicant, you must provide your bank statement or your guardian’s bank statement. Your bank statement should include the tuition fees, living costs, visa fees, etc. There are no specific tuition fees to keep in your bank. Tuition fees differ from institute to institute. Besides, the university tuition fees in London are higher than the universities outside of London.

Place your documents orderly

Providing and placing all necessary documents orderly is very important. Most people’s visas get rejected because of the lack of all important documents. If you want your visa doesn’t get rejected, then place your documents orderly. The documents required to have the visa are-

  • Passport
  • Submit an ATAS certificate if your course falls into a certain category.
  • Submit all the up-to-date financial documents. Don’t submit the expired financial documents or the financial statements of your relatives. This may increase the chances of visa rejection.
  • If you are below 18, provide your parental consent documents.
  • Provide the evidence certificate of your relationship with your parents or the legal guardian.
  • Disease reports like the tuberculosis certificate.
  • You must provide the required English language certificate to prove your English language proficiency.

Be prepared for the credibility interview

You must be prepared for a credibility interview before sitting for the final one. The main purpose behind taking a credibility interview is to ascertain the student’s genuine intention to study in the UK. Besides, through this interview, the interviewer examines the English language proficiency and checks if the proficiency is enough for the selected course and university. If you fail in the credibility interview, you increase your great chance of student visa rejection.

Make sure you utilize the gap years perfectly

If you have any gap years, it will be inspected by the authority how you spend the gap years. The gap years won’t create any hazards if you have done anything productive like jobs, training, or internship. On the other hand, if your gap years haven’t any productive things to show, it will be the reason for UK student visa rejection. Moreover, it is best to apply for further studies as early as possible after completing a degree in the home country. The more you are late, the more possibility you will have the rejection of a visa.

Be proficient in English language

So when you fix your mind to studying abroad, make sure you have the required English language skill to communicate and study in English. There is no specific score for the English language. There are different English language requirements for a different institute according to the CFFR scale. The requirements are mandatory for students who are from non-English-speaking countries.

Don’t forget the importance of Health Surcharge

If your visit to the UK is for six months or less, you need not pay any surcharge. On the other hand, if your staying in the UK is more than 6 months and less than a year, you must pay the cost of a full year. If you intend to stay in the UK for 18 months, you have to pay a yearly cost and the half-yearly cost. And if you’re staying in the UK exceeds the 18th months, you have to pay the 2 years full cost.

Get your biometric residence timely

You must get your biometric residence timely when you apply to study abroad in the UK. As an international student, when you apply to study in the UK, to have the immigration evidence in the UK, you must apply for a biometric residency permit from the visa office.

Take the expert’s help

Often, you have done everything properly, yet a small mistake will spoil all of your work. If you have a rejection in your visa, it will always appear when you will apply for another. So it is better to take the expert’s help. AIMS Education, a student consultancy firm, helps students study in the UK, USA, and Canada. We have an experienced team who will assist you in every process to study abroad. So come to AIMS Education to have a successful visa in the UK.

What to do if you get a student visa rejection?

Feeling disappointed and sad is natural after getting your visa rejected. Many international students are also a victim of it. But if somehow it happens, you should know the reason behind your UK student visa rejection. So try to find out the reason why your UK visa gets rejected. And after the UK student visa rejection, one cannot request reconsideration or appeal. But after a rejection, you can re-apply for the visa.


Q: After a refusal, can I apply for the student visa again?

Ans: After a student visa rejection in the UK, you can re-apply for the visa. But make sure after re-submitting the UK visa application, you must carefully fill out the visa application form.

Q: How soon after the student visa rejection can I re-apply?

Ans: There is no time limit to replay for the UK visa. You may apply on the very next day. But make sure to find out the reason for rejection before applying

Q: After a rejection, can a UK visa fee be refundable?

Ans: The fee that has been paid for the visa cannot be refunded after getting a rejection.

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